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Think carefully which gate you want to go through - Germany

Think carefully which gate you want to go through

Going Through "Red" is Better Than Paying Fines

A lot of tourists think they can only bring 2 cartons of cigarettes or 1 liter of alcohol into the country maximum. Many think if you bring more than that, they'll get fined.

So, when some of them buy 4-6 cartons of cigarettes, they hope they will somehow get through the "green zone" (nothing to declare) - and that's where they get into trouble.

It's not illegal to bring 6-8 cartons of cigarettes with you. BUT YOU HAVE TO DECLARE THEM!

Many people say, "Oh, but you'll wind up paying 20 times over for the cigarettes" or "They'll take them all away from you and you'll have to pay a big fine, because you're over the limit."

No, they won't. As long as they are for your personal use, they won't take them away from you - provided you declared them. They will charge you 0.19 Euro per cigarette over the 200 cigarette duty-free limit.

But paying 76 - 114 Euro is much cheaper than paying a 2000 Euro fine.


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  • Written Jan 9, 2015
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Remember? Only 100 ml bottles can go on board. - Germany

Remember? Only 100 ml bottles can go on board.

The Duty-Free Shop Scam

I have a girlfriend who works in security in Frankfurt International Airport, and this is one of biggest pet peeves: Duty Free Shops scamming passengers with big bottles.

Duty-Free Shops are located in that area of the airport where you only have your carry-on luggage with you. Your other luggage has already been checked in.

So, there you are... in front of a giant Duty-Free Shop with a dazzling display of Johnny Walker Red. You buy yourself a bottle at a nice price.

The problem arises when you disembark in Germany, where my friend will be waiting to take your bottle away from you, because you didn't buy the Johnny Walker in a European duty-free shop - and only European Duty-Free Shops are considered "safe". The same is true if you buy it Duty-Free in Frankfurt and you didn't have it put in a sealed security bag. She'll take your bottle away from you, because it's not in 100 ml bottles or in a Duty-Free Security Pouch.

Undoubtedly, the Duty-Free shops are more than aware you can't take the bottle with you, but they have this policy of "don't tell and we won't ask". Showing your receipt the security people won't help you, either.

TIP: Buy your booze non-duty free and put it in your checked-in luggage.


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  • Updated Jan 9, 2015
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Cancelled flights have to be compensated for - Germany

Cancelled flights have to be compensated for

Your Flight Rights

Did your airline cancelled your flight back home at the very last minute without telling you? And it wasn't because the airport was snowed-in, right?

You may be entitled up to 600 Euro in compensation if your flight was completely cancelled, or delayed for more than a day.

Don't let the airline push you around with flimsy excuses like, "It was due to the pilot strike" or "It was due to technical problems". EU Law says that unless it was due to bad weather or force majeure, you are entitled to compensation for bumping your flight ahead of time or delays without informing you at least 14 days in advance.


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  • Updated Jan 9, 2015
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The Rent-A-Car Scam - Germany
The Rent-A-Car Scam

Ah, you just spotted a great deal for your next rent-a-car in Germany online. All the big agencies have price X and this little agency is offering you price X - 50%. What a deal! And they are accepting major credit cards and letting you book online, too! WOW!

The problem starts when you go to book online. For some funny reason you can't book online. You get a message that the "server is down" with a message to call the agency directly. So you call them. They're real sorry you can't book online, but they are willing to offer you an extra 10% discount if you make a cash deposit on the car when you show up in Germany.

Now you're about to walk into a real problem. Once you get there, they have a contract with the super-duper discount. But they want a cash deposit for something like 2000 Euro, because their "server is still down". What the heck, you say. After all, you're getting a receipt.

But the day you drive back to the agency to return the car - nobody's there. But the guy gave you a cell phone number. So you call him. "Sorry, I can't check in the car right now. But I have your bank info. Just throw the keys in the mailbox, and I'll transfer the cash to your account."

Oh-oh! 3 days later you get this letter of a "very angry agent" who isn'tt refunding your cash deposit because of the "crash" you had with the car. No, you don't get photos of the "damage". In fact that will be the last you ever heard of him.

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You won't find this poster in any gift shop! - Germany

You won't find this poster in any gift shop!

Nazi Paraphernalia is ILLEGAL!

For all of you excentric collectors that delight in charishing the bygone "glorious" days of Adolf Hitler and his comrads, I have bad news for you. The sale, distribution and possession of anything which promotes or glorifies the NSDAP or the Nazi Regime is illegal in Germany.

Basically remade or reprinted Nazi stuff is illegal, and you cannot buy "cool" Nazi souvenirs in Germany. Importing this stuff from Poland, the Czech Republic, Austria, Switzerland or elsewhere (particularly the U.S., Canada and the U.K.) is not allowed either, and you will not only get it confiscated from the customs officials, you will get fined, and may even be criminally charged.

For this reason, you will never see live re-enactment soldiers at concentration camps, or re-actment WWII battles. You cannot buy fake Nazi medals, daggers, flags or uniforms at flea markets, and you cannot buy posters like the one pictured here at museums.

It is possible to find things like a copy of "Mein Kampf" or a photo of Adolf Hitler at a flea market, but it has to be an original. Military paraphernalia must be original and not copied. The Nazi flag is illegal.

It's not only very rude to repeat the Nazi salute in public in Germany, it's also illegal. Remember that the fine for calling a police official a dirty name is far cheaper than the silent Nazi salute, which can be heavily fined or criminally charged or both.

Under circumstances, if you are cited for smuggling Nazi paraphernalia, you could be banned from entering the Federal Republic of Germany for some time. If you feel this is censorship, please keep in mind, that the Germans have to keep a tight lid on right-wing radical politics in Germany in light of their recent history in the last century.

Of course, you are free to discuss your opinions and ask questions about the 3rd Reich, but remember that propagating that the whole concentration camp theme was just a "big lie" or anything along these lines is also punishible by law in Germany.

Phone: 110 (Nationwide)


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  • Updated Aug 4, 2006
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Party only with a Designated Driver - Germany

Party only with a Designated Driver

Don't drink and drive in Germany!

Don't drink and drive in Germany. The legal limit for alcohol is 0.3 ppm blood alcohol content. Although the official limit is 0.5, if you are stopped by the police because you are suspected of drinking and driving, or have had an accident, it just dropped to 0.3 ppm. Then you have just doubled your problems if you have had an accident, because if you have a positive blood test (taken by the police), you will have no insurance coverage on your car. Incidently, they are planning to change the laws again, making the legal drinking limit for safe driving for driver under the age of 25 0.000 ppm blood alcohol content! That's right that means for drivers under 25 absolutely NO ALCOHOL and driving!

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Severe restrictions for Pitbulls - Germany

Severe restrictions for Pitbulls

Taking your Dogs to Germany

Because so many irresponsible owners have not trained their dogs, or have trained certain kinds of dogs to attack people, Germany has passed laws restricting the import of certain breeds of so-called dangerous dogs. Basically these are the following breeds of dogs:

Bull Terriers
Pitbull Terriers
Statfordshire Terriers
Mutts with at least 50% of one of the above breeds, and dogs that closely resemble these breeds.

It is illegal to import the dogs for sale or for breeding purposes in Germany. If you already own one of these dogs, you can bring it with you under the following conditions.

You must "declare" your dog in customs.

You must have certification proving you are the owner of the dog.

You may bring up to 3 dogs with you.

You must have certification that the dog was vaccinated at least 30 days but not less than 10 days against rabies before you enter Germany.

You must have a leash and an muzzle on the dog at all times while you are in public.

You may not let the dog run free in the woods (this is dangerous - a licensed hunter is allowed to shoot and kill your dog)

You may not sell your dog while in Germany.

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