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goodie74 Oct 17, 2011 at 5:04 AM

Dear Jean-François,
Thanks so much for your generous reply. I had expected a notification in my e-mailbox indicating that I had received responses, hence my tardy response! We are very new to travel forums, this being the first one

You are correct in that we have mostly set our itinerary at this stage. Although, it was only yesterday that we received confirmation of our last accommodation. As well we booked our flight from Calvi to Paris since we were concerned about the ferry crossings at this time of year.

Here is what we have decided:

Going to Bonifacio, Ajaccio and Calvi since those were the locations for which we received feedback and seemed to make sense from our research. We will stay for 7 days in each place. Our challenge has definitely been the fact that we arrive and depart on a Sunday in each location.

In the first instance, we changed our minds about arriving by plane in Bonifacio since there was no public transportation. Now we are arriving at Ajaccio but must make our way to Bonifacio the same day. We have decided to rent a car from Ajaccio airport with a drop off in Bonifacio. We appreciate your solid advice about renting a car for as many days as possible. However, we do want to take in each city prior to going on day trips from each location. We are now checking to see if it is cheaper to rent by the day or by the week. We really are hesitant to pay to have a car parked idle while we explore in-town.

Perhaps you could share the name of the car rental company you decided to use.

As for the weather, ?mild? is what we are seeking. We do not like hot weather so enjoy the cooler fall and spring seasons in Canada, hence our reason for going off season. We just hope that there won?t be too many full-out rainy days since it is the rainy season.

We will definitely consider the various suggested day trips you mention. It will be a challenge to see so many possibilities in the short time that we have on the island. From all accounts, travellers return regularly because they fall in love with Corsica. You are indeed fortunate to live full-time in such a beautiful setting.

We will read your website with eagerness and delight.

Thanks again for your hospitable greetings and we look forward to our arrival in Corsica.

Best wishes,
Fran and Pierre