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Chilling the VT Way

My name is Larry but most folks here know me as the guy in the baseball cap, or as littlesam1. I think this photo explains it all. A cold drink, a warm day, my VT flip flops and I am ready to travel. Hopefully I will meet some VT friends in the process. If not I can follow their adventures here on VT and plan to see them the next time around.

I have met some of the most interesting people in the world through the pages of Virtual Tourists. We have had fun times and sad times here. I have laughed with friends, and cried with them also when they faced difficult situations. I have danced in Greece with VT friends. I have cried at funerals of VT friends. I have been to underground wine bars in London with VTers, eaten crabs in Baltimore with, partied in Copenhagen, sang karoake, and even have hosted VT members in my home. Thats a lot, all due to a little web site that I happened to stumble across one day while planning a trip to Italy.

Preparing for take off.

Inspired by the Wright Brothers, I am preparing for take off. Since my first trip to Euorpe at the age of 48 I have been traveling non stop for the past seven years. Traveling has become second nature to me. I can not imagine a year without travel now. I am from the United States and live in the great state of Maryland in Baltimore City. I have two daughters, Katie and Danielle, who have graduated from college and started their own lives. I am pictured here near Kitty Hawk at Kill Devil Hill, North Carolina preparing to take off with The Wright Brothers.

I have often talked about my favorite cities in the forums here on VT. However I have discovered recently that the more I travel my opinions on various places change. Here is a list of my favorite cities in the United States at the present time. Be warned, this is subject to change at any given moment.

1. San Francisco
2. New Orleans
3. Chicago
4. Atlanta
5. New York City

This next list changes almost after every trip I take. As of right now though, my favorite cities I have visited outside of the United States are:

1. Paris
2. Prague
3. Budapest
4. Barcelona
5. Lima

We love you Berni

At this time I am dedicating my home page to the memory of a wonderful lady and good friend. BerniShand was more more than just a viritual acquaintance to many here at VT. She was a friend who supported so many of us through difficult times all the while she was doing her own private battle with cancer. We will all miss you Berni. Your humor, love, and friendship will never be forgotten.

Who is that guy in the hat?

When you are traveling if you happen to see a guy taking picturies and wearing a baseball cap it just might be me. I'm pictured here on the right and my name is Larry.

For many years the extent of my traveling was my yearly vacation to Ocean City, Md. Being a life long resident of Maryland it seemed only natural to spend my vacation time at Ocean City. Its a wonderful family resort with a great beach, great food, all kinds of entertainment and lots of ways to spend money. However after realizing ten days in France was cheaper than a week at the ocean in Maryland my vacations plans were changed forever. Since coming to this mind altering conclusion I have had many adventures.. I have had my passport stolen in Amsterdam, luggage lost in Vienna, been thrown off a train in Norway, and many other stories all documented on my VT pages.

You can guess by the picture I have placed here that Paris is my favorite place that I have visited.

The Joy of my life

These are my two daughters, Katie on the left and Danielle on the right. They have grown up to be two fascinating young women with their owns dreams, plans, and complications. They are the true joy in my life. I talk about them often in the forums. So if you participate in the forums on any type of regular basis you will probably hear about them from time to time. Katie will be graduated in spring 2006 from the University of Maryland Baltimore County with a degree in English. Danielle graduated in 2006 from Emory University in Atlanta, Ga. They will never know the joy I have had watching them grow into two indepentant young women. I wish for them success, happiness, and many travels.

Guy in hat spotted in Eastern Europe Spring 2004

Spring 2004 found me traveling to Eastern Europe. This was the first time I have had the opportunity to travel in this part of Europe. Being a baby boomer I was raised in the days when Eastern Europe was off limits because of the cold war and the iron curtain. So for me to be in Prague on May 31, 2003 and be a part of the celebration as the Czech Republic entered the Euorpean Union was especially exciting.

I first visited Vienna. Upon my arrival I found that part of my luggage had been lost by the airline. I was assured by the airline that it would arrive the next day. Well it did not arrive. The luggage has never been returned. So I spent most of my time in Vienna shopping for clothes to wear on the rest of the trip. Luckily when I reached Prague several days later my apartment had a washing machine.

Just saying the name Bratislava brings up images of spys, the cold war, and intrigue. However today Bratislava is fast leaving behind those images and preparing for the onslaught of tourists heading to Eastern Euorpe. If you are anywhere near you must go to Bratislava.

Prague was my final destination. And what can be said about Prague that someone else has not already stated? It is called the Paris of Eastern Europe. It even has a smaller version of the Eiffel Tower. But its really unfair to compare Prague to anywhere else. It is without question one of the most beautiful cities I have ever visited. The spires of the churches and cathedrals, the lights at night, Prague castle on hilltop all give it a fairy tale like impression.

Spending ten days of Spring 2004 in Eastern Europe was definately something I will never forget. Watching the fireworks in celebration of entering the Euorpean Union. Listening to the concerts that evening on the Old Town Square in Prague. Having the chance to walk through once forbidden streets now open to the world. What more can I say. It was a dream experience.

Touring Switzerland 2003

I always say that Paris is my favorite city. After turing Switzerland in August of 2003 I now say that Switzerland is my favorite country I have visited. I spent ten days traveling through the mountains and cities of this beautiful country. From Bern, to Basil, from Geneva to Zurich I saw so much beauty and met so many wonderful people. I also spent time in the remote areas of Les Diablerets, Murren, and Schilthorn. Check out my Switzerland pages for complete details of one of the best trips I have taken.

A few things about me!

I live in Baltimore, Maryland.

My favorite movie is Casablanca.

My favorite singing group is and has been The Beatles.

My favorite color is blue.

My favorite desert is Boston Cream Pie.

My favorite actress is Bette Davis.

My favorite Bette Davis movie is Mr. Skeffington.

My favorite movie series is the James Bond films.

My favorite Bond movie is On Her Majesty's Secret Service.

My favorite Bond is Sean Connery.

My favorite television is South Park. It has been my favorite since it debuted ten years ago.

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