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hopang's Profile Photo
hopang Nov 29, 2016 at 8:30 AM

Hi Hansi, Thanks for your birthday greetings. ~ho & pang

MacedonianUK's Profile Photo
MacedonianUK Nov 5, 2016 at 12:53 PM

Thanks for your answer to 'Transport from Varadero to Havana'. I appreciate your advice.

keida84's Profile Photo
keida84 Oct 10, 2016 at 4:16 PM

Hansi, Happiest of all birthdays! I think of you often and Big Sis too. May the cookie fairy visit you often this coming year. I get to see Kristi in December as I am coming with a friend who has never seen snow (She is originally from Mexico) ? She is dying for snow--don't know if we will get it but just maybe Chicago magic will happen, Love you dearly.Kat

  • Waalewiener's Profile Photo
    Waalewiener Oct 10, 2016 at 5:29 PM

    Hi Dahlink Kit Kat Thank you for B Day wishesChicago in December should be a great place to see snow
    We are doing ok just came back from a great bus trip to Pennsylvania Canyon 5 day trip and it was Really nice So we keep on ticking as best as we can
    It is nice to hear from you All the best and say HI to Paul Ciao
    Love you too

angiebabe's Profile Photo
angiebabe Oct 10, 2016 at 1:14 AM

Happy birthday and all the best for a great day and another great year wherever you and Lori go and whatever you 2 get up to :)

bungalow_bill49504's Profile Photo
bungalow_bill49504 Oct 10, 2016 at 12:46 AM

Happy Birthday Hansi

unravelau's Profile Photo
unravelau Oct 9, 2016 at 4:46 PM

Happy Birthday Hansi. Love, Carole.

Rixie's Profile Photo
Rixie Oct 8, 2016 at 6:29 PM

All the best to you, Hansi. I hope it was a wonderful birthday. xo

TooTallFinn24's Profile Photo
TooTallFinn24 Oct 8, 2016 at 2:47 PM

Happiest birthday wishes to you Hansi from N. California :)

Martman's Profile Photo
Martman Oct 8, 2016 at 1:57 PM

Happy Birthday to you! Sorry I am a day late.

Basaic's Profile Photo
Basaic Oct 8, 2016 at 11:32 AM

Sorry I am late, Hansi. Hope you had a great birthday!