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Vialand Shopping Mall, Istanbul, TR - Istanbul

Vialand Shopping Mall, Istanbul, TR

Vialand Shopping Mall, Istanbul, TR Vialand Mall Review

This is one of the newest and largest Shopping Malls in Istanbul on the European Side ...

Besides Shopping Mall on open and covered areas, there is also a huge Amusement Park attached named as Vialand Theme Park .

As its a brand new establishment, there are hundreds of local and international brands for shopping, fast food courts, cafes, restaurants, kids playing areas, 3D cinemas and so on ..

You can reach the mall with public buses departing from Taksim and Eminonu areas, also free shuttels available from several pickup points of the city, just check their website for more detailed schedule times ...

A full day entertainment area for kids and adults, enjoy ... :)

Address: Eyup

Theme: Other


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  • Written Aug 13, 2013
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Marmara Forum Mall, Istanbul, TR - Istanbul

Marmara Forum Mall, Istanbul, TR

Marmara Forum Mall, Istanbul, TR Marmara Forum Mall Review

There are two "Forum" Malls in Istanbul, both on European side, one is in Bayrampasa district and one is in Bakırkoy district, this one is "Forum Marmara", on Bakırkoy district, close to the Ataturk Internatıonal Airport.

Its giant in size, open air and also as department store basis, huge food court, 3D cinemas, amusement areas for kids, exchange offices, shop till drop areas ... :)

Easy to reach with public transportation and also by private car over highway. Enjoy ... :)

What to buy: All kind of branded shops, local and international, handcraft shops, good prices especially for leather goods on "Sale" period of times.

Directions: Easy to reach by public bus, metro and metrobus from Taksim, Aksaray and Eminonu districts, just drop off at "Zeytinburnu" station and Forum Marmara Mall is just 5 mins walking distance.

Theme: Department Store


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  • Written Jul 28, 2013
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Avrupa Pasajı - Aynalı Pasaj, Istanbul, TR - Istanbul

Avrupa Pasajı - Aynalı Pasaj, Istanbul, TR

Avrupa Pasaji, Istanbul, TR Avrupa Pasaji Review

Named as "Avrupa Pasajı" and also as "Aynalı Pasaj" (AYNA means mirror in Turkish), the reason is that there are ancient mirrors hanged as seperation on walls between all the shops ...

Chances are that you’ve found the Grand Bazaar intersting and the bargaining experience a little tough. So, join the crowd and give a try to Avrupa Pasajı, too ... :)

Most of the artifacts and gift items that you thought are only sold at the bazaar can be found here at more reasonable prices and without the hassle. If you’re looking for antiques, you’ll find valuable pieces here as well.

In addition, this wonderfully ornate arcade also appeals to anyone who is looking for the European influence on architecture in Istanbul. The arcade was first built to be a theater, which later burned down and so the arcade got converted to a "so called" mall. Especially the beautiful sculptures of females representing various professions on the second floor of this arcade are must to be seen.

As its located next to the famous "Cicek Pasajı", u can have your lunch or dinner just as going out of arcade direct in the heart of the Cicek Pasajı ... :)

What to buy: Local gift items, silver rings, earrings, carpets in several sizes (even they ship abroad if you request), kilims, handcrafted pillow covers and so on ...

Address: On "Istiklal Street", Galatasaray.

Theme: Local Craft

Review Helpfulness: 3.5 out of 5 stars

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  • Updated Jul 10, 2013
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Cukurcuma Antiques District, Istanbul, TR - Istanbul

Cukurcuma Antiques District, Istanbul, TR

Cukurcuma Antiques District, Istanbul, TR Cukurcuma District - Antiques Review

When people visit Istanbul, they usually prefer to go to Grand Bazaar for antique and kilim shopping. They are missing a lot. Grand Bazaar surely is a place worth visiting over and over, but there is another spot. One that is a hidden treasure.

One that is not as touristy but full of shops filled with extraordinary items you can not find anywhere in the world. Where else in the world can you find a candelabra with the official signature of an Ottoman sultan engraved on it ?

"Cukurcuma district" located in the back streets of Beyoglu and often called the SoHo of Istanbul, hosts over 150 antique shops, owned generally by minorities and Levantines, who have been living there for many years.

This historic neighborhood is actually a well-known center by antique devotees and mentioned in European antique catalogues frequently. It is a gem especially if you are into vintage toys, Ottoman-style jewelery and accessories.

Here on my "Travelogue" you can see more photos of this great area .... :
Cukurcuma Travelogue

If you want to return from Istanbul with truly memorable souvenirs, head over to the winding streets of Cukurcuma, the city’s funky antiques district, where you can get anything from camel saddles to decorative brass faucets from defunct Turkish baths.

Start in Taksim, easily reached by Metro and the fenicular from Kabatas or by taxi to the Cihangir Mosque. From İstiklal Street thread your way through the narrow lanes behind Galatasaray School and strictly advised by foot only. Wind your way downhill and end up in Tophane.

Enjoy .... :)

Theme: Antiques

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  • Written Jul 2, 2013
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Flower Market, Istanbul, TR - Istanbul

Flower Market, Istanbul, TR

Flower Market, Istanbul, TR Cicek Pazari - Flower Market Review

Almost every neighborhood of Istanbul has its own open market on a set day of the week.

An integral part of İstanbul culture, market day is both a social and commercial event and one that brims with color and life.

As well as the weekly markets, Istanbul has a number of permanent and seasonal markets.

"The Flower Market - Cicek Pazari" is located beside the Spice Bazaar in Eminonu next to New Mosque and sells everything from seeds, pot plants, and shrubs to pets, leeches, and ducklings. The market trades seven days a week throughout the year.

If you’re a flower or bird enthusiast, check out the open market between the bazaar and the New Mosque for flowers, plants, seeds and even birds.

Enjoy ... :)

Address: Eminonu Square, Old City, Istanbul.

Directions: Next to Spice Market, Eminonu, Istanbul.

Theme: Flowers

Review Helpfulness: 2.5 out of 5 stars

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  • Written Jul 1, 2013
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Sahaflar Carsisi, "Book Bazaar", Istanbul, TR - Istanbul

Sahaflar Carsisi, "Book Bazaar", Istanbul, TR

Sahaflar Carsisi, "Book Bazaar", Istanbul, TR Book Bazaar - Sahaflar Carsisi Review

Sahaflar Carsisi, "the second hand book bazaar", stands in the old courtyard between Beyazid Mosque and Grand Bazaar. It's one of the oldest markets of Istanbul built on the same site as the Chartoprateia, book and paper market of the Byzantines. However it wasn't until 18th century that booksellers settled their shops here leaving the Grand Bazaar.

Printing and publishing legislation introduced soon after thus enabling the trade to expand in the whole courtyard. Also during this century the market remained the main point for book sale and distribution within the Ottoman Empire, and a gathering place for intellectual people. Unfortunately in the last 50-60 years the market lost its importance due to inevitable rise of modern bookstores and lately of the internet. Today there are still some old books, new ones, and examples of Ottoman miniature pages can be found.

Due to the huge fire in 1950, not only The Old Book Bazaar, but also several manuscripts turned into ashes. After the disaster, book shops in The Old Book Bazaar nationalized by local authority were rebuilt as reinforced concrete constructions. There are 23 bookshops and 17 of them are double-deck. Among these shops, right at the middle ofthe Old Book Bazaar, it is possible to see the bust of İbrahim Muteferrika, the man who introduced printing press to The Ottoman Empire.

At the entrance, there are two book shops on the left and right side and they enable you to have new or second-hand books in exchange for your old books with a little money. Besides, rosary, stamp and coin collectors open stalls in the garden on the entrance.

Even if you aren’t interested in books, ambiance in The Old Book Bazaar will definitely make you buy something.

"The Sahaflar Bazaar" is open daily except on Sundays and during public or religious holidays, with the exception of smaller stores, enjoy .... :)

Address: Beyazıt, Old City, Istanbul.

Directions: At Beyazıt Square, Old City, next to the Grand Bazaar.

Theme: Books

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  • Written Jul 1, 2013
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Istinye Park Mall, Istanbul, TR - Istanbul

Istinye Park Mall, Istanbul, TR

Istinye Park Mall, Istanbul, TR Istinye Park Mall Review

"Istinye Park Shopping Mall" Istanbul is based on a unique design. Opened in 2007, it has both closed and open air sections including a park and an authentic Turkish food bazaar.

The centre is split into three sections. The main entertainment space is located in the four storey Grand Rotunda. It includes a 12 screen, 2600-seat cinema including an IMAX 3D screen, as well as an entertainment centre for children.

The Lifestyle Centre is an open air town square with a green park. It also includes the indoor Fashion District with many well known brands represented such as Zara, Max Mara, Hugo Boss, Mango, Dior and Dolce & Gabbana, to name just a few.

The Bazaar area is styled on a traditional Turkish bazaar and has several restaurants including an Ottoman restaurant, fish restaurant and the steakhouse Gunaydin, while small shops sell a variety of fresh produce.

The most luxury and exclusive stores are located out side at the open-air lifestyle center which is accessible from the upper floor. A very modern futuristic square houses all the luxury brands.

Besides taxi and private cars, you can reach Istinye Park Mall also by public transportation such as :

From Sultanahmet : First, get to Taksim metro station. Take the T-1 tram in the direction of Kabatas. then take the funicular F-1 to Taksim. Transfer to the M-2 line.

From Taksim : Take the M-2 metro line. Metro stop: 4.Levent. From there you need to take the bus number 29N ( 4.Levent Metro-FSM), 29P (4.Levent Metro-Poligon Mah.) or 42 (4.Levent Metro-Bahcekoy). Bus stop: Istinye Park.

From Besiktas : Take the bus number 40B (Besiktas-Sariyer). Bus stop: Istinye Park.

Alternatively, you can take the minibus Besiktas-Istinye.

From Sultanahmet : Get to Taksim or Besiktas first.

Enjoy ... :)

What to pay: A lot ...

Address: Istinye Bayiri, Sariyer, Istanbul.

Theme: Other


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  • Written Jun 14, 2013
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Demiroren Mall, Istanbul, TR - Istanbul

Demiroren Mall, Istanbul, TR

Demiroren Mall, Istanbul, TR Demiroren Mall Review

"Istiklal Avenue", which is the heart of Istanbul with its admirable colorful history, stores, leisure centers, cafés, restaurants, bookshops and never-ending energy met a brand-new shopping experience on March, 2011: the "Demiroren Istiklal Mall".

"The Demiroren Istiklal", which matches the historical buildings on both sides of Istiklal Avenue, has colored up the shopping delight in Beyoglu with its select mixture of brands. The Demiroren Istiklal expresses its difference, saying “We have selected the best of everything, invited them over to Istiklal, and we have come to Beyoglu with colorful faces and unique experiences”. With its 41 stores with a total area of nineteen thousand square meters, the Demiroren Istiklal is built with classic and modern architecture, and offers its visitors more than just shopping in Beyoglu with its culture, art and fun activities.

On the last upper floor there is a "Food Court" facing the Istiklal Avenue with big high window glasses which makes u "dine with a view" ... Enjoy ... :)

What to buy: The stores within the Demiroren Istiklal are, GAP, Saturn, Brandroom, Guess, GNC, Mothercare, Tchibo, Vakko Butik, Sephora, Koton, By Saatci, Atasun Optik, Flormar, Dize, Pure Fitness, Loisir, Kipling, Krispy Kreme, Denizbank, Twist, Divarese, Hummel, Deichmann, Günyüzü Yayıncılık, Gizia, Zoe, Inci, 5D Cinemotion, Arby’s, Burger King, The Chef, Suadiye Marmaris Büfe, Popeyes.

Address: Istiklal, Street, taksim, Istanbul.

Theme: Department Store


Review Helpfulness: 2.5 out of 5 stars

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  • Written Jun 10, 2013
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Boyner Malls, Istanbul, TR - Istanbul

Boyner Malls, Istanbul, TR

Boyner Malls, Istanbul, TR Boyner Stores Review

Boyner is a Turkish retail company, known for its textile offerings for women, men, teenagers and children.

It has about 70 stores and malls all over the country.

Not just textile, but also cosmetics, perfumes, watches, home design products such as candles, vases, dishes and many other items are available in the stores ...

As u r in TR, just follow their web site to catch the promos on selected products ... :)

Directions: About 70 malls of the chain all over the country.

Theme: Department Store


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  • Written Jun 7, 2013
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Kanyon Shopping Mall, Istanbul, TR - Istanbul

Kanyon Shopping Mall, Istanbul, TR

Kanyon Shopping Mall, Istanbul, TR Kanyon Mall Review

"Kanyon Istanbul" is fusing a unique approach to shopping, entertainment and retail in an extraordinary architectural shell. Kanyon features 160 stores, 9 cinema screens, fitness center.

Top local and global brands, cafes, and open air performances are set in an atmosphere alive. Kanyon houses trendsetting prestigious brands with the world-famous fashion retailer Harvey Nichols. Apple’s first store in Continental Europe is also located in the new shopping center Kanyon.

With Kanyon, the aim has been to create a heart-of-the-city that connects the people working, living, and shopping in the region and beyond, which will function more as an organic part of the urban space rather than a standard mall, office, or residential project.

The building features a special engineering technique which is used for the first time in the world: An air circulation system ventilates the open areas of the canyon-like mall and creates an invisible "thermostatic shield" enabling visitors to enjoy the open air regardless of the weather outside.

What to buy: Many global brands are represented at Kanyon, including Harvey Nichols, Banana Republic, Lacoste, Mango and Sony. There are many cafes and restaurants, from fast food to a wide variety of Turkish and International options including Starbucks, Gloria Jean’s, Wagamama and Haagen Dazs.

Address: Buyukdere Street, Levent, Istanbul.

Directions: Kanyon is easily accessible by Istanbul’s public transport system and an entrance to the mall has been integrated into the city’s metro system. Take the Metro from Taksim Square to the ‘Levent’ station and follow the signs to Kanyon.

Theme: Other


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