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Yes, it seems this was my first trip. Well, at least the first one out of Mom's tummy :)

Here you can see me, having lunch while l'Avi (Grandpa) looks at Mamà (Mom) and me. Papà (Dad) took the picture. All of them, but especially l'Avi and Papà, were responsible of inoculating me the travel bug.

L'Avi did not have many opportunities to travel, but he had an inquisitive mind and an extensive book collection. I learned to read with him, with the help of an old "World Encyclopedia" (and other illustrated travel books). I still remember a funny cartoon about an expedition to the South Pole, and an illustrated XIX century book about typical dresses around the world.

Papà went to Brazil when he was young, to earn some money (Spain was a poor country back then). I was fascinated by his stories about huge snakes at the jungle, dangerous cities and beautiful women. I don't know how much was true of all his adventures... but I preferred these to the usual child tales. I did many trips with my parents when I was a child, around Spain and South of France (international travel was not so easy and cheap as it's now)

Wherever you are, Avi, Yaya, Papà, be sure you're remembered. Enjoy your last trip!

Fortunately, Mamà is still here, very active at her young 80 years... and we still travel together now and then!


Virtual Partisans of the World Unite!!

I had so much fun at the EuroMeet 2010 in Krakow, plus pre-meet in Vienna and post-meet in Lviv!!

The photo was taken at the "secret" bar of the Partisans in Lviv (Ukraine). Do not be scared of me, I'm just posing ;-)

So many places I would never been if I did not know VT!

2009: 2 big VT meetings...

.... and 2 little ones!

Euromeet 2009 in Portugal:
What an amazing meet: Portuguese food, wine, music, arts and history... and of course wonderful hosts!

first Iberia-VTmeet:
We had so much fun in Cascais than the 'Iberian maffia' decided to meet again. We choose Madrid and some of the 'Viking maffia' joined us... It was the first VT meet with kidnapping included. Don't ask... ;o)

Aussie VT meet 2009, 'down under':
Airlie Beach
Not that I went to nearly the Antipodes on purpose for the VT meet... but it was a very nice part of my summer vacation.

... and finally (3rd intent, after last-minute cancelling on 2007 and 2008!) I made it to Karlsruhe for the Glühwein meet :-))))


Euromeet 2008 in Karlsruhe:
My second big VT meeting. I guess I become addicted to these...
Pictures of the event on the travelogues here: Karlsruhe

the big trip of 2009: Japan!!
(started working on my Japan VT page, but again... not finished ;))

wonderful VT-Trips, and more

Euromeet Santorini 2007: Wow, what a wonderful trip. And wonderful people, of course, who made it so special.

Athens, Cyclades, and Santorini

My summer vacation was a week in Alghero in Sardininia. Lovely place.

September was busy, I had business meetings to Copenhagen and Bucharest. In both cases I could add a couple of days on my own. In Denmark I spend a very nice day with Allan (TheView) and in Bucharest, where we had a mini-VTmeeting (Codrutz, Delia_madalina, Clarisa81 and Enzo, one of my co-workers)

I could not find the time to write my tips about these yet!

And... just before ending the year, an impulse nearly last-minute trip to Reunion Island . Paradise on earth exists, at least a hiker's paradise ;-)

2006... nothing like a quiet year!! Full of great experiences.
I had the great opportunity to stay 8 days in Morocco (Fes and Asilah), living with locals and experiencing their customs and traditions first hand. What a great experience!

Just returned from Morocco, I was offered a secondment at my company headquarters, in the US (Wayne, PA). What a change! This was a real cultural shock!!!! A great experience, but I don't think I could live the “American way” for long. I could do some sidetrips on weekends, to ( Philadelphia , Washington , and to some places I would probably never gone as a tourist.

I was later in charge of the coordination of two projects from a Danish company. So, I'd had to go quite often to Copenhagen Not a bad place to extend the stay to the weekend if possible.

Dominican Republic, but so many good memories. Not only beautiful tropical beaches, it's lots more: a very special place, with special people.

Previous trips are on the mist of my pre-VT times... so very few tips, if any....


If you like any info about places in my "travelmap", don't hesitate to email me


Somebody told me my pages and tips were very "personal"..... and it's so true! I'm not trying by any means to write a touristy guide (there are zillions of good ones, and there is the web), neither recommending what you "have to" do or try. I never understand why some people ask about what they "must" do or see. What do you like? Nothing is compulsory; traveling is supposed to be fun. Nobody else can do your homework, you should get the info... and decide.

I do write here mainly to share places and experiences (and to keep record of these to myself!). I will not usually write about the "must do" places, these are much better described in the guidebooks. You find there some of "my" places, just personal preferences. Places I liked for some reason, and maybe you will enjoy too.

Endless "under construction" task!



A little about me....

My real name is Isabel. Some friends call me Isa, or Belsa, or Belsaita... :-))

I was born in Vilanova i la Geltru, a big town (or small city) in the Mediterranean coast, near Barcelona. My family is Catalan, so I have the fortune of being bilingual (Catalan and Castilian-Spanish). I do feel Catalan always and Spanish most of the time :-) Confusing? Maybe... But it's much easier than it seems.

When I was 18, I moved to Zaragoza, it was supposed to be for one or two years... but this beautiful city and, of course its people, made me stay there for more than 15 years!! Later, due to job reasons, I had to move to Madrid, having a great time there, but I missed so much my family and friends. Since December 2001, again in Barcelona. Circle has completed... but who knows where next one starts!

I've experienced the diversity of cultures/languages/customs around the different parts of Spain, as I did traveled around Spain many times, both for pleasure and business trips. I do think Spain is not a nation, but a country of several nations, and this is our treasure, we are much more than the "typically Spanish" topics. I'll will be glad to help anyone looking for information or just wanting to chat about Spain, Spaniards, topics and off-topics :-)

I love traveling. That's good... as I should travel quite a lot for business, normally trough Spain, sometimes to other European destinations. But anyone who travels due his/her job knows well these trips do not allow time to enjoy the destination. But now and then I can add a weekend on my own, that's great!

What I really like is seeing new places, different people, tasting and feeling. A great travel does not necessarily mean a luxury hotel in the most exotic destination (well, of course this may be wonderful!). But a trip to somewhere near your hometown, can also be an unforgettable experience.

I hope to compile here many different notes I have from trips and from home. Be patient, I will do it, some day. In the meantime, do not hesitate to email me in case you think I can help you in any way!

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