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I do not have a big family ...Me, my husband, my parents and my parents in law. Since I was a child my parents and my teachers inspired me in finding out new things about different parts of the world. Because our country had a difficult period of time...around 40 years of communism,traveling and foreign countries were forbidden for us so i grew up with the thirst of seeing as many countries as possible. We did not have the chance to see them on TV, just from time to time we read in books-without pictures-about some places.
This was not possible until 1990, but I was too little and my parents could not afford to take me in trips abroad, just in the country.
1997 was the year of the open borders for me. Pandora's Box was opened and I could not stop anymore. France was the first country I have been, but on the way I managed to visit Venice for 1 day, Vienna and Munich.

Several years of wanderings

My teenage years were great. After 17 I started traveling around Europe, on a budget with friends met at church and we had a lot of fun. It was great, it was my time of wanderings. Every year we went in France during summer and to other places during the winter holiday, for Christmas and New Years Eve.Great memories. I made a lot of friends who are still writing to me and even visited Romania. It was difficult at that time to plan a meeting because we had to use only letters and the phones were quite expensive and mobiles did not exist-at least here. But we managed to keep in touch and we are still friends.
In these years I saw Hungary, Italy, France and Germany.

Meeting my travel partner...

Meeting my husband was something special. We met at a wedding but now I can tell you that it was love at first sight and after 7 years together I can say we are soul mates. We are both crazy about traveling, seeing new things and trying something different. Together we started our adventures and since 2006 we have been in many countries. For him it was the first time he left the country so for some places I was the guide. We do not have much money but when we plan to go somewhere we save money for a time and we go. We stay on budget hotels and do not eat at luxury restaurants.

First trip together abroad-Greece

It was the spring of 2006 and we were planning our wedding, for October but because we had a new apartment and wanted to move together sooner we decided to make a quick step and we got married earlier, on the 4th of March, just with our parents. One of my friends without knowing about our marriage invited us in a short trip in Greece and we thought it would be great.
Greece is a wonderful country. It was April and Easter was there, so we said yes, went there and we visited many things in only 5 days:Meteora, Skiatos and other places I do not remember now. All I remember is that I had a great holiday with my husband, as newly weds and we saw a great country. We planned to revisit it again,in summer but maybe in the years to come, after the kids come.

2009-The adventure of our life, France I

Because I really love France and I have been there several times, I had many friends there, we decided to have a car tour of France, to see all the nice places. I planned this for several months and I was afraid our plan was not possible because we had a car without AC, and it is difficult to travel like that. But one month before the voyage my father bought a new small car, well equipped and he gave it to us for the trip. It was amaziiing. We had a plan just until we arrived in Paris then it was the decision on the spot. We had a long list of friends who called us to visit them but unfortunately we could not visit all of them.

France 2009 II

First we stopped to a friend in Timisoara, a town near the border with Hungary-just for one night. The next day we started for Munich to an old high school classmate and a good friend. We stayed at her place for 3 days and meanwhile we visited all the surroundings, even from Austria-Salzburg. In some cases we took her too and she said that it was also an oportunity for her to see things around her that she had not noticed because of work.
Then we went to Strasbourg to some friends we had met in romania before and gave us the keys from their apartment. Strasbourg is great-history and modernism, all together. Then it was the great P, Paris where we met another university friend. My husband was delighted. We had a romantic but tiring day. I have worked in Paris for 2 months, but this time it was different.
Then we went West, to Ile d Oleron, a nice island on the Atlantic.Our friends from Strasbourg came back from Romania and went to their holiday house and we went there to give them the keys of their apartment from Strasbourg.Great place. It is not touched by human development. There are no fancy hotels, but many camping places. You can take the boat and make several trips in the surroundings too.

The Riviera

Then we decided to go South. On the road we stopped to admire the small villages. we took only the national roads, because this way we could see places and meet people.It was a total difference from the west part. Here the luxury is everywhere. we chose again a small village to stay in, Sophia Antipolis and went to Antibes, on the beach. But of course, we visited the Riviera.
Then, we decided to leave for home, even if in the beginning we wanted to visit Italy too. But we were too tired, we had many dirty clothes and the money was almost gone.
The cherry on the top of the cake was Monte Carlo. we could not believe our eyes.
It was the adventure of our life but we hope not the only one, because this year we plan something bigger.

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