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At last we say "I Do"

After 14 years Don and I have finally said I do! In a small informal ceremony on 09/09/2011 we just confirmed what we and others already knew. We are in love. :)

A little more about TCM (me)

I live in the Northwest Region of the United States and I love it here.
I enjoy the out doors as well as just sitting inside with my nose in a book.
I love cats! (bet you could not have guessed that one)
I hope to travel as much as I can before it is to late to do so.
I get along with most everbody and as many of my friends will say I talk to anybody.
I have been on VT since July 2001 and have made many friends that are very dear to me.
I work in the retail business.
I love almost all types of music.
I love chocolate! (Any kind))
I enjoy curling up with a good old movie that I have seen over and over.
I hate doing dishes!
I do like Casinos (see my Reno and Las Vegas pages)
I have Multiple Sclerosis
Living with MS is a challenge and always an adventure. I have decided that I will just do all I can while I can and take the bumps in the road along with the flowers!

Looking ahead

Looking forward to a trip to the VT Fredericksburg meet in October. Will get to see some old VT friends and make some new ones also. Then going to take a girls weekend in November to the beach. Celebrateing a few milestones amongst friends. Next will be a Seattle weekend and Seahawks game. This time Don will be with me. :) Finally in May 2011 back to Seattle to catch a ship to Alaska. Yay! We really enjoy cruising. This is all I have in the hopper for now but after the last few years this is all exciting to me. Happy travels everyone and hope to see some of you along the way.

California Dreamin!

Wow back from California and what a trip it was. Drum Corps are still amazing to watch and listen to and I am sorry that it is over. Of course Lisa and I threw in a bunch of touristy things while down in the LA area but did not have enough time to make a dent in our must do list. DCI is in Indianapolis for the next 10 years so I am already trying to plan a girls get-away for 2009. Watch for my pages on California. I may not have much but I do have some great pics. Well On August 8th I am heading to Pasadena, California to take a walk down memory lane. Growing up I was fortunate to be able to perform with a Drum & Bugle Corps. Well I aged out @ 21 but the art is still alive and the Drum Corps International (DCI) finals will be held in Pasadena this year. At the Rose Bowl to boot! This will be the first time in all 35 years of existence that DCI has been on the west coast . I am rather glad I had the opportunity to travel to so many east coast and Canadian locations while I was marching but am happy to have it on my side of the country for my reminiscing trip. One of my best girlfriends is going back through time with me. So for 5 days we will be young and carefree. Then the family will arrive and we will spend some time in Anaheim. After all it is only fair to continue acting like a kid @ Disney!!! I will write all about this trip upon my return or @ least before 2008. :)

A long awaited reunion

Wow! I have not been on in a long while. Recently I was diagnosed with cancer and have been taking care of that. Surgery went well aand chemo is in process. I have faith and many friends so I will get thru this! That said I have been working on a reunion for the last few years that finally happened this last weekend. It was for the Drum and Bugle Corps (The Spartans of Vancouver Washington) that initiated my love of travel. Fear was creeping in that I would not be able to attend after all the work that went into it. Not only was I able to go but I was able to attend both days. Also attended a Drum and Bugle corps show the weekend before in Hillsboro. I do believe in prayer that is for sure!

Aloha! What a wonderful trip! :)

I am back from a wonderful trip to Oahu. I should say it was made possible by the ever wonderful TropicGirl77. We were chatting one night and she was talking about being over there for several weeks and I said gee I should visit while you are there. Then the ball was rolling. :) A great hostess and island guide. TG was able to show me things that I may otherwise have not taken the tiime to seek out and enjoy. Plus she has a really outstanding family. I will never be able to duplicate this trip although i must return to Paradise someday.

Bahama Bliss

We were able to go on our cruise and visit the Bahamas this October and I must say it was a wonderful place to relax. I am still working on my pages but I have some great pics on my Great stirrup Cay pages. We are already looking into our next voyage. Perhaps a return to the Bahamas, perhaps Mexico. We shal see.

A Safe Cat is a Happy Cat

They are playful, loving, aloof, mysterious, frisky, and mischievous. But did you know that they are also becoming the #1 animal in our shelters today?

Cats are one of the most popular pets in the US, but they are also the pets most likely to die prematurely from diseases, poisons, attacks by other animals, abuse by humans, or speeding vehicles. Owners often don't realize that allowing their cat to roam outdoors can be a risky.
There are many mythes about owning a cat. Here are some truthes.

They do not need to roam outdoors to be happy or healthy .
Cats are not "instinctive and streetwise" when it comes to traffic.
Spaying or neutering your cat does not:
Make your cat fat or lazy
Make your cat hyperactive
Take away your cat's natural instincts, including the hunting instinct
Make your cat smaller or stunt his or her growth
Narrow your cat's urethra or cause urinary tract problems
Cause immature behaviors
Cause aggressive behaviors
Cause your cat to eliminate inappropriately
Postpone or delay normal behavioral maturity
Alter your cat's basic personality
Leave your cat feeling sexually deprived or wishing for sex

Important Reasons to Neuter Your Male Cat

Eliminates the risk of testicular cancer
Greatly reduces the risk of prostate cancer and prostatitis
Reduces the risk of perianal tumors
Reduces roaming and fighting behaviors
Reduces the risk of contracting bloodborne diseases such as feline leukemia virus (FeLV) and feline immunodeficiency virus (FIV)
Eliminates urine marking behaviors in males neutered before the onset of these behaviors (usually before six months of age)
Extends your cat's expected lifespan
Eliminates the risk and spread of sexually transmitted diseases
Eliminates unwanted litters

Important Reasons to Spay Your Female Cat

Eliminates the risk of ovarian and uterine cancer
Greatly reduces the risk of breast cancer
Eliminates the risk of pyometra, a life-threatening disease
Prevents cyclical hormonal changes that can interfere with diabetes or epilepsy medications
Eliminates unpleasant behavioral changes associated with the heat cycle
Extends your cat's expected lifespan
Eliminates the risk and spread of sexually transmitted diseases
Eliminates unwanted litters

The expected lifespan of an indoor cat is up to 3 times longer then an outdoor cat. On average, cats who are allowed to roam outdoors often don't live to see age five. Cats who are always kept safely confined can live to be 18 to 20 years old.

Cat are wonderful companions when you are sick or just need some cheering up.
For information on how to help sheltered Cats or any other animal here is a great place to start. Humane Society
Or perhaps you would like to give a lonely abandoned animal a new happy home.

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