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I HAVE ARRIVED - (arrived 17th April 2005)

Still here in London, still loving it, still not a psycho B*tch (well, not that anyone's willing to tell me anyway, probably for fear I might go psycho on them).

Did get that permanent job working in the hospital and still there, loving it too.

Now looking forward to seeing my lovely friend Sarena in a few weeks on a fleeting visit to London and Europe.

Just have to say I love and appreciate all my friends here and of course my wonderful family and friends back home who would like nothing better than for me to pack up and come home. Yeah, one day - but not quite yet. Europe hasn't had enough of me yet - I hope!

Till next time....

Being Me

Wow, where do I start? My life is one big adventure. If I put to paper all the good and bad times I've shared with my family I have no doubt I would be offered the job of head script writer for any halfway decent soap opera.

Speaking of soap operas, can you believe that Days of Our Lives has been going as long as I have? No, I'm not a soap junky, I got over that years ago. Besides, nothing is more unbelievable than life itself, apart from the amount of times Stefano has come back to life. None of the people who have passed through my life have managed that miracle, sadly.

I don't have to go abroad to have an adventure. Just getting to work was an adventure for me. I once announced to a train carriage full of peak hour morning commuters that I was going to fall on someone, and with two hands full, I fell face first into the chest of some young guy. No pick-up line could ever work as well as a face in the chest does.

No, life is not like the movies. This little "trip" was not the start of a beautiful relationship destined for marriage etc, etc although we did chat all the way into town.

There is so much more to that story, and it certainly wasn't your average chat or your average 19 year old guy for that matter, but I won't go into it now. Let's just say it was unusual.... but not as unusual as the time I had a car accident while driving my niece home.

Nothing unusual about that!!! but of all the tens of thousands of car-driving people living in that particular town that could possibly run into me, the driver of the car that came speeding out of a T-junction was my brother.

Yes, my own brother hit me. I could see it was him as he headed straight for my driver's side front fender and at the instant that he hit me I found myself to be 10 years old again, sitting in one of those bumper cars at the local carnival being pummelled by my brother in a deliberate attempt to make me cry. It just didn't seem real.

These things happen to me!!!

Ancient History

To explain how I got where I am today I have to go back on a little history.

It started on 2nd November 1957 when a young Croatian man stepped off a ship in the port of Melbourne, Australia on his 21st birthday and subsequently spent the next few months in a refugee camp hospital recovering from Rheumatic Fever. Later that next year he moved to Sydney and met a young Australian woman of the same age. He couldn’t speak much English and she spoke no Croatian but they got by. They fell in love, got married and had five children. I was the second of those kids. Life was great. They were in love and loved doing things with their kids. But mum was often ill and it was decided that we would move to Toowoomba, Queensland to a better climate, and we did so just after the last child was born. But things never go to plan and Mum died unexpectedly a few short years later.

That was the first tragic or life changing incident to befall my family and our close relatives on both sides.

There are 38 years of stories to tell and no where near enough space to tell them so I’ll jump ahead a few years.

Modern History

In September 2000 I found myself moving in with my youngest sister, Rosey and her fiancé Mick, after narrowly escaping an absurd lifetime of total control and mental torture at the hands of a deranged postal worker (why is it always the postal workers???).

Nearly a year later I was still living with my sister who had married her man that December and was now looking forward to the arrival of her first child. This also meant that she was looking forward to some quality time alone with her husband before they would become a threesome forever. So, with my property settlement battle still ongoing I was wondering where to go next when I sort of stumbled into house-sitting.

It started with minding my boss' house while he went to America for a month. I soon found myself house-sitting for friends and workmates. I had a steady stream of houses to sit for the next 12 months. For those who are not familiar with the concept, I used to mind people's houses and pets while they went on holidays. They didn't pay me and I didn't pay them. So, it was rent free living, just paying for my own living expenses such as light, gas, phone and food. (Just before I left I met a woman who housesits who actually demands payment and a full refrigerator even for weekend sittings).

During my last house-sitting job (5 months by the sea with a beautiful golden Labrador) I realised that there was no other position lined up and I had to make a decision. Do I settle down in a unit and start to study or do I travel. (by this time the property settlement had finalised and I had almost enough money to pay my way through college). My little sister had a friend who was a Homeopath who had just started up her own college and I was invited to sit in on classes for free for as long as I liked. I took up the offer and for about 5 months I enjoyed going to night classes twice a week learning all about Homeopathy.

After sitting in on classes I realised that Homeopathy was something I could definitely see myself doing, but as the college was only just in it’s infancy and there were still some wrinkles to iron out I decided to put off my studies (I can study any time). I made a decision to quit my job and move to Croatia to live with my Dad and step Mother for 12 months and to travel during that time.

Within a couple of months I was at the Brisbane International Airport saying my teary goodbyes to my family. (pic. is my youngest sister Rosey, her daughter Lili and me at the airport). I arrived in Zagreb 30 something hours later.

Wow, that was November 2002. Since then I've been back in Australia for 6 months being birthing partner for the third time for Rosey's second child. Then I moved back over the Croatia again, stayed there almost another year and in April 2005 I moved to the UK. I'm still here now and loving every minute of it. I've been home for a short (1 month) visit to once again be there in the labour ward to see little Claudia enter the world.

What Else Could You Possibly Want to Know???

I have a morbid fear of spiders. (see my travelogue).

Here's something weird. The year that I decided to make my first trip to Croatia I went to see a career counsellor. Filled out a questionaire and as a result found out that the jobs I would find most interesting and rewarding were: In equal first place - Forensic Scientist and Natural Therapist (e.g. Homeopath), a very close second was primary school or preschool teacher.

This is the weird part. When the Homeopath who was teaching the night classes asked me what made me decide to come along I told her about the questionaire results. She then told me that she first studied Forensic Scientist, became a primary school teacher and now is a Homeopath. Don't you think that's weird!!!

Ok, so, this questionaire asked for all my likes, and interests and abilities and the things I wish I could do and came up with the perfect job. Stands to reason that it would also indicate the perfect partner type. So, I'm looking for a forensic scientist, natural therapist or a guy that works with kids.

Here's another thing, there was a divorced forensic scientist housesitting the last house I sat. You know, the one by the sea with the labrador. And I was all the way over the other side of the world in Zagreb. Typical.

Ok so, what else. I don't know any sayings from wise or famous people but I will do my best. LOL :)

A butterfly, devoid of its exquisitely beautiful wings, is the stuff of nightmares, a hidious monster from an alien world. And yet somoeone's inspiration.
(AussieMadCow - 2003)

Quote: "I'm not a b*tch, everyone wants to be me!!!" - Goldie Hawn - Overboard.

Favourite book so far: Random Harvest - James Hilton
I paid the Brisbane library quite a bit of money to send me a copy when I lived in Toowoomba only to find a copy on the last table of a charity organisation book sale. I bought it for 20 cents.

More Weird and Unusual Coincidences

On my last day at the Homeopathy college they had a little bit of a going away supper for me. After the usual chit chat my teacher told me that Dr Deidre, a doctor who runs an A-NADA clinic at the college (A-NADA is an addiction and stress management service using acupuncture) was also going to Europe, having been asked by the United Nations to help with medical treatment for refugees.

I asked when she was leaving; she told me 14th November. I said me too. She asked what airline; I said Singapore airlines, she said me too. I asked what time; she said 3pm, I said can we sit together. She has a return ticket and, if she doesn't stay longer I'm hoping to have a bit of company on the way home. (Never did find her at the airport or on the plane for that return flight).

Here's another one: when my mother was pregnant with my second youngest sister, she and Dad were driving somewhere in New South Wales and drove through a place called Narellan. Mum liked the name and decided if this child was a girl she would name her Narelle. Twenty something years later, Narelle met Mike (her husband to be) in Toowoomba, Queensland. They moved to Brisbane and eventually bought Mike's childhood home off his parents. They still live there. The name of the street: Narellan.

It was only on my Dad's visit back to Australia in 2000 that we heard, for the first time, how Narelle got her name.

Spooky hey?

More about me

I'm not a writer, I'm a story teller without a live audience.

I cry at most movies. Hell I've been known to cry at commercials. (most of my sisters do). Just the other day I was holding back tears watching a Pink video clip on TV. The little girl in that clip is really good at crying. The last scene of Planes, Trains and Automobiles even brought a tear to my eye. Pathetic, I know. I have even cried at a wildlife documentary. Well it was horrible, a beautiful baby zebra was abandoned and wandered up to a female zebra. This female, recognizing that it was not one of her own, proceeded to bite and stomp it to death. It would never have crossed my mind that zebra's could be so vicious.

I decorate cakes. Weddings, birthdays whatever.

I love driving around industrial areas, you find the most unusual shops and businesses, some you would not expect to find there. Actually, I love driving anywhere. I do my best thinking in the car, sometimes arriving at my destination and realizing that I don't remember passing some of the landmarks that are on that route.

I love fishing and can spend hours just staring into the water waiting for that fish to bite. And if it doesn't? well that's ok too.

What makes me laugh?
Frasier, Friends, Faulty Towers, Monthy Phython movies but mostly a group chat with my sisters and brother. You need good bladder control to survive a session with us.

What makes me cry?
Other people crying especially children, some songs.

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