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dupedbyPuebloBonito Dec 2, 2011 at 10:03 AM

If you think that "everything about Pueblo Bonito" or their parent company is "ethical" do a little research. They, and Mr. Dirk Meyer, scam folks on a regular basis with promises made in the sales pitch that are not any part of the contract. We bought there under his sales misrepresentations and regret it. But we didn't have "extra money" and were counting on his promises to be true--that our existing timeshare would sell with his Re-Max "amigo". That $ would have been our balance. If you have the money and want a absolutely lovely place to be with your family, great. But this company has knowingly ripped off many couples like my husband and I --who couldn't afford to be ripped off. I say--bring a recorder/iPhone, etc to the sales pitch if you attend. You have 5 days to cancel by law in Mexico. Better yet, don't buy--just enjoy visiting often.