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DeGrif: Shoes, girls ! and bags ! and shoes! and bags !

Strangely enough, where I spotted a DOD shop, there has to be a Degrif shop. At least in Brussels, it uses to be so. I am glad it has to be so. Stepping down at Lesbroussart and madou stations has become a kind of one-stop shopping. :-) A blitz shopping spree...

Not surprisingly, you'll be able to find the top range shoes sold at relatively low prices at Degrif Shoes in Rue Simonis (Bailli area, where lies some DOD shops) and also on Chaussée de Louvain (where lies another set of Dod outlets). I could spend whole day in those shelvings... hmm... and the bags are there to match with the shoes... and to one bag, you can match three pairs of shoes... and... and... and... and the bank card is sometimes at risk... but it's so exciting !

While you are at it, stop at Bocacci Diffusion on the same rue du bailli for their range of Camper pieces.

What to buy: At Degrif: shoes and bags. Many Charles Jourdan shoes (models ranging from flats to stillettos, through loafers, boots, sandals, trotters... except sneakers !). Other brands: sometimes Chloé (yes, I saw some Chloé boots during my visit two years ago), Lagerfeld too and many French and Italian brands (Italian though bearing English names).

At Bocacci: the Camper shoes. The shop is reported to be the first to display those fun pieces of work in Brussels.

What to pay: At Degrif, in 2003, my low cow-boy boots costed 80-90 euros. In 2005, driver shoes (the Tod's-like mocassins) around 50 euros. However I was suprised by the price of the Jourdan models: so small given its reputation. [Seems though that Charles Jourdan has closed and those could be the latest pieces]. Sometimes, there are displayed near the cashier desk the latest most exclusive pieces. I had a flash for those Jil Sander pumps (linen green, beige shades) but 200 euros each pair is too much for me...

Address: rue simonis 47-49; chaussée de louvain

Directions: rue simonis is perpendicular to rue du bailli (tram station: lesbroussart) and step down at Madou metro station to reach the Degrif shop on chaussée de louvain.

Theme: Shoes

Review Helpfulness: 3.5 out of 5 stars

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  • Updated Nov 6, 2005
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Rue Blaes, Marolles - Brussels

Rue Blaes, Marolles

Antiques & Flea Markets: Rue Blaes Antiques & Flea Markets Review

With Sablon area, les Marolles is, as I said earlier in another tip, the Mecca of antiques shopping. The whole area that comprehends le Sablon and les Marolles is so atmospheric.

Here and there, the small pubs with beer sippers sitting on the terraces, or even, on pedestrian lanes. Then, the main streets in Marolles: Rue Blaes and Rue Haute as far as antiques are concerned. Private galleries, simple outlets and the flea market on Place du jeu de balle.

In fact, I like seeing & examining antiques items. At same time, when you see monogrammed silver plate & cup & brush, you feel a pinch because you know that not everyone would accept to get rid of those items that use to be gifts from family members. So, what was there to make them put those personal effects on sale ? Financial troubles ? Fights in the families ? Who knows...

What to buy: * Antiques (trinkets, paintings, figurines, bijoux anciens and jewelry in general, the latter are my favourite...)
* Home furnishing (both the antiques & 2nd-hand shop and the Asian style at Rambaggh, rue Haute)
*Second-hand books (incl. comic strips)

Address: Rue Haute & Rue Blaes, 1000 bruxelles

Directions: Marolles area, beneath Justice palace

Theme: Antiques

Review Helpfulness: 2.5 out of 5 stars

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  • Updated Nov 6, 2005
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I fell for it! - Brussels

I fell for it!

Dod: Cut prices' clothing Shopping Malls & Streets Review

Women's clothes; men's clothes; children's clothes; shoes of several brands.

Dod stores are specialized in selling NEW pieces of cloth of discountinued lines. At beginning of collection year, they order, at workshops and textile plants, large quantities that other boutiques had not taken. And sell them at lower price. So, it is very interesting to buy there items that are part of current collection. Collections of past months are even cheaper (not old-fashioned at all)

Two addresses: on Rue du Bailli 91 in St-Gilles (Bailli area) and on Chaussée de Louvain 16+44 in Saint-Josse (Madou area)

What to buy: Women's clothes; men's clothes; children's clothes; shoes of several brands.

Casual wear - Under wear - Business cloth - Shoes and even gown for your New year's eve.

Address: 16/44 Chaussée de Louvain - Brussels 1210

Directions: Metro M stations: Madou ( metro line 2) for the shop in Chée de Louvain, in St- Josse area. For the shop in Rue du Bailli, station Lesbroussart (tram 81+82)

Theme: Women's Clothes

Review Helpfulness: 3.5 out of 5 stars

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  • Updated Jul 29, 2005
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Chocolateshops have their displays often reviewed - Brussels

Chocolateshops have their displays often reviewed

Les Galeries Saint-Hubert (mall): Luxury goods (chocolate, Belgian fashion, design) Shopping Malls & Streets Review

Galeries Saint Hubert gather Galeries du Roi and Galeries de la Reine. They are located between Rue du Marché aux Herbes and Rue de l'Ecuyer.

Apart from a luxury shopping, they are worth a glance thanks to glass and metal ceiling... Setting was built in 1847.

Among boutiques:
* Delvaux : Belgian designed leather goods (supplier of Royal family)
* Tropismes "Jean Neuhaus" boutique, this used to be the first location of Neuhaus boutique. Belgian praline was discovered by a druggist by working on a good-tasting anti-cough. His pharmacy was located in same premices as Jean Neuhaus boutique.
* Home decoration pieces: linen, cushions...

I personnally like jewelry outlets in these Galeries though I do not remember their names (I'll check):
* A shop of ancient jewelry (bijoux anciens).. those old big emerald or ruby rings..
* Another shop for pricey broches. I saw there a Chanel (vintage probably?) green broche or other camelia broche too.
* Also an outlet that sells unique pieces from India and sub-region (Turquoise and coral necklaces and rings, gold discus earrings). Gorgeous!! I love those ...

What to buy: Luxury goods

What to pay: Depends! Have a look instead!

Address: near grand-Place

Directions: between Rue du March? aux Herbes and Rue de l'Ecuyer. Metro M stations: Gare centrale & Debrouckère

Theme: Women's Clothes

Review Helpfulness: 3.5 out of 5 stars

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  • Updated Apr 21, 2005
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Dandoy - Brussels


Biscuiterie Dandoy: Belgian delight: speculoos and butter cookies Speculoos Review

The boutique is recognizable at the smell of butter cookies it gives off while wandering Rue au beurre.

Entering the boutique, you will be greatly surprised by spice odour and this smell of butterbread. I appreciate the display with several piles of cookies, packs.

The only "but": the ladies over there are not nice. No smile, they don't serve you as soon as you enter (I entered, they saw me but kept on chatting till other clients entered the shop). OK, the one who served me ended up talking about the cold weather but my first contact with her was a "no-smile" style. lol In the past, they didn't even take time to talk...
That said, my experiences at Rue Charles Buls were much nicer than those at Rue au beurre. maybe they are bored with so many tourists coming to them ?

What to buy: Dandoy spéculoos as Dandoy still sticks to the original recipe.

Speculoos is a kind of caramelized plate gingerbread.

Try their pain à la grecque as well. If I had to only pick one item from Dandoy, I guess it would be pain à la grecque.

On my picture: the cookie boxes and one dish with speculoos, a second one with loaves of pain à la grecque.

What to pay: If I am not wrong, I remember having paid 17-18 euros for assorted butter cookies (1 kilo)

Address: Rue Charles Buls 14-18 1000 Bxl

Directions: At Grand-place. Shop is in front of Amigo hotel - 14/18, Rue Charles Buls. Metro M stations: Gare centrale - Debrouckère

Other Contact: 0(2) 512 65 88 Rue Charles Buls

Phone: 0(2) 511 03 26 (Rue au beurre)

Theme: Food and Drink

Review Helpfulness: 3.5 out of 5 stars

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  • Updated Feb 6, 2005
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Tired of shopping sprees? Nearby is 50aire park - Brussels

Tired of shopping sprees? Nearby is 50aire park

Shopping Malls & Streets: Italian shoes in Rue des Tongres Shopping Malls & Streets Review

Brussels has international brands' boutiques. See them on Rue Neuve with City2 mall and Inno department store (downtown).

For more sophisticated and pricey clothing, rather go to Bd de Waterloo, Av. de la Toison d'or and Av. Louise. Those streets are located in same uptown area (Metro station: Porte de Namur, Louise). There, you would have your Gucci sandals, Chanel boots...

*My favourite places for a one-stop shopping are Woluwé Shopping center (Station: Roodebeek) and Rue des Tongres areas (Metro station: Merode).

Rue des Tongres is less crowded and near my house as well :-). I like it very much since I am a shoe-addict *LOL* and it houses several great shoes' boutiques. Some are specialized in Italian shoes, directly imported from italy they say :) Something I know is that I could buy some pairs I hardly saw anywhere else (neither on Rue Neuve neither on Bd Waterloo and Louise area). Name Accessoire Diffusion, Laurent Mercadal (Parisian women would know what I am talking about), they can be found in Rue des Tongres. Clergerie ? on Chaussée de Charleroi, though. Hmm.... shoes

What to buy: Italian shoes in Rue des Tongres. Some are not cheap items but they are really worth it!

Not only in the main street but enter the two galeries (Tiny shopping malls, in fact) as well: Galeries du Linthout, Galeries du Cinquantenaire (there lie two Italian shoe shops, the other one being Arnould on the very Rue des Tongres). Some boutiques up the little slope sell great names such as Olivier Strelli and Chacock cloth (unusual and colourful style)...

What to pay: Depends on what you buy but I would say shoes from 50 euros to 250 euros.

Directions: Metro M stations: Merode (6th station from De brouck?re station)

Theme: Shoes

Review Helpfulness: 3.5 out of 5 stars

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  • Updated Feb 6, 2005
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Now, some know where I got those boxes :-) - Brussels

Now, some know where I got those boxes :-)

Kam Yuen Supermarket (used to be Sun Wah): Asian food, Teas, Marmite...

I knew the supermarket as formerly Sun Wah. This is a typical Chinese supermarket, with lots of things on the shelves, on the ground, hanging up the wall. Boxes packed with items on the floor, hindering the "traffic", obliging you to look more carefully at the shelves... I love the atmosphere!

Find there Asian food items, ranging for noodles to fruits, dim sum, sauces, pastes... I like to stroll along the shelves, looking at fake and cheap china, Asian crafts, tea set...
I've been always impressed by the whole range of cabbages. For that, it reminds me of Tananarivian markets. :)

Plus a crazy ambience. You would barely hear French or English though you would find there your Marmite, a range of Taylor & Harrods' tea boxes. Gunpowder loose tea is a deal there (compared to usual supermarkets).

Language is Chinese, don't ask me whether Cantonese or Mandarin... Yes, it's sometimes difficult to talk in French or English with the personnel unless you talk to those at cashier-desks.

What to buy: Sweet-sour dried fruit, pisang (sun ripen banana)
Noodles (Chinese, Thai, Japanese styles...)
Dim-sum assortment + bamboo steamer
Dried mushroom (incl. ***ake)
Tea: Taylor & Harrods' and... especially sexy loose Jasmine tea (many packs' sizes)... Hmm, I love jasmine fragrance.
Marmite and some other Occidental stuff
Perfumed rice/ it's better to buy it there since I use to eat rice at least once a day.
Asian kitchen tools... Of course, this is one of places to buy tools you use for Asian cuisine: wok, steam cooker, rice cooker, sieves of differend design, little mortars to grind spices...
Cabbage leaves: used in Malagasy dishes.

What to pay: Usual prices in Chinese supermarkets

Address: Kam Yuen Supermarket. Rue de la Vierge Noire 2-4

Directions: Metro M station: Debrouck?re. At De brouck?re place, head to La Bourse area. A 4th perpendicular at your right, Rue du March? aux poulets, to Anspach boulevard leads to Rue de la Vierge Noire 2-4.

Theme: Food and Drink

Review Helpfulness: 3.5 out of 5 stars

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  • Updated Jun 4, 2004
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Galerie des minimes: Trinkets, paintings, lamps... Antiques & Flea Markets Review

A huge shop (rather a warehouse) where to spot some antiques items.

Don't set your mind from what you see just in front of the shop... Old chairs, tables... these seem to be items left there to have them repaired.

Give it a try, enter the room, stroll along the alleys with their sides packed of nice pieces, antiques pieces, figurines, trinkets, vases, clocks, porcelaines boxes, lamps in several drawers.

In the back of the shop, still two levels awaiting for you to discover the antiques.. paintings (small and huge alike); jewelry; pieces of furniture (old off course)

Plan to do it for hours.. at least, this is what I would do next time, I was in a hurry looking for a specific item so hadn't taken much time to do it but will surely return. I am NOT an antiques specialist but I love strolling through those alleys, packed shelves... dreaming of combinations, nice setting.

I think I would spend hours there. It's so easy to marvel at old things, imagining their past lives, trying to know their secrets...

Of course, not to mention that the whole Place du sablon is the very antiques' area, packed with "galeries", antiques shops.

What to buy: Antiques pieces, figurines, trinkets, vases, clocks, porcelaines boxes, lamps in several drawers.

Pieces of furniture; paintings

Glassware and dishware

What to pay: depends on what you buy... tricky he!!!

Address: Rue des Minimes 23, B 1000 Bruxelles,

Directions: Rue des Minimes 23, B 1000 Bruxelles,.
From Place Poealert, take descending Rue Ernest Allard then Rue des minimes.
From Place du sablon, take ascending Rue des minimes.

Phone: 32 2 5112825

Theme: Antiques

Review Helpfulness: 2.5 out of 5 stars

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  • Updated Jun 4, 2004
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Non-Belgian design in Rue Dansaert: stylish anyway - Brussels

Non-Belgian design in Rue Dansaert: stylish anyway

+++ have to check for names +++: Belgian fashion design in Rue Antoine Dansaert Shopping Malls & Streets Review

* Since Belgium has talented and trendy fashion designers, I have to mention them... at least because I appreciate their work (though my bank account can't stand their pricing :-).

Shops are located namely in Antwerp (home of a great art school Royal Academy of Fine Arts and skilled and famous designer Dries van Noten, my favourite) ... and boutiques in Rue Antoine Dansaert & surroundings as well, for Brussels having those art & design schools such as La Cambre and Bischoffsheim.

For adresses Rue Antoine Dansaert and surroundings, check this out:

Nice reading on Downtown shops:

What to buy: Belgian fashion design but you'll find in Rue Antoine Dansaert some other stylish outlets (Asian..); restaurants; pubs.

What to pay: :-)

Directions: Rue Antoine Dansaert is located downton(Stock exchange area), near Quartier St-G?ry. Metro M stations: Bourse or Debrouck?re (with a bit of walking to the Bourse area)

Theme: Women's Clothes


Review Helpfulness: 3.5 out of 5 stars

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  • Updated Jun 3, 2004
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Lunch in Rue Jourdan for shoppers, office people - Brussels

Lunch in Rue Jourdan for shoppers, office people

Shopping Malls & Streets: Pubs, cafés, terrasses for shoppers Shopping Malls & Streets Review

Not really about a boutiques in particular, rather an after-shopping-spree tip... :-))

Just to remind you of pubs and terrasses on Avenue de la Toison d'or. They look onto pedestrian lane and are not that bad places for people watching.

It has been a long time that I haven't been in one of those pubs but there is a pub, Conways where rugby, soccer fans use to meet to watch matches with lots of ale beer and other beverages.

Also, another pub where you may admire the setting: a bit old-fashioned, clientèle are old Belgians. If I am not wrong, it is Criterion. [Update May 2004: Yep, Art Nouveau but I think it has disappeared.]

Anyways, Rue Jourdan & Rue J. Stas offer eateries, pubs and bars where to satisfy your hunger & thirst: from Italian restaurants to Cuban bar. You'll have the choice.

What to buy: Well, in these streets anyway, windowdisplays are my favourite item. :)

I haven't tried it yet but the Havana Corner (Rue Jourdan) seems tempting.. Rhum, rhum. :)

Address: Rue Jourdan & Rue J. Stas - Saint-Gilles area

Directions: Perpendicular to Avenue Louise, between Place Louise & Place Stephanie

Theme: Other

Review Helpfulness: 3.5 out of 5 stars

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  • Updated Jun 3, 2004
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