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I am now in my 30s, and when I lived with my parents as a kid, I didn't have that many chances to travel. They don't speak english or any other foreing language, so travelling was restricted to German-speaking countries only. Except for one occasion: When I was six they took my sister and me to Rome - it was my first time abroad and I still wonder how they managed that without a single word of italian ;). Well, this stayed a unique experience.

Since than I have not travelled as much as I would like to - either because of a lack of time or money. Usually one of those two applies and I cannot travel as much as I liked to. But I try to catch up on that ;)

Places I want to visit:

- Baltic states
- Iran
- India
- Rumania
- Mongolia
and see much more of Germany!

Places I want to visit again:
- Indonesia (explore the rest of it which could already fill a lifetime of travelling on its own!)
- Laos (the north and west)
- Sri Lanka (North and east)
- Turkey (preferably overland from Germany down the Balkan)
- Poland (the Baltic coast and the Carpathian and Giant mountains!)


In 2003 I spent three month in Salamanca, Spain, to study spanish. I wasn't travelling that much yet, but besides Castilla y Leon, I visited the Extremadura and Andalucia, stayed in Sevilla and Toledo, and enjoyed some weekends in Madrid.


During my university studies and part time jobs to earn a living I didn't have much time for travelling :( - in 2006 i spent a week hiking around the Cinque Terre, Italy, and loved it. Especially hiking up at the higher trails where you were basically alone to yourself and had a wonderful view over the ocean.


In 2007 i spent two months in Croatia for an internship. Unfortunatelly it was winter, and sunbathing wasn't an option really - but I really liked the rural area of Slavonia and its people.
I travelled a bit for the weekends to Plitvizca, Osijek or Split, and I loved it.


In 2008 I did a study abroad in Singapore for half a year. I travelled to Malaysia several times, to KL, the Cameron Highlands or just shopping across the border.
Recess week was spent on Java, Indonesia - soo beautiful, with all the vulcanos, wonderful people, and so much hospitality...
After that I did a six-week-trip, starting from Bangkok, but leaving Thailand as fast as possible - I took the train north to Nong Khai, crossed the border to Laos and enjoyed the calmest capital I have ever seen before going further north to Vang Vieng and Luang Prabang where I loved the scenery and tried to take in as much as possible while hiking, kayaking and cycling. I've seen the misterious plain of jars, travelled south through Pakse to the Si Phan Don where I felt like in paradise and hardly wanted to leave.
I went into Cambodia for magnificent Angkor Wat, to the unspoilt beaches of Sihanoukville, and learned a lot about history in Phnom Penh, before I headed back to Europe.... Such a memorable trip. I would love to go to Laos and Cambodia again - six weeks just didn't do them justice.

But instead I flew back in October to Singapore and continued to Bali, where I spent another three weeks travelling - from Kuta to Ubud, further to Candi Dasa and Padang Bai and from there straight to the Gili Islands - I felt even closer to paradise there, loved the snorkeling and those little boats... Back in Bali I went north to Bedugul and enjoyed the chilled hillside; from there I went to lovina to see the dophins and snorkel some more... Another memorable trip for sure!!


In April 2009 cheap airfares put Korea on the top of my list - I travelled there for a month and spent most of the time in Seoul with a friend where I sampled the great food, shopping opportunities and excellent museums and sights. For the weekends we went to Nami Sam, to wonderful Seoraksan National Park and to the tea plantations near Boseong; we went further south to see the sea at Yulpo and got a glimpse at the dazzling past in Gongju and Suwon.

In June Asia was on my list again: This time it was China for three weeks. Or more specific: Yunnan. I flew into Guangzhou (again incrediblly cheap), and from there to Kunming. From Kunming we basically did the well beaten path to Lijiang, Tiger Leaping Gorge, Shangri-La, Deqin. From Deqin we hiked to Mingyong Glacier and to higher Yubeng and than back to Deqin. We made a short visit to Dali and Lijiang again, and then went back to Guangzhou via Kunming.


In 2010 I graduated, and after that I spent the month of May in Korea again. This time I explored a lot more of Seoul, and I tried to use the little bit of Korean that I had learned before. On the way back home, I had a couple of days stopover in Istanbul where I enjoyed the sights and food, as well as the business of the city.

Then in September, I moved to Ontario, Canada with a work & travel visa in my backpack. I remained pretty stationary though, about 1 hour south of Toronto. I visited a bit of Quebec (Montreal), went to Ottawa and Toronto for a few weekends, and experienced my first Canadian winter *brrrr*.


In March 2011 I returned to Germany where the economy was a lot better at that time, and started working full time. In summer and fall, I took two short vacation to Canada to visit friends, and right after Christmas, I backpacked to Morocco for 2 weeks.


In 2012, I travelled to Canada twice again - in March for 9 days, and then another time, in summer, in July for three weeks, and the weather was just amazing! I explored the beaches on lake Ontario, lake Erie and the Georgian Bay, and they were all amazing! I loved Tobermory.

At work, I had to travel a bit too, but well, you do not get to see too much. I spent a week in Tuscany, Italy, also in blazing heat in June; I traveled to Ukraine and was amazed at the Porsche Cayenne fleet they have cruising the streets there, and did a quick stop in Russia as well. I also travelled twice to the rural south of Belarus for a total of 10 days, and explored the potatoe-heavy cuisine and the rough beauty of the countryside.

For Christmas, I went back to Asia again - finally! Sri Lanka for 24 days. I was so impressed, and Sri Lanka shares first place with Indonesia as my favourite travel destination ever (Laos is high up there, too...). I travelled from Colombo down along the coastline with its awesome beaches, colonial forts, blue whales (!) and laid-back vibe; then was touched by the wild Elephants in Uda Walawa National park, explored a bit of the hill country by train and up to Kandy with its nice temples and botanical garden; the caves in Dambulla with the thieving monkeys, Sigiriya, Polonnawura historic sites.... and biked a bit along the tanks and canals. Amazing. This was topped by some shopping and sightseeing in Colombo and eventually some more beaching in Negombo before heading back home. Oh, and don't forget sampling the amazing food all along the way, which for me was almost the best part of all!


After catching some winter sun in Sri Lanka, for the next break, I opted for some midnight sun in Iceland instead - I stayed for a week during the "white nights", riding Iceland horses and doing some hiking, and taking in the many waterfalls, geysirs, hotsprings - and the amazing thrift stores they have up there! Quite a nice, small, stylish and diverse country!

In August, I took another two weeks for hiking and kayaking in Masury, Poland, and some sightseeing in Warsaw and Krakow. I was amazed by the Polish hospitality and the beauty of the country! I totally recommend - there is soooooo much to see and do in Poland!

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  • toemayn's Profile Photo
    Aug 15, 2013 at 4:44 AM

    Hope your birthday is filled with all the fun you can handle!

  • Eggboy's Profile Photo
    Aug 8, 2010 at 2:47 AM

    Hi Christaine, hope you are well. Wishing u a happy birthday.

  • Swades's Profile Photo
    Jul 19, 2010 at 1:53 AM

    hi how r u?.. love n smile.. vivek

  • syed-arshad's Profile Photo
    Feb 13, 2009 at 12:30 AM

    so, when do you plan to invade Indai? ;)

  • Eurasian68's Profile Photo
    Nov 5, 2008 at 7:13 AM

    So I see you are from Germany, too! Look up the Deutsche Buddhistische Union homepage (DBU) and you'll be able to find a temple in the Theravada Tradition - usually one or two monks recite there, too. If you need help, drop me a line. Viel Glück!

  • blacksnail's Profile Photo
    May 11, 2008 at 10:30 PM

    Hey Ianchen, i'm back from laos, and will write more tips for laos. the trip was great!

  • mmohith's Profile Photo
    Mar 3, 2008 at 9:19 PM

    Good luck to you.

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