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Some words about me and my city

Hi everyone! I am Darya.
I want to tell a few words about my city...
Odessa is a peral of the sea, it is glorious sights, curative spas, plenty of sun, lulling waves ... We hope that, passing through the streets of this city you'll be intrigued by the many heritage buildings and that your days spent here will be pleasant and enjoyable.
Odessa is something unreal, i am in love with this city and I am happy to live here.
Odessa leaves no one indifferent!
Every year a lot of people from different countries visit Odessa and there are a lot of reasons why they are doing it. By the way I also love travelling. I enjoy communicating with people, knowing different cultures and news from all over the World. Maybe that's why I am learning to work as an enterpriter and as a guide.
If you want to visit Odessa I will be happy to share the beauty of my city with you! Be free to ask me questions.
I can help you to rent apartments or to book a hotel, give you a driver and make an excursion. Someone wan'ts to find his love here, course our girls are veeeery beautiful! And a lot of people find there second half here....
Everything you want!
Waiting for your letters! ;)

The building of the Odessa Opera and Ballet Theatre is one of the greatest architectural monuments of Ukraine and one of the most beautiful theaters in the world. Opera is a real jewel of Odessa, which worthy enters the list of the Seven Wonders of Ukraine.

Duke de RichelieuMonument to Duke de Richelieu, located in Odessa on the Primorsky Boulevard, is a bronze statue of a full-length dedicated to Armand Emmanuel du Plessis, Duke de Richelieu, who made a solid contribution to the development of the city. The monument is directed to the sea, in front of it there are Potemkin Stairs, behind - the two buildings forming a square.

Richelieu became governor of Odessa in 1803, and residents of the city called him “our Duke”, considering him the founder of the city that really was far from the truth, because at that time Odessa was 8 years old. Thank to this governor the city had become a major trading port. With the return of the Bourbons on the throne, Richelieu returned to France, where he died in 1822. Having received this news from Paris, Count Langeron began raising money from people for the construction of the monument, and Novorossiysk Governor-General, who Monument to Duke de Richelieutook the post in May 1823, ordered it to his sculptor I.P. Martos. The grand opening of the monument took place on April 22, 1828.

Potemkin Stairs

Potemkin Stairs are the famous stairs in Odessa, connecting the center of the city with the port and seaport buildings. They were named in honor of the masterpiece of world cinema, the movie "Battleship Potemkin". In 2007 Potemkin Stairs were recognized as one of the most beautiful in Europe.

Currently the stairs consist of 192 steps (originally there were two hundred, but due to the expansion of the port some steps were filled). The length of the stairs is 142 meters, they are based perspective - their base is much wider than the top, so that when looking from Primorsky Boulevard, it seems the lack of view.

The stairs were designed by architect Francis Boffo in 1825. The construction of the stairs was completed in 1841. They were built as a gift to wife of Prince Vorontsov. Originally Potemkin Stairs had more aesthetic features than practical ones. In front of the stairs there is a monument to Duke de Richelieu, which is a visiting card of Odessa.

In different sources the stairs wer called differently: "Giant", "Boulevard" and "Vorontsov". The official name of Potemkin appeared only in 1951, although almost immediately after the release of the film "Battleship Potemkin Stairs in 1955Potemkin" the stairs began to be called Potemkin.

Near the stairs there is the funicular. It was built in 1902, and in 1970 replaced with the escalator. At the beginning of 90th years the escalator broke down. And ten years ago, in 2005, the funicular was restored.

Colonnade of the Vorontsov Palace

The majestic colonnade, located on the amazing beauty step socle in front of the Vorontsov Palace at the Primorsky Boulevard at the edge of the ledge, emphasizes the idea of austerity and majesty, which reigned in times of the influence of the Empire style in St. Petersburg at the beginning of the XIX century. It is formed by ten pairs of columns of the Doric Order and the far-visible when approaching the city by boat. Currently the Colonnade of Vorontsov Palace is one of the main attractions of Odessa, and initially served as the greenhouse, where there were grown tropical fruits. Traveler K. Koch, in his recollections of visiting Odessa, wrote that the thing he remembered most of all was the colonnade, the majestic building, which is surprisingly in harmony with the surrounding buildings. There opens a breathtaking view on the bay from the colonnade.

The colonnade of Vorontsov Palace is associated with one of the most beloved legends of Odessa. At the base of the colonnade from the sea side there is the bricked up door. Colonnade of the Vorontsov Palace in OdessaThe before last century on the territory of Vorontsov colonnade there was a restaurant, the owner of which used any mean to become a rich man. Among other things, he was engaged in the slave trade. Making his customers drunk, he followed them through the door in Odessa catacombs that extended across the whole city. Through the underground tunnels the owner of the restaurant to take people straight to the Turkish courts, which brought the prisoners to slave trade markets.

Colonnade in OdessaNowadays the Vorontsov Colonnade is one of the most popular sights of Odessa citizens and visitors, as well as the venue for various celebrations. So, July 14, 2010 on the territory of the colonnade there was held the light graffiti show with the participation of French and Ukrainian DJs in honor of Bastille Day, national holiday of France.

Primorsky Boulevard is one of the main streets of Odessa and the favorite walking place equally with Deribasovskaya Street. Here is situated the monument to Duke de Richelieu, gun of frigate "Tiger", City Hall, monument to Pushkin, Vorontsov Palace and the Potemkin Stairs.

Primorsky Boulevard was built in the XIX century and was formerly known as the Nikolaev Boulevard. Boulevard is one of the best urban ensembles in Europe. This is one of the favorite places for walking of Odessa citizens and visitors. From the Boulevard there is an incredible view of the sea and the sea port.

Several years ago there appeared the dome with archaeological finds of the ancient period on the boulevard. Also near the Potemkin Stairs there was restored the funicular, and there appeared garlands on the trees, which make the boulevard more beautiful at night.

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    Happy Birthday Darya, again many thanks for your informative pages, My friend & I had a great time in Odessa :-)

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    Hi Kleo, It is long past through our meeting in Odessa and I hope you are fine.
    I wish you all the best on your birthday and hope this
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    Spring on Boulevard is look so fantastic. You should take a look to see very nice and natural beaches to ANTALYA. Warm greetings from sunny Antalya,TURKEY.

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