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Beware....penquins Drinking Review

Back in 2010 Dublin residents were presented with the surreal sight of a real live penquin walking around the streets of the North inner city. Whilst some might have passed it off as an hallucination following a drop or two much of the black stuff the night before it was alive and well.

The bird had been taken from Dublin morning at 8.30 the same morning by three men. They climed the perimeter fence of the zoo in the park, kidnapped the poor creature, stuffed it into a bag and hailed a passing taxi.

Now, I.m guessing here...but I somehow suspect that the incident occured at the end of a somewhat 'normal' stag party. The fact that the taxi driver ignored whatever was going on between three men and a large slippery bird in the back of his cab sort of proves that he saw far worse things after an average friday/ saturday night.

The 'hangover' series of films are regarded as a somewhat mundane kitchen-sink drama in Dublin.

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  • Updated Mar 24, 2014
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Under the boardwalk, Boardwalk - Dublin
Under the boardwalk, Boardwalk Drinking Review

Several bands including the 'Drifters' and the 'Beachboys' have sung about a Boardwalk.

Dublin now has it's own version, although I suspect that the lyrics about the hot beating sun don't really apply here.

The Broadwalk runs along the north bank of the Liffey river, right through the centre of town.

In recent months there have been some newspaper reports about it becoming a 'no-go' area because of an infestation of drug dealers.

Sourbugger, of course, needed to test this piece of information. I didn't see any evidence of dealing, but there were plenty of drunk wasters about the place. Amiable enough, but wantonly ignoring the signs claiming there was a 1000 euro fine for anyone drinking alcohol along the broadwalk area.

"Oh when the sun beats down and burns the tar up on the roof.
And your shoes get so hot, you wish your tired feet were fire-proof.
Under the Boardwalk, down by the sea
On a blanket with my baby, is where I'll be."


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  • Updated May 2, 2011
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Pheonix park ? nope Around Dublin Review

Looking over a map of Dublin's transport network, you might think it would be nice to visit Pheonix park for the zoo, the wellington monument and the other attractions - and it has a handy railway station.

nope, sorry. The station is built on the site of the former racecourse and is nothing more than a commuter station stuck out on the N3. Dozens of tourists get caught out every month..it's a long walk from the station - and there are no signposts or clues to help you.

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  • Written Apr 30, 2011
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The brown Stuff - Dublin
The brown Stuff

I have always thought that the phrase 'Brown Thomas' sounds like a pupils at a minor public school. Wheather the 'Brown' is a surname or a nickname, I'm not sure.

Either way, Brown has always been associated with rather negative things (As the 'brown stuff hits the fan', for example) and I don't buy the idea that 'Brown is the new black'. Black is black and always will be. In Dublin however, 'Brown' as in the store 'Brown Thomas' is seen as a mark of quality.

In the department store (in Grafton street) recently, my wife called me over to look at something. Now, my wife is the sort of woman who couldn't walk past a lampost without buying a T**d, so i was a little alarmed. There was even more alarm when I leant I had to look at cushions. Cushions ! are you serious.

And then I saw it. A Cushion covered in Swaorvski crystals - a mere snip at 400 Euro. My trousers turned mysteriously brown at that point.

Thankfully, she was stunned as well, and didn't want to purchase the damn thing. Relax I thought you old sourbugger.

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  • Updated Jan 4, 2011
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glasnevin cemetry - escapeproof ? - Dublin

glasnevin cemetry - escapeproof ?

Watch out for spades.....

This tip is only 170 years plus out of date....if I take you back to the 1830's then the pride of Dublin at the time for Irish catholics would have been the recently opened Glasnevin Cemetry. The high walls and watchtowers with their faintly gothic feel bear down on anyone approaching. Those walls, turrets and employed watchmen are there for a reason - BODYSNATCHERS ! Even if Hare and Burke, the most famous of the breed were Irishmen, they didn't dirty their own doorstep as they practiced their trade mainly in Scotland. Plenty of others saw an opportunity to make some cash...and fast.

On the plus side, the precautions worked. Not one body is thought to have escaped the cemetry - a record they hold to the present day.

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  • Written Mar 9, 2009
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What a rubbish exchange rate ! - Dublin
What a rubbish exchange rate !

I was surprised it still happens - but it does !

Back before the days of the Euro, it was quite common for shops in Dublin to accept pounds sterling. In those days the two currencies only had about a 5 per cent difference between them - to the advantage of the retailers, naturally. As this avoided the costs of exchanging currency at the port / airport / bank it didn't matter too much for small amounts.

The practice still continues. I was at the port petrol station in September 2008, and the gent in front of me didn't have enough euro in cash for his fuel. He handed over 10 pounds sterling - and got very little back in change. The 'exchange rate' was still one euro to the pound - but he lost out this time by at least 20-25 per cent. You have been warned.

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  • Written Sep 10, 2008
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Literally -around Dublin - Dublin
Literally -around Dublin Around Dublin Review

The M50 motorway forms a giant 'C' around the Western side of the city. It was built as a giant-by pass for the city, but now acts as a main arterial route.

It was apparantly named this year as the "World's slowest Motorway". Quite how they came to that conclusion ? I'm notsure, but I'm not doubting it.

This means that if tou plan to use the road during peak hours to get to the Airport or the ferryport at Dun Lagonaire, then you could be in for a shock. The Toll bridge over the Liffey is a particular 'pinch point' and could lead to significant stress if you are racing against time - although the new barrier free tolling should cut this problem down to size.

Allow plenty of extra time, and tune into any Dublin radio station for traffic updates.

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  • Updated Sep 10, 2008
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Fly the red flag at the bus station - Dublin

Fly the red flag at the bus station

A rash upon the city. Around Dublin Review

Dublin may possess many fine streets and squares, but it also contains a range of remarkably ugly buildings that put a blot on the landscape.

My VT description of St Stephen's green shopping centre was "A Marahjah's palace crossed witha tacky cruise line', although a recent newspaper article went with "Like a Mississippi steamboat marooned on the Green'.

Other truely ugly buildings that may offend your sense of calm...

Dublin City Council offices....the bunker

Irish Life insure health....but not beauty

O'Connell bridge house...right in the centre , ugly as sin

Trinity College art's block....how ironic

Airport hotel...truely awful, with its own control tower

Ilac centre...80's kitsh

and the completely awful Busaras...a bus station dropped in from Bulgaria around 1973.

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  • Updated Sep 3, 2007
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It can happen you know. - Dublin
It can happen you know.

It is quite possible than in a semi-inebriated state in Dublin you may have an uncontrollable urge to buy some appauling touristy piece of tat.

Do not worry, help is at hand in the form of Carroll's Irish gift stores.

Every conceivable Irish sterotype from Leprechaun underpants to shamrock splattered sheep aprons can be found here.

To be fair, there is some tasteful 'Guinness clothing' , rugby shirts and the like, but the tat seems to win out every time.

Branches can be found like a rash through the tourist areas :

Upper and Lower O'Connell street
Talbot Street
Henry Street
Wesmoreland Street
St Stephen's green shopping centre
Suffolk Street.

Website: http://www.carrollsirishgifts.com

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  • Updated Nov 15, 2006
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Is this a solution ? - Dublin

Is this a solution ?

Traffic congestion - get me out of here ! Around Dublin Review

The rise of the Celtic Tiger has given rise to chronic traffic congestion in dublin.

Whilst it might not be at the levels experienced in places like Bangkok, the horror tales of Daily life in the city fill hours of chat between Dubliners.

The city fathers are trying to address the problem with new tunnels, trams and eventually a metro - but you can't make an omlette without breaking eggs, so the new projects are just adding to the problem at the moment.

As a tourist, if you avoid peak hours, and take the view that Dublin is a very walkable city, then it won't affect you too much. Also remember that taxi's are allowed to use bus lanes.

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  • Written Jan 5, 2004
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