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remember the towel day in May!

"Travelling is a brutality. It forces you to trust strangers and to lose sight of all that familiar comfort of home and friends. You are constantly off balance. Nothing is yours except the essential things - air, sleep, dreams, the sea, the sky - all things tending towards the eternal or what we imagine of it." -Cesare Pavese

2009: Its been years since I updated any VT page, but here is my update: I live in Oslo, Norway. Some of the info here might be updated. Some untouched pearls of nature in Slovenia have changed into well visited tourist traps. I do no longer have so much time to update content here.

I have not been a good girl explaining Norway and this is greatly due to the activities that occupy me here. Strangely enough, I became very physically active in Norway, although weather here is something that would easily qualify as "disastrous" viewed with the eyes of someone from South Europe.

Please do not send me any dating requests or asking to marry me - with or without dating. Note all my pictures are schematic and do not represent my true ugly and fat self as I have now become. I also have a partner. He is great to pack on trips, can sometimes be useful, knows how to pitch a tent and all that makes me happy.

2011: I still live in Oslo, Norway. I am a good girl that dutifully pays - and believes in - high taxes and socialism. Norway is no longer a big mystery to me. As of this year, I have even taken the most beautiful journey in the world, hurtigruta - in winter time! The sea was like a mirror, for 4 days, was incredibly lucky. You should beg me to upload photos and perhaps I will, but probably someone else did it already. Anyhow. Miles of winter cross country trails are behind and in front of me. And miles of cycling in horrible weather. And camping in horrible weather. And freezing. And piles of improved outdoor clothing are now in my closets.

2012: I still live in Oslo. I cycle about 3000 km a year - this is counting only work commute. I defy any weather, but choose not to cycle if its pouring down heavily in the morning (this equals to lack of motivation to get completely wet), then I take a bus instead. I know what studded tyres for bicycles are and use them with sense and sensibility when time is ripe. I make a cycling break when trails and paths are not cleared of snow, because cycling then becomes too unpredictable and feels unsafe. I do not consider myself very sporty, I just hop on a bike and take it very easy and its lots of fun. True, my gear has improved a lot, as did my bike park and I can now tell you all kinds of things about bike seats for women, disc brakes and more.

I spend summers (and springs and autumns) kayaking. Am getting a bit obsessed by it. This is an amazing sport. You should really try it. Sea kayaks are very stable, you can pack a lot of gear into them and head your way. Sure, you need a lot of preparation and safety precautions and should ideally not do this alone, especially with no prior experience. But you can spend a night wherever you want (in Scandinavia, law enables you to choose a camping site on your own). I mostly travel with plane for work now and keep my private trips local and ecological. I leave no traces behind in the nature. Apart from gear investments and some fuel and food costs, the trips I make are cheap.

Still, I am reluctant to give away best camping and landing spots for kayaking. You will find a lot of this information published on the net (luckily in some Scandinavic language you hopefully dont understand yet). So far, when landing, I can still pick my own private island (like Little Prince has chosen his own planet), but this might change in a few years.

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Comments (56)

  • kingip's Profile Photo
    Aug 10, 2014 at 2:19 AM

    Happy B/D!

  • toemayn's Profile Photo
    Aug 10, 2013 at 6:27 AM

    Hope your birthday is filled with all the fun you can handle!

  • iandsmith's Profile Photo
    Nov 2, 2012 at 2:42 PM

    So nice to get a visit from you again, a rare pearl to be treasured these days apparently and I, for one, am begging you to upload/download your hurtigruta pics. Stop being selfish! Cheers from down under, Ian

  • anaiis's Profile Photo
    Sep 12, 2011 at 1:37 PM

    Oh, so this is where someone remembers your birthday! So sorry I have not been here for years now ... :) But thank you, thank you all!

  • skatzcatz's Profile Photo
    Sep 4, 2011 at 5:39 AM

    happy bird day for tomorrow.

  • iandsmith's Profile Photo
    Aug 9, 2011 at 8:29 PM

    C'est tragic. Your love life down the tubes. Still, because you are artistic, it will find its way back to you again. I, as one of your fans (platonic), hope so. Cheers from Downunder.
    Looks like we might have lost you. What a shame. If you read this ho

    • anaiis's Profile Photo
      Nov 1, 2012 at 5:18 AM

      As long as it doesn't matter when I will read it, it is ok. I can come here once a year or so, if that is ok? Cheers back, Ian!

  • hej-ansson's Profile Photo
    Aug 31, 2008 at 4:08 AM

    Hi, Happy belated birthday. Sorry for the delay. HEJ :-)

  • Karolina01's Profile Photo
    Aug 9, 2008 at 11:27 PM

    Happy happy birthday to you!

  • traveloturc's Profile Photo
    Aug 10, 2007 at 6:22 AM

    Happy birthday to you from Istanbul / Turkiye ..I wish that you realize all your dreams ...good luck

  • Tijavi's Profile Photo
    Aug 10, 2007 at 5:03 AM

    Hope you come back to collect your birthday greetings...Happy Birthday!

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