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Subjects and objects..

Time's gloss must still remain.
For when we gaze into it what we behold are mirrors.
(Hilmi Yavuz.Turkish poet)

"I,myself" says..Schopenhauer.." know myself through these two aspects.I know myself as body,something that has a certain size and shape,covering space in environment,continuity in time and an object that exist within cause-effect connection with other objects.
But at the same time I know myself also as a subject that feels and acts,desires and chases its desires,a strugling creature,ask with one word,a subject that wills freely.
Deep in my conscious,this spiritual existence opens itself to me beyond the limitations of time and environment and beyond cause and effect network.It is known by me precisely and within deep privacy more than any other things and I feel it constantly and concretely.But it is a fact that knowing myself is related to each other through certain aspects.
This body of mine,this object in the environment,through some aspects are same and one with my spiritual existence.In my ego I evaluate as objects and subjects is united and as a result I see deep in my conscious dawn is breaking.Will is the reality behind the sense perceptions.." Do you know yourself??

At least we still have hope:
"Like a dark rose lying in ambush
Both faded and fresh..."

Stone statue of Sakyamuni.. Shanghai Museum

Northern Qi dynasty(A.D.550-577)
This statue of Buddha,Sakyamuni,sitting cross-legged on a round double-waisted and lotus-petal-designed stand,has a peaceful and kindly smiling facial expression.Behind his back is a nimbus decorated with designs of Buddha images,flames and floral sprays,which increases a mysterious atmosphere of the religion.The carving was very fluently executed.

Adios CHILE mia.. Viva sur America dec07/jan08

Adios pampa mia !
Me voy..me voy a
Tierras extranas.
Adios..caminos que he recorrido,
Nos.montes y canadas
Tapera donde he nacido
Si no volvernos a vernos,
Herra querida
Quiero que sepas
Que al irme deja la vida
Adios pampa mia...ADIOS MY CHILE...

"CHE" says that "what do we leave behind when we cross a frontier? Each moment seems split in two; Melancholy for what's left behind,and the Excitement a new land...Long live Chile...y viva sur America..

Mount Erciyes (3917 m) December 2008

One of Turkey's most important mountaineering and winter sports centers,Mount Erciyes rises from the south of Kayseri valley.The Sultan Marshes lie to its west and to the south falls the Develi Valley.It's summit always..covered in snow and ice..Mt.Erciyes ranks as central Anatolia's tallest volcano.
Mountaineers attempt Mt.Erciyes either on the northwestern flank or from the south and find the best climbing in june,july,august and september..

"A voice heard since 3000 years:the Phrygian Mode.

Anatolia such a land,whose thousands of years old voices still echo in our ears in the form of folk songs.The best example is the Phrygian Mode,which was created for the Gods centuries ago,survived in the Gregorian and finally returned its homeland.
What is this Phrygian Mode?
In Phrygian lands,it is the path to the god...
In Christianity,it is a prayer to the Lord through the Gregorian chants...
In Yunus Emre,it is found in the lines "Your love has wrested me away from mayself,You are the one I need,You are the one I crave".
For Chick Corea,it is jazz..
Today it is the song "if I would re-write the laws of love..."
Or,Ahmet Adnan Saygun's "Yunus Emre Oratoria"
Phrygian Mode is the "Living Anatolia."

The Mysterious Civilization of the Phrygians..
The Phrygians were an ancient Iron Age people of central Anatolia.They become into Anatolia from southeastern Europe around 1200 B.C.The Phrygian Kingdom played a major power role on the stage of Anatolian history and culture between 9-7th century B.C ..Gordion(Modern Yassihoyuk) near Ankara?Polatli was their capital city an legendry MIDAS was their famous King...

Dirty Dicks..A legend of Bishopsgate..London 2008

Established 1745.The year 1761,his father left to whole of the property to the son..Nathaniel Bentley.The eccentric personage after whom the D.D.Cellars are named was Nathaniel Bentley,who,about 130 years ago was one of the best known characters in the city of London.
How soon it was after he succeed to the business that he became addicted to the habits that gained for him the nickname of "DIRTY DICK",is not well known..when once a friend remonstrated with him upon his want of personal cleanliness,he answered:"It's of no use:if I wash my hands today,they'll be dirty again tomorrow." But the legend is..it was,in short,"A LOVE AFFAIR" He was engaged to be married to a young lady to whom he was greatly attached,and he invited his intended bride,together with a number of friends to a splendid entertaintment.On the day appointed,however,he received news of the young lady's sudden death,which so distressed him that he ordered the dining room to be shut up,and resolved that it should never be opened again during his lifetime,and the feast provided was left to be eaten by the rats or mice,and spiders,or to go to decay,as the case might be,"Dirty Dick," as he was now generally known,lived a solitary life,suffering no servant to come near him.
For some years before his death,led a wandering life,closing up shop,which he visited every year in the month of april,the supposed anniversary of his romantic attachment.There was a couple near me and having their lunch very happily,was he Nathaniel Bentley??? the month was April !!!
The old wine and spirit vaults are still in existence,the ceiling and walls of the shop,together with many of the well-known accessories and relics are still preserved,together with the set of rules:
No person to be served if in the least intoxicated.
No error admitted or money exchanged after leaving the counter.
No improper language permitted.
No smoking allowed.
I had a pint of Guinness and my brother had D.D brand Gin&tonic.As I've seen that they have a well selected wine list,Scotch and Irish whiskies,Brandies,Rums..
Today,the pub is operated and owned by the Young's Brewery
address:202&204,Bishopsgate London
It's very near to Bishopsgate exits of Liverpool st.Railway station,just in walking distance..

World Cuisine:Chile

Despite the influence of European colonialism,much of native South American cuisine remains a mystery to many of today's gastronomes.South American cuisine is about not only the great Argentine meats,or the potatoes and maize that are widespread in the rest of the continent.It is also about the rich African influence in Brazilian and Colombian cookery,and Peru and Chile's delectable shellfish,amongst others.
Chile has its own distinct cuisine,thanks to its abundant cold coastal waters that produce fish and shellfish of remarkable quality.Other Chilean specialities are parriladas,grilled steak,lomo a lo pobre,an enormous steak topped with fried eggs,and pastel de choclo,maize pie with meat,vegetables and egg stuffing.
Defining South American cuisine is something of a challenge.This vast continent displays diverse geographical and climatic characteristics that have helped shape its rich and varied cuisine.Yet a number of common elements or native ingreditents are present amongst it diverse foods;potatoes,maize,chilles,and beans have all been used for centuries around the continent,mainstays that are slowly gaining greater international recognition.
One of the elements that define South America's culinary characteristics is the historical interrelation between European and South American cuisine,a marriage that,from a gastronomic viewpoint,benefited both peoples learnt new cooking techniques whilst the Europeans began to understand the versality of native ingreditents,such as the potato,tomato..
Chilean cuisine is simple and popular,and although it perhaps lacks in sophistication,it is extremely tasty and nutritious.

Chinese Ethnic Minorities' Arts and Crafts..

China is large country consisting of 56 ethnic groups of people.Various ethnical civilizations and cultures have assimilated each other and bring forward the splendid Chinese culture.
Costumes of these ethnic peoples,as symbols of their cultures,vary greatly in material,design,color,style and associated ornaments with their different ways of life,modes of production,religious faiths,aesthetic standarts and geographic environments.
Beautiful textiles with woven,printed or embroidere designs and distinctive artifacts such as metal ware,lacquer ware,pottery,mask and carved and knitted works are the reflection of peoples' wisdom in art creation,skills of craftmanship and deep love for live.

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