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Hello i'm Alex, i'm from the beautiful Italy. I was born in Florence,but i live in a small town not very far,called Montecatini Terme,just in the middle between Florence and Pisa.What else about me?
Well obiusvly i love to travel..i hope to have time to visit lots of places..and i hope to know lots of new persons.VT had made me met very interesting and good persons...friends,and i'm grateful to this website for this.
My trips for now are just in Italy and Europe,but i hope as soon as it's possible to begin to visit other continents.The time is never enough(and also the money),but,never say never.
For now,this is just an introduction,so i give a special hello to all the people that will check my page,hopeing to be helpful with them

Where i was born

I was born in Florence,the ancient Florentia.I'm totally connected to my city,it's impossible to not love Florence,with all hes problems,with all hes contradictions but..Firenze is Firenze. The feeling that you have in this city is of a city proud of herself in a very special way.Open to tourists and friendly with people that wanna come and visit but in the same time...don't even think to talk in a bad way of Firenze..we don't permit it:-)
Florence is the most amazing place to visit and to stay,just people.."fiorentini"..well we are not so easy to understand in our way of being.What i can suggest is,come here,take a look at the monuments,and then try to live the real Florence.Or you'll love or you'll hate..but anyway this city will every be in your hearth

Where i live

I live in Montecatini Terme,a town just between Florence and Pisa.I come here when i had 5 days,so it's my town(even if i was born in florence and i feel the proud of beeing florentine very strong in me).
It's not a big town(21000 persons),and it's known for "thermes": here come artists like Giuseppe Verdi.
It's a quiet town where you can stop,and from here,you can start to visit Tuscany,'couse in 45 min you are in florence,in 30 min you are in Lucca,and in 1 hour you are in Pisa.
There are lots of hotels,restaurants,pubs,so...well just check if you can like it...i live here and i love it. It's an ideal place where to relax, and where to start for visiting most of the masterpieces of Tuscany


Well i'm a big supporter of Fiorentina...what to say about that? Sunday is the day of football..i know that most women can think differently but..it's a passion.So,or at the stadium"artemio franchi" or at tv..sunday afternoon is dedicated to football and to"fantacalcio game" played with friends.

This year began really bad..there is anymore Prandelli but there is Sinisa Mihailovic..well..we'll see for now we are really bad but you know..faith is faith;-)

Anyway we are a great team...we have the best supporters (an hello to Liverpool supporters), we just need a little of more lucky

This is the link to the most important web page of supporters of Fiorentina. It's in italian so..sorry...but if you are able to speak and read italian language, that's a great web page.

p.s in the photo you can admire the "curva fiesole" where 10000 persons created the images of the most important masterpieces in Florence. How many supporters around the world can do this?;-)

Val di Fassa, Trentino Alto Adige, Dolomiti

As i usually do, i try to go to the Dolomiti Mountains at least once in a year.
I simply love the mountains during the summer, 'couse you have the chance to make trekking and visit places of wild but beautiful nature.
But also during winter...well..it's simply spectacular!!
I don't sky so i have discovered the "trekking on the snow": it's made with "ciaspole" that you must have at your feet and you go with a giude into the different areas of the dolomiti.
You are really INTO the nature and the feelings you have there are..well not so easy to describe.
No phones ringing..no sounds except for the nature or for the snow..no one around except the group you are walking with. Really really great sensations! Hope to be able to go back to Trentino region also this year


Here there are some useful web adress:

the best low cost company in Europe (or at least it was)

you can check the italian trains

it's a web page that permit you to check streets,distances,and higway cost for your travel in Italy

It's first time i used the low cost company for flying and it's really confortable and has excellent prices! Really raccomended!

This is a search engine for low cost company. It's in italian language and i used it several times for checking the destinations and the best rate for the flight.It's also funny and give news about the low cost companies.

Feel free to leave a comment on my page or if you have time you can write an e-mail

Past and future travels. A vt meeting in Berlin

Some of the places i want to visit are far and very expensive but, never say never. Anyway for this summer i was planning to go and visit Prague while, at the last moment, i changed idea and decided for Malta. Ok probably going during august in Malta is not the best idea but, damn it's a very good place for relaxing.

Fore the next future i don't know yet. I have to return back to job:-( For sure i have Egypt in my mind, where i can really relax and enjoy the best sea in the world and make snorkeling! But maybe i'll take the time for some short-trips, like a weekend i made in London last may. I want to visit Bruxelles soon too. So many places to see and so hard to decideLOL

I want to say something about a person i met in Berlin in 2007. She helped me very much..i pissed her off with lots of question before arriving there..and she was ever there for help me planning my trip. I have had the honor to spend an evening out for dinner with her, and it's a pleasure to talk with a so interesting person. I don't want to put her name here (for the privacy) or nickname (same reason), but just a photo of me and her after dinner trying to get a s-bahn. She had some troubles with the map but..if u go in Berlin there isn't a better person!!

I decided to pust some links to the vt pages i'm working on..just for let you know, my vt friends, that even if i'm lazy, i try to update my pages with new tips and new pics, when i have time.





I'll make some work on my Vienna page soon, but i still have to finish the other pages and i'm a person that "take it easy", so be patient :-)

Just write something about my last trtip in Malta..but work in progress. Anyway here is the link:

The Otzal valley

I just returned from one week holiday in Austria, in Tirol and more exactly in the Otzal Valley. It was really a great place where i found nature, relaxing, sports and i really enjoyed the week. I think it's a great place where to go also during winter. Obiusvly i'm ever laxy in writing but i have made my Tirol Page and as soons as it'll be possible i'll make the tips, the review of the hotel and all the stuff. Just i have to say that i have found great people (and also all the germany guests of the hotel) and i discovered a world that i didn't know but...i loved it.
Next trip? Don't know...i'm thinking to go back in Berlin for some days during August. I'd like maybe to arrange a meeting over there..who can say?
Stay connected ;-)

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