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userj3167 Sep 29, 2011 at 6:57 AM

I have just returned from Paris and would like to warn people of a pickpocket scam. I was on the metro with my daughter at Notre Dame Station, we were on an escalator when suddenly it jolted to a halt - someone had pressed the emergency stop button at the bottom. My daughter and I turned to see if there was a problen behind us but only saw a couple of people at the bottom of the escalator and no apparent reason for the emergency stop. We began to walk briskly up the escalator and a young female rushed past me but then stepped in front of me and then began to walk very slowly causing me to slow my pace. In my annoyance I pushed her out of the way slightly and moved around her quickly and continued quickly up the escalator. At the top of the escalator the young woman waited for a male to join her- they both looked like gypsies and they walked off in the opposite direction. At this point I realised that the zip on my small handbag had been opened as well as the inner zip which contained my bank cards, fortunately, there was nothing missing and I had obviously moved out of their way just in time. She was obviously trying to block my way whilst he was trying to pickpocket me. I felt very uneasy after this experience and would advice any tourists not to use the metro- it is only used by tourists and the lower classes including low life that steal from others.