"Here, I am so thankful for 'OpenSpaces' to Walk:-)" s.miles's Profile

TheyCallMe"tomiSuChocolat" for a very good reason!

...usually, when I am guiding a trip 'out-there', I bring something of chocolate along with me; something cooked or baked or made by yours-truelly. I have not had one complaint yet!:-)))
Here we are at the 'Coulee's' in EastCentral Washington. We did a 'walkabout' for some 4 miles and then, this overlook greeted us at the FinalDestination. Everyone loved the site, but, when the ChocolateCheesecake came out of my pack, there were more uhhhhhhsssss and ahhhhhhhhhhs then there were when we saw the cliffs and lake below!! A very fine compliment to the Chef:-)))))

I love Walking the country around Chelan...

....it gives me 'practice' and the 'bug' to keep on walking in other places----such as Spain; where I will be going, yet again, to trek along the Silver-Route {Rua de la Plata], from Seville, Spain, north to Santiago in the Spring'07.(May-June TimeFrame)
I have heard another VTmember; "Into-Thin-Air"; completed this trek and it was wonderful. It is about a 1200+kM trek...
I soooo enjoyed walking in Spain on my last trek---Camino de Santiago French Route(see 'finalThoughtBelow')--- with all the great wine, great food, great little towns, and, ohhhh, yeah, what a great cultural-experience!!! AND, t-h-e "wild, wide-open spaces"-----------F-A-N-T-A-S-T-I-C!!! I am so glad I do so much walking here in Chelan to keep me in shape for those 'long-hauls'!!
Wanna come along with me?? Sure-----why not??!!! Do you "trek"?? Email me and lets make 'plans' : -)))))))))))

***************************************************************************** ==================(June 23,03)================= I finished my first trek through Spain..... It was quite the walk. Took me 19 days to go 750 km (500miles); from the border of France along the Camino de SantiagoFrenchRoute to the city itself. Then I spent a full week in Santiago greeting all the friends I had made along the way. A great experience, with many new friends and memories to go along with it. I WILL do-it-again; as a Ten-Year-Anniversary! : -)
[[**see below, next chapter, for a related, 'a-final-thought'**]] .................................................................................................~~~Until we meet along-the-way, my friends, ~~Peace~~and~~ ~Happy-Trails~~ ~Tom : -)


---A Final Thought---

The "Camino" is being lost,
bit by bit, as the years´wear on....
All I would want is the dirt path the pilgrims walked;
going to and from Santiago.
I got three days in which I could feel
the absolute pure "magic" of that time---
walking out across the high Mesa in the afternoon sun,
being led into the dense, misty woods and forests,
climbing up and over wind-swept mountain passes with such
sweet, sweet air,
combing through and across acres and fields of flowers....
for me,
where I wanted to be;
and, all that I really needed or wanted...

But, along the way,
I started to notice little things
that will take away the "magic"-
and replace it with something much less so...
The toppling of a "Camino-Stone"
(which shows the Pilgrim which way to go);
in a small village outside
the big city of Burgos;
-is making way for eight new apartment buildings,
Or, the gravel-pit
in the middle of "El Camino",
-forcing you to take
the "detour" route;
[ Which, I think, says-it-all, as far as losing the Camino's "magic".] :-(

There´s a big "shin-dig" going on today
in the Cathedral Plaza
to promote "Camino 2004"
---a "holy year" in which July 25th falls on a Sunday...
"El Camino" is becoming the "show"
with lots of "frills" and "gimmicks" and "curtain-calls" added on;
becoming modernized/manecured to fit-in
to the ways and means of the cities along the way...

From a "purely-asthetic" point-of-view,
from one who is concerned about the "magic" of the old Camino---
I feel it is no longer the "Pilgrims Way"
as it is
the "Modern-Mans-Way"
of Milking it
for the
Money to be Made;
---commercializing it and making
something off of it
making something that isn´t his,
his own...

As one woman pointed out to her friend
as they passed a suvenyoir shop in the Old Town of Santiago---
"...I mean, isn´t this, like, becoming Miami Beach??"...

For those of you, out there, who want to feel the Magic of the "Old Camino";
I would suggest getting here soon-
before it all goes
the way of "Miami Beach";
---where you will have to BUY a "trinklet"
to get a "feel"
of what it might have been like
being a part of


Here I am at TwispPass, Washington. It is a place I bring all my friends the first time they come out to visit me because it has all the 'best-of-the-best' right there on one trail.
If you look at the tip-of-the-stick that I am holding, you will see the 'ridgeline' that some of my friends 'enjoy' taking UP to the top of Steletto Peak.... What a view, I can assure you!!: -)


---there ain't much hope for you!!!
Seriously, any Hill or Mountain that you climb around here in Chelan, Wa., will give you a view of this wonderful Lake. Its nice and cool to Swim in, or, there's 65 miles of it to Canoe on. Lots of rocks and boulders along the shoreline to dive-in-at-your-favorite-secluded-place. And there's also a 15 mile trail along the Lake uplake---which you can hike to from the other side of the Mountain, (which I did up and over HoodooPass), or, take the boat to PrinceCreekCampground and start walking from there to the small art/wilderness town of Stehekin. And, take a bike and get lost---with plenty of MountainScenary in-between (as you see here!).
The choice is all yours to make!....
...Now isn't THAT N---I---C---E!! : -)

**]].[[**.........................................(April 17,02) There is soooooooo much S-W-E-E-T outdoor stuff to do in this whole Northwest area and thats a really good reason of why I'm here. The Cascade Mountain Range is to the west and north, and the hi-plain-desert-mesa is to the east and south... The ocean is a days drive away, to the west along with the famous PugetSound. And, the big cities of Seattle or Spokane, about 3 hours either west or east. As you can see, I am 'right-in-the-middle-of-it-all'----a place I r-e-a-l-l-y like to be!! And, I r-e-a-l-l-y appreciate the WILD area's-----I would rather be 'OUT-THERE' where there is "SPACE" and all that Nature......... Bird Songs, Wind Songs, Cricket Songs, Tall Rye Grass Songs, MountainSongs-------its all very sOOthing and relaXing for me; to hear this 'music'. All is Well and Happy when the Earth "Sings-its-Songs-for-Us-to-Hear"!!!! "Get-It"?!


...I love roaming the beach@ForbiddenRock, Saipan. There is just sooooo much to check out and get into that I can spend days one this one beach alone! Friend, Mark, who has taken the majority of these photo's, and I will be climbing to the top of "TheF.Rock" soon, since he has not done it yet and he's been here five years!! Check out more Saipan photo's from the 'chapters' below.


Yep. Hard to believe that "I" would do anything but walk! But, there are
t-h-o-s-e times when a little help from my friend goes a long, long ways to getting me where I need to go f-a-s-t! And where else, but in my dreams, can THAT happen....


...the most fantastic place in the States that I really enjoy, because it is soooooo different from anyplace else you might find here, is in the State of Utah. I really loved canoeing down the GreenRiver outside Moab for 5 days. Sixty-five miles of nothing but you and the river and the red-rock-walled canyons. And, the only way out of there is to paddle to the exit! Heaven forbid if the canoe gets away from you!...
Here, friends and I 'dance' with our shadows on the wall as the sun sets low. I have always loved this sort of thing---shadows from a low setting sun. Remember your 'first-time'?...

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    Feb 6, 2009 at 7:54 AM

    Happy Birthday once again, Tom! Have a great day........elisabeth

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    Feb 6, 2008 at 3:23 AM

    happy b'day brave hiker !!! stunning homepage!!

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    May 1, 2007 at 11:37 AM

    Good Luck on the Via de la Plata -- I am 100% sure that you will Love it !! All the Best -- Rob

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    Aug 2, 2004 at 1:14 AM

    Your photos suggest you've found paradise! Nature sure can sooth!

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    Aug 2, 2004 at 12:28 AM

    AWESOME pics on your homepage!!!! Thanks for your email, will reply to your external address with some info :o))))

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    Aug 1, 2004 at 11:41 PM

    rugged.....you'll feel right at home in NZ Greetings Waltraud

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    Feb 5, 2004 at 9:50 PM

    Great Photograph! Here in Chicago I am wishing you a delightful birthday with your friends. May there be fun times, good food and drink, and much laughter.

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    May 5, 2003 at 1:18 AM

    Hi Tom, happy hiking, reach those heights

  • Apr 15, 2003 at 7:38 AM

    Hi Tom. Bon camino !!!!! I really expect you to share here with us, your experiences at El Camino !!!

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