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Hi and welcome to my VT pages. I hope you are enjoying your stay. It's about time I launch The world we live in and life in general Vol. III. Again I don't really know what to write or to change. We all will know what came to my mind once we reached the end of the page I guess :)

Enjoy my pages... ;)


PS: The first pic of this page will always tell you where I travelled to last. I change it from time to time so make sure to check back once in a while to see what's happening (and to visit my new pages which appear from time to time, too! ;)

Latest Pic: Back from BVI and NYC!!!


I am 36 years old and have been living in Düsseldorf, Germany for more than 6 years now. Originally I am from Hannover, Germany.

My name is Sabine but because Sabine is such a boring name and every 2nd girl in my school was called the same I knew it was time for a nickname in the 80s - ever since then all my friends call me Sabs. Of course the usual happened and 'sabs' was already taken as a nickname in 2000 when I joined VT. That's why on here a lot of people call me Sabsi. I can't blame them, it says that it's my name. Well. It isn't really but call me whatever you like?. Just don't call me in the mornings ;)

Anyway, what else do you need to know about me? I work in the tourism industry as a graphic designer. Which means I have to look at pictures of sandy beaches and palm trees all day in work - no surprise my holidays normally take me somewhere more northern. The people in work ask me "Why don't you go somewhere nice for a change??". For them 'nice' means 'south' apparently, they don't understand that I think the places I go to are 'nice'. I don't want to hang around beaches and I don't really like hot weather. I want to find out how the locals live, I enjoy sitting in a café for hours watching people, I like to get to know a country by visiting a supermarket first, I love strange architecture and enjoy the atmosphere of port towns. Plus I like taking pictures of everyday life and special pieces of architecture rather than of the usual sights or tourist traps.

Talking of tourist traps: I love to fall into them. From time to time I need to see places which are regarded as tourist kitsch by most people. They have a special atmosphere for me. I love the people watching there, I love the souvenirs they sell and I enjoy finding out what it is all about. So on my pages you might find tourist traps in the "Must See Activities" whereas you might find places which people normally think of as a "Must See Activities" ranked under tourist traps. You don't need to understand it. Sometimes I don't either.. ;-)

PS: My favourite tourist trap so far was Neuschwanstein Castle, the biggest tourism magnet in Germany. I spent a fantastic day there in summer 2005 and couldn't get enough of "the hype"...


I have intensely travelled through Europe before I left this continent for the first time in 2005 when I had to go on a business trip to California. I am scared of flying and I had always thought that 2.5 hours is the longest I'd survive in a plane. Oh well, I survived about 25 flights in the last 3 years, including one which included the explosion of an engine followed by an emergency landing with only one engine. This flight happened just when I had started to enjoy flying again...

So now I force myself to fly somewhere as often as I can afford it. I am not willing to let this fear destroy my life because I still want to see much more of this world.... As soon as I win the lottery I'll be off to Iceland, Greenland, Faroe Islands, New Zealand and Norway, those have been my dream destinations for a long time already. Keep your fingers crossed for me that I can start this trip of a lifetime soon ;)

I normally return to places I have been to over and over again. Hence I have been to Finland and Ireland, to England and Switzerland and to cities like Helsinki, Berlin, Munich, Prague or London quite a few times.

I love going back to the same spots and live up the memories. From time to time I am excited when I am able to explore new places as well. I will definitely try to explore more new places in the future. It's great fun to leave not knowing what to expect for a change. Some of the best trips were those where I didn't know anything about the place I was going to. This is probably why I buy travel guides mostly after coming back from a trip!

PS: My favourite place on earth so far is Helsinki, Finland. I have been there 6 times already and can't wait to go back soon.


Here's a little break from all my writing. Why don't you visit one of my favourite pages here on VT and continue to read this page afterwards.

My own pages:

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My own travelogues:

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(I hereby admit I am a travelogue reader ;)

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Hello back, have you enjoyed the ad break? Here's some more about me.

Did you know .....

.... that I have slept in Victoria Station, London for two nights when I was 18 and almost froze to death?

.... that I have been welcomed by a toilet once in Cuxhaven, Germany?

.... that after 3 weeks of eating only bread and jam in Ireland on my first Interrail trip I was craving for a German currywurst most?

.... that I finally bought my dream DSLR camera in 2005? And I even got the appropriate lens now.

.... that my list of favourite places includes beauties such as Liverpool, Newcastle upon Tyne, Helsinki, Dublin and Zagreb?

.... that I always fail when trying to order something in Finnish? Last time the thing I bought was wrapped into gift wrapping paper because I just said "Yes" when I heard a question I didn't understand. I decided to quit Finnish classes now because I will never succeed. I hope to try a slavic language next, preferably one that uses very few vowels.

.... that I got my own name off Berlin wall in 1989 a few days after the wall came down.

.... that I love architecture, crazy art exhibitions and photography as well as reading and watching films?

.... that the furthest south I have been was San Diego (USA)? In Europe the furthest south was Dubrovnik (Croatia). Seems that I am quite good with European west (which was Dingle Peninsula, Ireland), east and north (Lappeenranta, Finland), though.

.... that the coldest VT meeting I have ever been at was being stuck in my car on a German motorway in the middle of the night? The biggest was the 2008 Euromeet in Karlsruhe with more than 100 people.

.... Michael Palin is my travel hero?

PS: If you'd like to know even more about me then there's the 90 facts about myself travelogue on this page.

You could as well browse through my pages because here you will find some strange stories and funny facts about my travels.


I have recently....

... built new pages on
Dubrovnik, Croatia, Sarajevo, Split, Vienna, Neuschwanstein Castle, San Diego, Los Angeles and updated my pages on Munich and Galway.
... been in Dresden with Thomas, Caro, Sandy and Dave to explore the area and to attend my first VT wedding of Richie and Doreen.
... been to a world cup match (Mexico vs. Angola) in my hometown of Hannover on my birthday. What a day!
... been to Zandvoort on the Dutch coast for a funny hen weekend.
... been to my 3rd Robbie Williams concert, this time in Hockenheim near Heidelberg. It was fantastic!
... been to Vienna finally. What a nice city I missed in all these years. Pages are finally finished!
... had 3 litres of beer on Oktoberfest and really enjoyed it. And I enjoyed a quiet week in Munich after the "Wiesn" as much....
... went on a day trip down the Rhine and to Ramstein to fill my shelf with Poptarts, to buy new Aspirine and to meet VTer Dave again before he has to move back to the States ....
... seen The Lemonheads live again. 12 years after the first concert of them I saw. I can tell you, the last 12 years must have been hard for former sex-god Evan Dando ;)
... participated in the Wineroll in Bonn and met many nice VTers there.
... seen Morrissey in concert. Something I dreamt of doing since 1987!! And it was so good!
... spent three days with Thomas, Richie, Doreen and Caro in Bruges and Gent and found out lots about sweet beers. Page updates will follow shortly.
... spent 5 days in Dublin to celebrate New Years there. Dublin has changed lots over the last 5 years. I guess I need to update this page, too!
... designed two layouts for bus branding in Berlin during ITB Fair and I went to Berlin to see them.
... been on a roadtrip through Germany, Austria, Slovenia, Croatia and Bosnia and Hercegovnia. What a wonderful trip!
... been to Paris, Rouen and Normandy to visit my friend and to brush up on my French language skills ;)
... visited Documenta art fair in Kassel and spent two weekends back in Hannover.
... ate raw meat and died laughing at the Maastricht VT meeting
... been to Prague again after 10 years during our annual company trip
... been to Munich for Oktoberfest and for a Crowded House concert. What a laugh!
... been to Hannover to spend christmas with family and friends.
... spent New Year's Eve in Brussels.
... been in Berlin for ITB fair and a lot of drinks
... been in Munich for a snowy easter
... seen a brilliant Teitur concert as well as the zoo in Cologne
... been in Trier and Luxembourg for a wedding
... spent more time on Facebook than on VT (In case someone wonders where I am, try there ;)
... been in Brussels for a beery day trip
... visited my first Euromeet and had a great time in Karlsruhe
... seen The Police in concert
... spent a weekend in Cologne for our annual company trip
... been to Paris for a business trip
... spent 10 days in paradise (British Virgin Islands) plus a few days in fascinating New York City. A trip of a lifetime!
... been back home over christmas and new year.

I will soon....

... go to Munich for a long weekend over carnival hopefully.
... start planning the summer. Helsinki is high on my list but so are Croatia and the UK.


I think VT is a perfect source for planning your holidays. However, for me a page which has 10 pictures of the same building from all possible angles isn't what I call helpful. There are some fantastic pages here which combine great texts with beautiful pictures. I love photography and I spend a lot of time taking pictures but that's not what VT is about. I use travelogues or other websites to publish more pictures but for me there should be one tip with a few pictures and that's it. I won't read pages which consist of 300 tips, it takes too long to find accurate information. I read a book when I want to get into detail why dont you share your personal approach to a place rather than trying to make a page as big as possible by rewriting (or even copying) your travel books.

There are some great storytellers out there. There are people who have an incredibly funny way of writing. There are pages that should act as official tourist board brochures because they provide the readers with a feel for a place it's impossible to not want to go there. Unfortunately it's kinda hard to find these pages because they get lost among hundreds of thousands of tips that were made more visible by buddy ratings.

Don't get me wrong, this is no criticism of VT, its idea and how is is programmed. It's criticism of people abusing the system to get their 15 minutes fame or whatever.


Through VT I have met an incredible number of nice people and new friends. I enjoy VT meetings - no matter whether they are small or really large. I have met over 150 VTers during the 8 years I have been a member here and I enjoyed meeting every one of them.

It's great to know people from all over the world through VT. It means I can go on holidays on my own and still have somebody to hang around with. It means that you are travelling somewhere but still you are not the typical tourist because you are hanging around with locals who show you "the real life" quite a bit. And it's great to learn about other countries and local customs as well of course ...

It's almost as great as visiting VTers to welcome VT visitors here and show them around. Like this I have found places I would have probably not gone to on my own and like this I have had so many good laughs. So if you are around the Rhineland area please give me a shout and you will get one of the famous "This is a nice building. I don't know anything about it but there's a nice pub next door" tours. Of course we can skip the building if you wish and go straight to the pub ;-)

So... I think I have talked enough now eh? Looking forward to reading your comments, seeing your pages, meeting you around! Thanks for reading until here. :)


PS: Only on VT: 5 people from Europe meet 2 people from the USA that they had neither met before nor really spoken to and spend a wonderful evening together in an "organic" restaurant in Cologne: Bene (not a VTer), Bryan (not really a VTer), Joann (garridogal), myself, Roy (imaniac), Win (RhineRoll) and Thomas (Seppoman). What a laugh! Thank you guys for a hilarious evening! Joann and Bryan, can't wait to see you soon in NYC!

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