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Hot Plate menu - Dubai

Hot Plate menu

Hot Plate: Excellent Chinese food

I am a huge fan of Chinese food (the spicier the better!) and try to visit a Chinese restaurant wherever I am in the world.

I can honestly say that Hot Plate in Dubai is one of the best Chinese restaurants that I have ever eaten at. The menu indicates (with an asterisk) which foods are particularly spicy, so naturally I chose my meal from those. Sometimes this is a disappointment, but not in this case - the spicy foods WERE spicy, VERY spicy! I got through half a dozen glasses of water during my meal.

The extensive menu (which includes not only Chinese but also Thai and kebab selections) includes:

Starters: (generally 8-20 Dhs)

Spring rolls, wantons, prawn crackers, breaded prawns and various chicken and fish dishes.

Soup: (6-16 Dhs)

Including vegetable, tomato, hot and sour, chicken, crab, seafood, noodle, mushroom.

Main courses:

Chicken dishes (20-24 Dhs): including sweet and sour, chilli, Szechaun, lemon, ginger, black bean sauce, Kung Po.

Beef dishes (22-24 Dhs): including shredded beef in various sauces (eg ginger, chilli, sweet and sour, oyster, black bean).

Prawn dishes (30-35 Dhs): including sweeat and sour, garlic, chilli, black bean sauce, Manchurian sauce, oyster sauce, cashew nuts, Szechaun, Kung Po.

Fish dishes: (22-24 Dhs): with lemon sauce, ginger sauce, chilli sauce etc.

Squid dishes (20-24 Dhs), lobster dishes (56 Dhs) and various vegetarian options (14-18 Dhs)

Rice (5-18 Dhs): plain, egg-fried, vegetable, prawn fried, mixed fried etc.

Noodles (14-20 Dhs): hakka noodles, chow mein, chop suey etc.


Fruit salad (6 Dhs), lychees (6 Dhs), ice cream (6 Dhs), ice cream sundae (12 Dhs).

The Thai selection is equally varied with a huge number of starters, soups, chicken, beef, prawn, fish and vegetarian dishes.

The service was friendly and efficient and all the food was served piping hot and in large portions.

The restaurant is located on the ground floor of the Atrium Centre on Bank Street, Bur Dubai.

Excellent restaurant. Very highly recommended!

Favorite Dish: As stated above, I love spicy food - so I selected my meal based on those items marked with an asterisk on the menu:


Hot and sour soup (with prawn): Cost 8 Dhs.

This was as hot a soup as I have ever eaten in any restaurant in the world. I commonly have this as a starter in Chinese restaurants, but I've never felt my mouth burn as much as on this occasion. If you like spicy food, I'd highly recommend this.

Main course:

Hot Rock Prawns Cost 32 Dhs and Egg Fried Rice Cost 12 Dhs

The Hot Rock Prawns are on the "Sizzling Hot-Pan Delicacies" section of the menu, and they didn't disappoint. The plate arrived at the table still sizzling and the food was outstanding - a number of large prawns in a tasty, hot sauce. The egg fried rice helped to cool my mouth down, acting as a good contrast to the hot sauce.


Special Tutti Fruiti Ice Cream Cost 12 Dhs

I ended my meal with a much needed ice cream sundae. A large glass of several different flavoured ice creams with fruit salad and sauces. Excellent!

Address: Atrium Centre

Comparison: about average

Directions: Atrium Centre opposite Four Points Sheraton, Bank Street, Bur Dubai.

Other Contact:

Phone: 04-3512122

Price: US$21-30

Rating: 5

Theme: Chinese/Dim Sum

Review Helpfulness: 4 out of 5 stars

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Iranian Sweets, Deira - Dubai

Iranian Sweets, Deira

Iranian Sweets: Iranian pastries in Deira

I called in at Iranian Sweets to buy some cakes during my visit to Dubai in December 2006.

I had walked past this cake shop on numerous occasions during my previous visits to Dubai, but this time temptation got the better of me and I ventured in to satisfy my sweet tooth!

This cake shop is located on the intersection of Omar ibn al-Khattab Road and Al Rigga Road, opposite the Al Ghurair shopping centre in the Deira region of the city.

There are no tables to sit at inside the shop, so you must select your cakes and take them away in a box.

There is a large selection of pastries, cakes and gateauxs displayed in the large glass counters inside the shop. These range from small, brightly coloured sugar and almond pastries to honey-soaked baklava-like cakes to lavish chocolate gateauxs. As well as cakes, the shop also offers dried fruits, nuts, tins of biscuits and boiled sweets.

I had already had my fill of rich Middle Eastern pastries following a visit to a Syrian cafe a few nights previously (see my other tip on "Damascus Sweets and Ice Cream"), so the thought of more honey and nut based cakes was not too appealing. Instead, I opted for:

- a piece of chocolate gateaux (5 AED): chocolate sponge filled with cream and cherry sauce and topped with flaked chocolate and a cherry;

- a piece of coffee flavoured gateaux (5 AED): a sponge cake topped with coffee flavoured cream and a strawberry.

Satisfy your sweet tooth with a large selection of Middle Eastern and international cakes and pastries!

Address: Omar ibn al-Khattab Road

Comparison: about average

Directions: Located at the intersection of Omar ibn al-Khattab Road and Al Rigga Road. Opposite Al Ghurair shopping centre.

Price: less than US$10

Rating: 3

Theme: Bakery

Review Helpfulness: 3.5 out of 5 stars

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Akbar's Indian Restaurant, Al Rigga Road - Dubai

Akbar's Indian Restaurant, Al Rigga Road

Akbar's Indian Restaurant: Indian food on Al Rigga Road

I ate at Akbar's Indian Restaurant one lunchtime during my visit to Dubai in December 2006.

This small Indian restaurant is located midway along Al Rigga Road in the Deira region of the city. Apparently, there is also another branch on Sheikh Zayed Road.

The intimate dining area has the feel of some sort of Indian palace. The decor consists of lots of arches, with some intricate tiled patterns on the walls and water cascading down one of the walls.

My first impression of the restaurant wasn't great - as the waiter passed me a menu and opened it, a small cockroach-like bug fell out and ran along the floor. The waiter stamped on it. These things happen in the cleanest of restaurants, so no point in dwelling on it.

The menu consists of a large selection of Indian breads (roti, nan, garlic nan, butter nan, kulcha nan, tandoori roti....) and a reasonable selection of curries. You can choose from mild, hot or very hot curries containing either chicken, lamb, fish or prawns. Alas, my first choice, prawn curry, was not available on the day that I visited due to a lack of prawns!

The restaurant offers a good selection of vegetarian dishes, from vegetable curry to gobi aloo and a selection of eggplant, potato and lentil based dishes.

Favorite Dish: I opted for:

Masala Papad - Cost: 5 AED

I didn't know what this was when I ordered it, but it turned out to be a large poppadum topped with onions, chillis, tomato and coriander and served with a selection of dips and sauces.

Chicken biryani - Cost: 28 AED

A mixture of rice and chicken pieces served in a dish and topped with a layer of dough. When it was served, it looked like a pie. The waiter cut a hole in the dough topping to reveal the main part of the dish. It was served hot and the chicken was pretty good quality, but it was a little bland. In hindsight, I should have ordered something with a tasty sauce.

Butter nan - Cost: 3 AED

A large, extremely well cooked nan bread - cooked to the extent that it was mainly black!

Pista Kulfi - Cost: 12 AED

A small dish of homemade ice cream. A very creamy ice cream with pistachio nuts in.

2 cans of Pepsi - Cost: 3 AED per can

Decent quality food, reasonable choice and friendly staff. An impressive range of vegetarian options.

Address: Al Rigga Road, Deira

Comparison: about average

Directions: I ate at the Al Rigga Road branch in Deira. There is also apparently a branch on Sheikh Zayed Road.

Other Contact: 04 3211800 (Sheikh Zayed Rd)

Phone: 04 2288789 (Al Rigga Rd)

Price: US$11-20

Rating: 3

Theme: Indian

Review Helpfulness: 3.5 out of 5 stars

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  • Written Dec 28, 2006
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Golden Fork restaurant, Deira - Dubai

Golden Fork restaurant, Deira

Golden Fork: Filipino food throughout Dubai

Golden Fork is a Filipino restaurant chain with a number of branches throughout Dubai, as well as in other major cities in the UAE.

I first ate at a Golden Fork restaurant during my first visit to Dubai in 2003. On that occasion, the hotel that I was staying at (the Orchid Hotel in Deira) had a Golden Fork restaurant on its ground floor. I remember having a prawn curry and being physically unable to finish it because the chilli peppers in it were so hot! I don't think I have ever had a dish as hot and spicy as that in my life!

More recently, I ate at a branch of Golden Fork on Al Rigga Road, close to the Al Ghurair shopping mall, during a visit to Dubai in December 2006.

The restaurant offers a huge choice of Pan-Asian cuisine, as well as international fare. For example, the menu includes:

Soups: chicken, vegetable, hot and sour, oxtail, prawn and egg, seafood;

Curries and stir fries: a selection of dishes containing chicken, beef, fish, shrimps, crab, mixed seafood and vegetables with, for example, sweet and sour sauce, oyster sauce, black bean sauce, chilli sauce, dried chilli paste. There are a selection of biryani rice dishes and a whole section of the menu devoted to Filipino cuisine. I didn't recognise any of the Filipino dishes by name and the small accompanying photos on the menu were of little help.

The service was friendly, but was a little slow on the day that I visited. However, I was given a complimentary bowl of chicken and corn soup and a couple of slices of toast while I waited for my meal to arrive.

Favorite Dish: I opted for:

Vegetable spring rolls - Cost: 10 AED

2 large spring rolls with salad and a dip. However, despite asking for vegetable spring rolls, I actually received spring rolls with shredded chicken in them. This wasn't a problem for me, but it would have been had I been a vegetarian. In the event, the chicken was tasty and well cooked and I was grateful that I had been given the wrong order!

Shrimps in oyster sauce - Cost: 20 AED

A very nice and tasty stir fry. However, it was served at the same time as my starter so by the time I had eaten my spring rolls, it had cooled down somewhat. It would have been nicer if it had still been piping hot. The dish consisted of dozens of small shrimps in a tasty, salty oyster sauce with a selection of vegetables.

Egg fried rice - Cost: 6 AED

A reasonable sized dish of egg fried rice.

A large cup of 7Up - Cost: 6 AED

A huge selection of Filipino, pan-Asian and international cuisine at various branches in Dubai. Great value for money....and some extremely hot dishes! Recommended!

Address: Al Rigga Road, Deira

Comparison: about average

Directions: I ate at the outlet on Al Rigga Road, close to Al Ghurair shopping mall in Deira. There are various other outlets throughout Dubai and the rest of the UAE.

Phone: 2217188

Price: US$11-20

Rating: 4

Theme: Pan-Asian and Pacific Rim

Review Helpfulness: 3.5 out of 5 stars

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China Star Restaurant, Al Rigga Road - Dubai

China Star Restaurant, Al Rigga Road

China Star Restaurant: Chinese food on Al Rigga Road

I ate at China Star Restaurant one evening during my visit to Dubai in December 2006.

This restaurant forms part of the Ramee Guestline Deira Hotel complex at the end of Al Rigga Road, close to Clocktower Roundabout. The outdoor seating area is for both China Star and the neighbouring Ramee Pizza restaurant which also belongs to the hotel. You can order your meal from either of the menus, mixing and matching as you please.

From the outdoor tables, there is a great view across to the large mosque which stands on the opposite corner of Al Rigga Road.

The China Star menu includes:

Starters (10 - 15 AED): chicken wings, chicken/prawn/vegetable spring rolls, a variety of soups, salads and fried vegetables;

Main courses (20 - 60 AED): a large selection of stir fries and curries with either chicken, beef, fish, prawns, seafood or vegetables. Being a Muslim country, there are no pork options on the menu. There are also a selection of rice and noodle dishes (10 - 20 AED). The vegetable and chicken options are at the cheaper end of the scale (20 - 30 AED), while the prawn and seafood options are more expensive (40 - 60 AED).

There are also some value combo meals (30 - 50 AED) which include a main dish along with a rice or noodle dish. These include: seafood with noodles, beef with special fried rice, for example.

Desserts: lychees with ice cream, fruit salad, chocolate brownie.

The menu for Ramee Pizza included:

Starters: garlic bread, buffalo wings, potato wedges;

Pizzas: the usual selection of pizza toppings, but without ham, bacon or pork. Here, the "Hawaiian" pizza is chicken (rather than ham) and pineapple (at Pizza Hut, Hawaiian consists of beef and pineapple). A couple of novelty pizza options are one topped with "jam and fruits" and another topped with Chicken Tikka.

Other dishes: including a selection of pasta dishes and beef steaks.

Favorite Dish: I opted for:

Vegetable spring rolls - Cost: 10 AED

6 small spring rolls served with lettuce, carrots, spring onions and a bottle of hot sauce to pour on and give them a spicy kick!

Garlic prawns with rice - Cost: 40 AED

This was from the value combo meals section. It consisted of 3 large prawns (partly shelled) in a garlic/sweet and sour sauce served with a large portion of egg fried rice. The quality was pretty good, but it could have been served a bit hotter...and with a few more prawns in it!

2 cans of Coke - Cost: 5 AED per can

The service was very friendly and efficient - the food was no better or worse than average.

Reasonable value Chinese food and pizzas on Al Rigga Road.

Address: Al Rigga Road, Deira

Comparison: about average

Directions: Part of the Ramee Guestline Deira Hotel complex on Al Rigga Road - close to Clocktower Roundabout.

Price: US$11-20

Rating: 3

Theme: Chinese/Dim Sum

Review Helpfulness: 3.5 out of 5 stars

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Damascus Sweets and Ice Cream - Dubai

Damascus Sweets and Ice Cream

Damascus Sweets and Ice Cream: Syrian pastries on Al Rigga Road

I ate at Damascus Sweets and Ice Cream one evening during my visit to Dubai in December 2006.

I had been elsewhere for a meal and decided to visit this Syrian pastry shop/cafe for dessert.

This cafe is located on Al Rigga Road, opposite a row of international fast food joints (Hardees, Pizza Hut, Burger King, KFC....) in the Deira region of the city.

There are a host of outdoor tables and, even in December, it is generally warm enough to eat outside in the evenings in Dubai.

The small menu (just one side of an A4 sized card) contains a variety of cakes, pastries, ice creams and drinks. Although the menu is in both English and Arabic, many of the cakes have Arabic names, so I was no wiser as to what they were even when they had been translated into the Roman alphabet.

The large selection of sticky cakes, pastries and gateauxs are displayed in glass fronted cabinets inside the cafe, so it might be a better idea to go inside and point to what you fancy!

Many of the cakes are priced between 2 - 6 AED. Other options include ice cream (7 AED) and "milk with rice" (which I assumed was similar to rice pudding). Drinks include a variety of coffees (Turkish, cappuccino, espresso....), tea (with or without milk), cans of soft drinks and fresh fruit juices.

The staff were very friendly and attentive. At one point, I dropped my fork on the floor and immediately there were two waiters at my side with a clean one. They also gave me a complimentary bottle of mineral water.

Favorite Dish: I opted for:

Mixed Sweet Plate - Cost: 10 AED

This consisted of a plate with a dozen small sweet pastries. Each of the Middle Eastern specialities contained various amounts of honey and nuts - and they were all very sweet! Some of them had the appearance and texture of sausage rolls, but were filled with crushed pistachio nuts and spices. Some had a sweet, coconut lattice exterior with almonds inside. Others were honey soaked sponges with a nut on top. I would recommend this only for somebody with a very sweet tooth - after a dozen of these pastries, they were starting to taste a bit sickly!

Cup of tea - Cost: 5 AED

The tea was exceptionally milky, but tasted ok with a couple of sugars in.

Good value Syrian desserts - especially if you've got a very sweet tooth!

Address: Al Rigga Road, Deira

Comparison: least expensive

Phone: 2232028

Price: less than US$10

Rating: 4

Theme: Middle Eastern

Review Helpfulness: 3.5 out of 5 stars

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China Sea Restaurant, Deira - Dubai

China Sea Restaurant, Deira

China Sea Restaurant: Chinese food near Clocktower Roundabout

I ate at China Sea Restaurant one evening during my visit to Dubai in December 2006.

In fact, I had eaten here 2 or 3 years previously, just as the restaurant was opening for business. On that occasion, I was the only person eating there and much of the menu wasn't yet available. Therefore, I decided to give it another try now that it is established.

This large restaurant is located next to Clocktower Roundabout at the end of Al Maktoum Road in the Deira region of Dubai. Both the exterior and interior are lavishly decorated with Chinese decorations, such as red lanterns.

The menu is extensive, catering for all tastes. For example, options include:

Soups (4 - 10 AED): hot and sour, shrimp and egg, Szechuan cabbage, shark fin, chicken and corn, special seafood soup;

Other starters (10 - 12 AED): prawn dumplings, vegetable/chicken spring rolls and a selection of seafood options that I didn't recognise. The menu doesn't offer the popular choices of prawn crackers or sesame prawn toasts as far as I could see.

Chicken/beef dishes (20 - 30 AED): This being a Muslim country, there are no pork options on the menu. The various beef and chicken stir fries include: sweet and sour, Szechuan, with peanuts, with cashew nuts, with black bean sauce, with stir fried vegetables;

Seafood dishes (25 - 35 AED): including a number of stir fries containing a fish called "hamour" that I am not familiar with. Also, deep fried shrimps, shrimps in garlic sauce, sea cucumber, crab meat, lobster.

Other dishes: there are a variety of rice and noodle dishes, as well as vegetarian stir fry options.

Drinks: As the restaurant has no alcohol license, the choice of drinks is limited to cans of soft drinks (3 AED per can), fruit juices, Chinese tea and coffee.

The restaurant had a number of boards advertising an "all you can eat" buffet, but it failed to mention either the price or the times of day when it is available.

Favorite Dish: I opted for:

Sizzling chicken in black bean sauce - Cost: 30 AED

A hot, sizzling platter with pieces of chicken in a very tasty black bean sauce, with spring onions and other veg. The sauce was lovely, but the quality of the meat was not particularly good, with lots of fatty chicken in it. Very tasty.....but the quality of a stir fry is only as good as the quality of the meat in it as far as I'm concerned!

I remember (somewhat vaguely) that on my previous visit here I opted for shredded beef in chilli sauce with noodles. I recall that meal being good, but not outstanding, and the portion being far too large for me!

Egg fried rice - Cost: 8 AED

A large plate of egg fried rice containing peas and carrots.

2 cans of 7Up - Cost: 3 AED per can

The service was friendly and efficient, the food was well cooked and the portions were large.

Good value Chinese food in Deira. Excellent choice, but average quality.

Address: Al Maktoum Road

Comparison: about average

Directions: Located on Al Maktoum Road, close to Clocktower Roundabout in the Deira region of the city.

Phone: 2959816

Price: US$11-20

Rating: 3

Theme: Chinese/Dim Sum

Review Helpfulness: 3.5 out of 5 stars

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Chinese Palace menu - Dubai

Chinese Palace menu

Chinese Palace: Chinese fast food

Chinese Palace fast food restaurants can be found on the food courts of shopping malls all over Dubai.

The menu that I have lists the following branches:

Al Ghurair City: Tel 04-2271510
Bur Juman Centre: Tel 04-3519074
Wafi Shopping Mall: Tel 04-3240313
Deira City Centre: Tel 04-2950041
Mercato: Tel 04-3446875
Lamcy Plaza: Tel 04-3358330

Since then, there will have been new branches opened in the newer malls (on my most recent visit I ate at Chinese Palace in either the Mall of the Emirates or the Ibn Battuta Mall - I can't quite recall which one).

Chinese Palace serves a large selection of cheap, fast food. However, the quality of food is better than you might expect from a fast food chain, with better quality meat and seafood than you would find in other budget establishments.

The extensive menu includes the following:

Spring rolls and fried wanton (6 Dhs each);

Chicken wings (6 Dhs);

Soups - hot and sour, chicken corn, wanton (6 Dhs each);

Beef - with green pepper, with hot sauce, with vegetables (14 Dhs each);

Chicken - lemon, Manchurian, sweet and sour, with cashew nuts, with garlic sauce, with curry sauce (15 Dhs each);

Shrimps - deep fried, with sweet and sour sauce, with Manchurian sauce, with garlic sauce, with curry sauce (19-25 Dhs);

Fish - with chilli sauce, with Manchurian sauce, with rice (15-21 Dhs);

BBQ Duck (18 Dhs / with rice 24 Dhs);

Mixed fried rice (10 Dhs) and mixed fried noodles (12 Dhs).

There are also a number of "combo" meals where you can have chicken, beef, seafood or vegetables served with rice, spring rolls and sauces (18-25 Dhs).

Soft drinks cost about 1-2 Dhs.

Favorite Dish: I've tried a few of the meals at Chinese Palace - and I can especially recommend the shrimp dishes.

Garlic shrimps with rice (25 Dhs), deep fried shrimps (19 Dhs) and soft shrimps with noodles (25 Dhs) are my personal favourites.

The quality of food is perhaps not as good as in a "proper" restaurant, but (in my opinion) it is better than your typical fast food joint.

Address: Various (see above)

Comparison: less expensive than average

Directions: On the food court of most major shopping malls in Dubai.

Price: less than US$10

Rating: 4

Theme: Chinese/Dim Sum

Review Helpfulness: 4 out of 5 stars

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The Rupee Room menu - Dubai

The Rupee Room menu

The Rupee Room at Dubai Marina: Good value Indian food

I visited The Rupee Room with my parents during a trip to Dubai in November 2005.

At this time, Dubai Marina was still being completed, but certain parts had recently been opened. Amongst these was Marina Walk, a stretch of restaurants and shops, which includes the excellent Rupee Room Indian restaurant.

The restaurant was first established in Scotland in 1999 and has only recently opened up in Dubai (I don't know if it has other outlets throughout the world).

The extensive menu includes:

Soups: (15-18 Dhs)

Starters: Salads (14-16 Dhs), vegetable samosas (18 Dhs), vegetable pakoras (18 Dhs), chicken pakoras (28 Dhs), fish (hammour) pakoras (29 Dhs).

Main courses: Kebab dishes (32 -39 Dhs), Tikka Masala, Korma, Rogan Josh, lamb Bhoona (each 38 Dhs), vegetarian curries (25-35 Dhs), biryani dishes (34-48 Dhs) and a huge selection of poppadums and naan breads (8-15 Dhs).

You can choose whether you wish to have chicken, lamb, beef, prawns, jumbo prawns or mixed vegetables in your curry - the price varies accordingly.

Desserts: Gulab Jamun dumplings (22 Dhs), mango mousse (26 Dhs), fresh fruit platter (24 Dhs), tiramisu (35 Dhs) and a selection of ice creams.

There is a very good value Buffet Lunch between noon and 3pm (every day except Friday) and the restaurant also offers takeaways, free home delivery and catering for parties and special events.

The service provided by the team of waiters is outstanding, although they can at times try to be a little too helpful (eg following you around the buffet and suggesting dishes).

An excellent Indian restaurant with high quality food. Try to visit during the buffet lunch for the best value!

Favorite Dish: We arrived in the early afternoon, in time to benefit from the great value Buffet Lunch - whereby you can eat and drink as much as you want from a selection of soft drinks, soups, salads, main courses and desserts.

The starters include various pakoras and samosas, a couple of choices of soup and chicken wings.

The main courses include a number of different curries (chicken, lamb, beef and vegetarian options are available), various different types of rice and various vegetarian dishes prepared from vegetables, lentils and chickpeas.

The waiters keep you supplied with ample poppadums and naan bread (they replenish your plate once you've eaten it all).

Desserts include ice cream, fruit and some sweet dumplings which look like small sausages in syrup and are called "Gulab Jamun" - excellent if you've got a sweet tooth (they taste a but like syrup sponge).

An excellent selection at the great value price of 49 Dhs (approx 8GBP / 12 Euros) per person.

Highly recommended!

Address: North Podium, Marina Walk, Dubai Marina

Comparison: about average

Directions: At Dubai Marina

Other Contact:

Phone: 3905755

Price: US$11-20

Rating: 5

Theme: Indian


Review Helpfulness: 3.5 out of 5 stars

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  • Written Dec 23, 2005
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