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let the peace on earth will be your plan

travell all over the world
embrace other cultures
foster friendship between people
no matter where!
no matter when!
yes travel!!!!!!!!!!!!
even if it rains or blows
even if it snows or it's foggy
travel !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
if you meet the rich
give them advises
if you meet the poor
give them a smile
but if you meet something called *truth*
it will be your duty to reveal it :!
,! if you happen to see the most beautiful girl in the world;
kindly ask mister charlie RICH
surely; he will show you the way

if you happen to meet the dictator!!
the attorney general would have you know ; that , he is wanted;but meanwille &as a precaution,
if you happen to reach the topmost branch; just remember to plead for the underdogs

how!wisely nature did decree!!

how!wisely nature did decree!!
with the same eyes to weep &see
with the same heart to love &hate
and unfortunately ;
with the same arme
we help ; we stole ; we ,, we kill,,,,,,!!!!!!!!

let's danse a little with ,,

for safe flying
*drink plenty of water throuthout the flight
*avoid alcohol & ca ffeinated drinks
*wear loose fitting clothes
*do not sleep for long periods on a flight
* perform simple feet xercices wile seated
* walk up and down the aisle at least twice an hour
* take an aspirin beforethe flight to reduce the ability of the blood to form clot

timgad, ancient capital

wich you have some ,;.. or some milk!!

dictators at helm !!

in the firing line
from latin america to africa, from asia to europe ,children 're thrown into armed conflicts,modern light weaponry &plastic explosives that can be consealed on the body have made children attractive instruments of war, the children are abducted from schools , refugeecamps , playgrands, &homes and dehunamused by forcing them to commit atrocities on their own relatives, they 're drugged ,raped , abused , and brutalised to make them hartened fighters!!
the world has a responsability towards these children , it should cleanse the countries of despots who turn children into demons
illegal arms that 're the lifeline of poer-hungry leaders should be cut ,child soldiers should be rehabilitated&reintegrated into civil society through careful counsseling, education and vocational training , poverty that drives the child to take up arms needs to be addressed sumpathetically &pragmatically,!deployment of child soldiers must be declared a war crime & a crime against humanity , y & b

welcom home

,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, I kept changing countries like counterfeit money,
hurrying on and afraid to look back,
like a phantom dividing in two, like a candle
between mirrors sailing into the sun.

It is far to the meadows where I sobbed in my childhood
having missed an Apollo, and farther yet
to the alley of firs where the midday sunlight
glowed with fissures of fire between bands of jet.

But my word, curved to form an aerial viaduct,
spans the world, and across in strobe-effect spin
of spokes I keep endlessly passing incognito
into the flame-licked night of my native land.

[Poems and Problems 105, 11

ask the natives

this is the amazigh land , without any form of racism, or nationalisme

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“let the- peace on earth- will be your plan!!!”

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