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Greetings From ムOUㄥAちH Land..

Check out the big pic as I will change it 旅游是我的激情


The ancient pirate city of Ulcinj

I joined VT in 2000 and I will share my pages with
my daughter Clara as my most recent trips this millenium
are with her.Hopefully in a few years she will take over
these pages! (CLARA HAS NOW JOINED VT (babsag)
Also my mother Avril Raffan Vale as at 81
is still globetrotting and returned this summer from a cruise around the Med.

2009 Oct/Nov London, Bognor Regis, North Wales, Brussels.

Pumkin Village Slindon at Halloween
2008 August------------ Slovakia,Bratislava, Czech Rep,Monravia, Breclav, Lednice.
September --Serbia, Bosnia, Monte Negro, Albania,Belgium. Brussels,Brugge and Oostende ???



Pictures, mORE bUDAPEST tIPS,
iSLE oF wIGHT, iNDIA, Russia(EX-cccp),UK,
Kyrgyrzstan, Paris, Hungary, Israel+ mORE

Mei al uw reizen is gelukkige degenen.
μπορούν όλα τα ταξίδια σας να είναι ευτυχείς.
могут все ваши перемещения быть счастливыми одними.
시킨 잔 얼룩말은 속인다

The Isle of Wight Castles and forts



m 52 and wonder what's next??....

cohete grande del bolsillo pequeño


Time to Join the Fridge Society!
The coolest sub-culture VT club*See my Hungary Pages*

Was off on the road on a 1 month Interrail trip

some travel, some humour..lotz of pix and tipz..
so many have commented on my page, i cannot
keep up with it all. im unable to reply individually, so please
accept this humble thanks from here. also a big thanks to ALL who
commented and visited my pages!. im usually the type to respond
to a comment, or to check out a page in return, but was never on the
net long enough the last weeks to do so. so to all who rated,
visited, said hi etc, a big thankyou. i do read the
comments when possible, and i enjoyed
doing so whenever.

I remember traveling with my parents to
comepletely isolated coves and beaches on the
South coast of the the Isle Of Wight most good weather
Sundays.I spent my childhood until 16 on The Isle of Wight . CHECK OUT THE LINK
I started off traveling in 1975 with a trip
to Paris hitch hiking and with only 10 quid in my pocket,
a backpack with a thin sleeping bag in a cold
November.I had to sleep rough a few nights and
came home after a month, but the seed was sown.

Welcome to my travels . I live in Nagykáta where I have a
house and in Budapest weekdays where I rent a flat.
I joined VT back in 2000..
Enjoy my pages!

Countries Visited: 48
Tips: 785
Photos: 1500
Videos 22
Top(5) Member in: 10 locations

So many hours online! I'm insane?
I just missed my last train
VT is a pain
Don't worry I'll be back again


My Travels, future events this year+ more bla bla



INDIA 1986
Isle Of Wight
Sinia Desert
I intend to join the VT fridge club if they let me!
I joined VT in 2000 not to compete and get points
but to share my travel experiences and tips.

My daughter started school on.1st September 2005. Even that gives me a thrill just like seeing Everest for the first time or watching a total eclipse of the sun.

In Febuary 2005 I was in Krakow Poland and back home to Stockholm in Sweden.
I`m trying to write as many new pages and tips as possible as I believe better to put more effort into building than backslapping for ratings. But I do try to see as many pages from old and new VTers as possible. There never seen to be more than 300 VTers out of the 75,000+ members at one time online so I sometimes wonder what the other 99.9% are up to?
I noticed if I don`t rate other pages or leave comments then the ratings are almost static. But I I surf the VT members and rate and leave
comments then the ratings on tips flow. So just having good
pages isn`t enough...
Planning the UK for 1 week with my 7 yr old daughter to visit Bognor Regis, London and Center Parc Longlead House .....
ALAS IN SEPTEMBER I GOT STUCK IN HUNGARY thanks to Easyjet I never made the UK, just a rainny 2 weeks at home...still the garden loved it..LOL *


LEDNICE, CZECH CASTLE with English gardens...

Termessus the only city Alexander the Great douldn`t take!

MIRTH JOKES AND THE BIZZARE not for the more conservative or faint at heart!


New Budapest Things To Do

Freshwater Bay on the Isle Of Wight + General tips old postcards

VT'ers I met at 6th Euromeet in Krakow May 28th-30th 2010


15 rabbits (I have to cull them when they get too fat) and 2 chickens....and lotz of FRESH VEG::
you should see the size of me marrows this year!

Will be constantly updating and building

LONGEST VT LOCATION NAME IN THE WORLD difficult to get there as pc goes all wobbly..??

The System detected an Error: 500 Runtime Exception



Battle cries!!

Hungarian Hussars

Every year the battle of 1848 is re-enacted
at the bridge on the road to Biske from Nagykata


1977 Left the UK for Israel
stayed for nearly 3 years and spent most of my time
working on kibbutzim and moshavim.Even spent
5 months in the Sinia Desert with the beduin.

1979 moved to Sweden
Teach business English and open a small gallery
in Sodermalm, Stockholm. 1985 Run a 1 nighter
Avande Garde club with a Finnish guy called Jarmo.

1986 made a decision to circumnavigate the globe,
take exactly 1 year and return to Stockholm and all
on a 1,000 Pounds.
RTW ROUTE:::::::
Ticket .London Hong Kong with 1 week stopover
in New Dehli fly Air India. Change plans and stay
2 months..minibus with some strange Guru's followers
to Nasik to their Ashram,
then by train to Bombay.
Steamer to Goa, train to Jaipur, Agra and back to Dehli.
Fly to Hong Kong where I make my base and get temp
work teaching English and an extra in HKTV movies.

Do milk runs to Taiwan, Japan and South Korea.
Travel by plane and overland 4 times to Tibet,
Kathmandu with stopovers in Bankok and Dacca.
Even made a land record by crossing through the
Himalayaswith a Toyota Land Cruiser from Lhasa
to the Nepalese Border..32 hours..

.August fly to Honalulu, LA and New York where I get
robbed by an old lady in Port Authority (SHAME ON ME)
Peoples Express to Brussels and Train to Sweden.
1987 Sept return to Stockholm.

1988 Summer of Love Ibiza, Barcelona,Paris
Wintertime 1988 organise the first rave in an old car factory
15 kms outside of Stockholm. Had 2000 members and did
a 2 day party with Norman Jay (Kiss FM) and another London DJ.

1989 visited Leningrad USSR and took the first Technics Deck
which we trained a DJ from Murmansk to spin the plastic. With
a Russian friend Alosha he starts the first CLUB in Russia.
1991 Gagarin Party at VDNH Moscow the first official big rave
which was televised. We had real live Cosmanaughts dancing
on Sputniks.
1994 leave St.Petersburg, the Russian Federation back to Sweden.

1995 spend time in the UK and Sweden

1996 many trips to Budapest, Hungary.
1998 I get married and have a beautiful daughter.Still have to travel
backwards and forwards between Stockholm and Budapest.

2001 Get seperated, then 9 months later suffer
a mayor stroke and survive.
2002 get a house in the countryside where I can
stay situated 60 kms outside of Budapest. But tooo cold to
be there in the wintertime and quite cut off with no internet.
2002 Clara comes to Sweden and Poland for the 1st time.
2007 I'm my 30th year abroad outside the UK
2008?? Clara moves to Brussels with her mum??
and I spend less time in Sweden than ever... *..


CHECK OUT MY LONG TIME FRIEND Nino who is truly an amazing
person! He`s in his 70`s and trekking around India somewhere
for his 5th trip .He was in the square when Evita came to the balcony
before she left Argentina.He was also a disco dancer in Pascha aged 65.Incredible guy. His VT members name is Ibiza_Nino .. My Friend Nino is 75,
check out his site

ME mum who started to travel again after my RTW trip back in`86 was on a month cruise to 3 continents S.America, Africa stopping in the Falklands then back to the UK in time for Crimbo. I traveled with my daughter to meet the rest of the VALE clan for Xmas.



2006.Berlin,Malmő,Stckhlm,UK, Paris,Vienna

6,000 Kms + on my 5th Big Interrail trip with Clara
July 28th 2006 Depart Budapest on train direct for Berlin
Berlin Night Express with train and boat to Malmö.
July 29th arrive 08.10 Malmö depart 08.11 IC train to Stockholm
arrive home in Stockholm 13.20...

May 26th 2006 Godor Klub
we meet 25 years later and they still
remembered me.Said "Yea, I remember, but you
put on some weight since last time"..LOL
see pics from sound check and the concert above.

I met The Church back in 1981 when I sold
them some '60's gear, I was selling in a little
shop I shared in Slussen Stockholm.
They were robbed
and needed some stage clothes!
I remember one of the items was a second
hand Beatles jacket made in a George Best
shop.They were really friendly and a great
bunch of human beings and still hadn't lost
that quality after 25 years.
Was fantastic to meet them again with my
daughter who loved the concert! I also met
Depeche Mode, Thin Lizzy and Duran Duran
that Summer back in 1981.I remember at the
back stage party at The Ritz club, 4 skinny guys
from Basildon, I went along with a Swedish friend
who knew them them from their local 'Boozer' (pub)
when she lived there working as an au-pair girl!

u JULY 29th AUGUST 2005

Well it's +35 here in Budapest today and hopefully
I can head off with Clara to Nagykáta to the
beautiful garden and get out the garden hose and
cool off. Got so much veg growing with the zuchinni,
tomatoes, cabbages, marrows, potatoes, sweetcorn,
maise, cherry plums, apricots, green and red peppers,
onions, egg-plants, and lots more I can't remember now
Sadly garden neglected after the neighbour who helped
with the garden is too old and I`m always in Sweden.

@~ (o.o) ~@
/___( * )___\
/ `U' \
( . )
_\ /_
NA NA --NANA--NA !!!

Check out my NAGYKATA tips for some
tips on gardening...

Clara my daughter

Clara my 10 year old daughter has been with me twice to the UK and in Febuary 2005 all the way on our 4000 km journey by train and ferry. Budapest to Krakow to visit my dad who flew out from the UK to a hip replacement operation and get the rehab treatment needed. We stayed in a small 'pension' for 60 Zloty a night close to the 'Stary Renok' Square-Then after 6 nights in Krakow train to Swinouscia Port(Night train)-(Poland) Boat to Ystad (Sweden) Train to Malmo then night train to Stockholm where we relaxed at home in my flat.. The weather was real Winter blizzards in Poland and Sweden and a fierce storm delayed our return journey as all ferries were cancelled for 2 days. Then returned almost the same route via Katowice to Budapest. I love travelling by train but Budget Airlines makes this option less viable. We left 5 am on a Monday from Stockholm and arrived 5pm Tuesday in Budapest Keleti.Railway Station. Clara loves to travel and be with me in Sweden and she met some children her own age and could speak to them in their basic English.Kids don't have the same hang ups as adults, they just see them as other kids who for some reason live in another country and speak a different language.

As of September 2008 Clara moved with her mum to Brussels where she started a new school, I returned just 3 days ago from visiting her.

The Tapio Region in Pest County my new home

The population of Pest County currently lives in 14 small regions
in 184 settlements, including 31 towns.

Pest County is located in the middle part of Hungary,
surrounding the capital.

The surface of the county is diverse, it is divided into several,
clear geo-morphological units. The north-western and the northern
areas belong to the Trans-Danubian and the Northern mountains.
The larger, southern part of the county is situated on the Big Plain.
Its climate is very diverse due to its terrain.
The average rainfall in the mountains and the rolling hills is 600-800
mm, at some places it reaches 1200 mm, while it is only 500-550 mm
in the Plain. The number of sunny hours is about 1800-1900 per year in
the north-western and northern areas, and it is 2000-2200 per year
in the Plain. The annual mean temperature is 7-8 Co, and 10-11 Co

Back to work and we get nice weather.

5 th Sept 2005...
17 days I have my daughter and it rains or is overcast for 15. Then last week back to work, back to Budapest and it's sunny and +26 everyday. I know that when I have my daughter this weekend and plan to go camping in the Matra Hills, the weather will change. Maybe Murphy was a Hungarian::LOL

(o o)

my garden or my PC?


, - @@@@
| '_ @@@
| __\@ \@
_ \\ (/ ) @\_/)____
| (__/ / /|% #/
\___/ ----/_|-*/
,: '(
|: \
|: )
|: |
| / (
| /\ )
( \| /
| /'=.
'=>/ \
/ \ /|/

___ _
||_ _ / _ || _ __|_o _ ._
|| |(/_ \_(_)||(/_(_ |_|(_)| |

(o o)

( >__< )
^^ ~~ ^^

This guy here. He's a troublemaker.
Always sticking his nose into how things
like government, politics,religion, world peace,
media, ads, PR, etc works.
cohete grande del bolsillo pequeño


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