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~Little updates of my life, for people who care about me. ~
"HAPPY EvErYdAy!!"

Hey, hey, hey!! How's everyone been doing lately? We're now visiting family in CA. We've been here for a while now. It's been great to see our brother in law- Jeff, who had a stroke last year. His condition has improved so much and is back to his old funny self.It was great to see him joking around with Luke( my darling). Hope everyone is doing fabulous!!!!!!!!!!
It is really amazing that how many relationships that VT has created over the past few years eh? I really appreciate that. And I think a lot of you can't agree with me more out there. Right? keep smiling =D

Hello everyone,
Are you in a good mood today?
I'm sorry that I have to bother you.
I just hope you won't think or listen too much.
Don't keep too many things in your mind.
You should try to relax.
You will find , in fact, everything's fine.
No matter what happens,
I'll always be there.
Aren't we friends?
No matter how often we contact each other.
I really hope you are doing great everyday.
How are you feeling now?
Are you feeling much better?
Sometimes if you can think more happy things,
You'll find more and more happiness.
It's really nice to have a friend like me right?
Sometimes I thought a lot about you.
I'm sure that you must be doing very well.
I wish you a happy day today and have a fabulous day everyday!!

~Kiely's collection for friendship~I LOVE U ALL! Part I ++++++I LOVE U ALL! Part II

No matter who you are , thanks for stopping by ! I'll be glad if you enjoy yourself here but if not , I'm sorry that I can't get you the thing you want. Travelling always plays the most important role in my life , although I haven't been to too many countries so far , I'm sure I will . As no one can take travelling away from my life .

Sharing is always the best thing to broaden your mind and make the world smaller .
So I think sharing is a kinda happiness .
Sharing your happiness with the world .
Sharing your sadness with the world .
Sharing everything with the world .
At the end ,
You will find ,
Sharing is the best feedback you can get !

About me ~The Crazy Cat Lady

Name: Kiely

Gender: Female

Birthday: September 17

Looking To: Make friends and Travel around the world

Location: Earth

Country: Space

Interests: cats, movies, travellin', TV shows, cooking.....

Hometown: I like to think I'm from Space.

Favorite Books: Anything by Helen Fielding. And screenplays. Some comic books.

Favorite Music: Country
Favorite TV Shows:
CSI, Friends, Sex and the City (What woman doesn't list this), and La Bi Shao Shing (Japanese cartoon about a crazy little kid.)

Favorite Movies:
Finding Neverland, X-Men, Identity, Spy game, Brad Pitt's newer movies, especially when he looks awful. More to be published as soon as my brain starts working again.

Favorite Quote: I don't know what I am talking about.

Favourite country: Germany

Favourite contient:Europe

Favourite city: Edinburgh

Favourite place: My house

Favourite pet: : cats(for now)

Favourite sport: tennis and soccer

Favourite drink: : tea

Favourite food: Chocolate and rice

Favourite transportation: My scooter

Dislikes: phony people, rude people

About Me:

I have spilt personalities. Very shy when u don't know me. Very talkative as soon as u know me. I love meeting new people from everywhere in the world. Always try to be funny, but never seems to work. Love to laugh. Love travelling. Didn't have time to travel for a few years. The next country I want to visit is Australia. Why? Cuz I haven't got to go to that side of the world. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE EUROPE, Would love to live there for the rest of my life if I can. Especially the U.K and Germany. I "used to" speak German and Spanish. But I somehow lost my ability to speak nowadays. ---------Ok, I think I'm getting a bit out of it now. so write me if you wanna know anything. ciao, adios, tuess, ja-neh, bye, later, cheers.

I'd Like to Meet: People from everywhere in the world/ creatures from space :p ANYBODY.


Places that I plan on visiting next.

1. Australia: I've always want to go to Australia but my overloaded work made it hard to achieve. But it definitely will be my next coming trip.

2. New York: I don't know why, but lately I have some sorta cravings for the Big Apple.

3. Arizona: Always love the rocks. A very good friendof mine( Shaun) sent me this picture. It just fascinated me. ( It's a great picture eh? Thanks man.)

4. Hawaii: I want to go there for my honeymoon

5. Germany: I wanna go there for the world cup, but don't think I can make it this year but I love Germany anyway.
6. Spain: Visit my sweet Spanish brothers.

My outstanding friends.

A friend is someone who accompanies you get through the ups and downs and always supports you.
A friend is some sort of special and beautiful feeling which can't be described by words.
A friend is someone who's always standing on your side in front of others.
A friend is someone who you share everything with, no matter how little the thing is.
A friend is someone who gives you a shoulder to cry on when you want to cry.
A friend is someone who hold your hands all the time when you're frustrated.
A friend is someone who likes you and understands you.

Michael Kuehl/ Munich:

I met Michael when I was in Edinburgh in the summer of 1999. Indeed I made a whole bunch of friends during my stay there but he became my best party buddy. After that summer, I left Edinburgh for home. We were in touched by e-mails. A year later, I went to Munich to visit him. We did some crazy things while I was there. Things that I've never done before I was there, such as drinking lots of beer, and riding super big bikes in the rain, getting lost in the forest. They were nice memories. We haven't seen each other since 2001. But good news is that we are still in touch with each other. Salute, MY BIG BROTHER.

Basztian Bruell/Netherlands-

I met Basz in person early the year of 2002. Indeed, we knew each other through VT chat room when I just joined VT. We spent quite a bit of time talking and e-mailing for a while and then the winter break came, I decided why not pay him a visit. It was very nice meeting him and since then we became very good friends. During my stay there, I've had my very first carnival and coz where he's from is a very small town so a "foreign look" face like me stood out right away, the local TV channel filmed me in. ~Good news was I wasn't too drunk looking. ~ He comes from a very nice and friendly town. People there leave their cars unlock which sorta shocked me at the beginning, and then a few days later, I realised why. Basz is the most easy-going person I've ever met. He's a good listener and also great to talk to. I don't know how to put it in words but I think you will understand when you get to know him.

My brilliant VT friends.

Basztian -Basz/Netherlands-Basz is my best VT friend. Didn't get to see him for a couple of years already. =( But he will be here next month. Yeah!

kenmerk-Ken/Taiwan- This guy is awesome!! watch out for the pictures he took. They might shock ur eyes.

spgood301 -Steve/ the U.S-Steve is probably one of the friendliest guy I've ever met here on VT. I've only known him for a couple of months, but I've already got his postcard from one of his trip. And he said that he will give me a huge hug when we meet next year in N.Y. =D

Nobbe -Thomas /Sweden-

kiwigal 1 -Rhianon /NZ-
kiwigal 1

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