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At Yaizu October-November 2014

In Japan it is not uncommon that Buddhist temples and Shinto Shrines also has a playgrounds for children. Kaizoji Temple in Yaizu also owns a kindergarden so the temple's grounds is also used as a children's playground.

Karate Performance At Yaizu Fish Market
Cherry Blossom blooms in Fujieda my hometown in late March to April

Visiting Sword Sharpener's Residence in Shimada
Visiting Ikaho, Gunma

Ikaho, one of the most popular spa resorts in Gunma Prefecture is located in Shibukawa City at the flank of outer rims of Haruna Volcano. The small onsen town is best known by nice street with stone steps, the top photo is one of the attractions of Ikaho area Mizusawa Kannon.
The Opening Day of Daidogei World Cup 2013
Shimada Obi Matsuri Festival October 2013
Fujieda Taisai Festival October 2013
Atami 2013, September 2013
Visiting HIbiya Park and Imperial Outer Gardens, September 2013
Visiting Kiyosumi Garden, August 2013
Visiting Ryogoku, August 2013
Harajuku and Meiji Shrine August, 2013
Walking Around Fujinomiya Fifth Station July, 2013
Mount Fuji Opening Day July 1, 2013
Visiting Shizuoka Airport and Horaibashi Bridge May 2013
Yoshida Park and Oyama Castle May 2013
Kakegawa Kachoen April 2013
Shinjuku 2013 Part 1 and 2(April, 2013)
Cherries Started to Bloom in Manazuru(March 23, 2013)
Gotemba Again(March 17, 2013)
Mount Fuji and Plum Blossoms(March 2013)
Iwamotoyama park is at the top of Iwamotoyama hill about 200 meters in elevation. It is one of the most popular Mount Fuji viewing sites in Fuji city.
Visiting World Heritage candidate components.(March 2, 2013)
Snowtime Trip to Fukui(January 26-27, 2013)
Chiryu, Old Tokaido Station #39(January 19, 2013)
Tahara, a castle town(January 12)
Fujikawa, Old Tokaido Station(December 9)
Futagawa, Old Tokaido Lodging Station(December 2)
Family Trip in Hakone(November 23-24, 2012)
Walking Old Tokaido(Toyoake side of Narumi, November 10, 2012)
Climbing Mount Takakusa(October 21, 2012)
Gotemba, Sandwiched Between Mount Fuji and Hakone
Old Tokaido Akasaka and Goyu in Toyokawa(October 6, 2012)
Fukuroi 2012(September 29, 2012)
Visiting Toyohashi and Toyokawa(September 22, 2012)
Visiting Mori(September, 2012)

Rediscovering Nagoya Part 1 and 2

Rediscovering Nagoya Part 2(September 2, 2012): Tsuruma Park and Higashiyama Park
Rediscovering Nagoya Part 1(August, 2012): Nagoya Castle and more...

Visiting Yokota Base and Showa Memorial Park

Summer Views of Rengejiike Park

Rengejiike Park in my hometown Fujieda is now on the season of Lotus Flower. Today on August 16, I could take some photos of some dragonflies.

Totsuka 2012

Today on July 29, I walked around Totsuka station(#5 station) of Old Tokaido Road.

Yui 2012

Happy New Year 2012

I celebrated the second day of the new year with Utsunoya Hike. This time I tried older Tokaido Highway nicknamed as Tsuta-no-Hosomchi. The photo is taken at the divide for Tokaido and Tsutano Hosomichi. This place is one of the possible points where Hiroshige's Okabe might have been based on.

2011 Trips

Utsunoya Pass Walk Pt.1

Rengejiike Park December 11, 2011

Autumn Leaves in Tokyo
Photo Taken at Gotokuji Temple, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo

Visiting Okazaki
Exploring Hamamatsu Suburbs

On 10th of October I went to the Shizuoka Prefectural Museum of Art, best known by its Rodin Wing. I love the gardens around the museum. Grassy park near the museum are full of people and it is also a start for the Nihondaira Hike.

After The Tropical Storm

Sankeien Garden, Yokohama
Tokoname 2011
Kiyosu Castle and Tokugawaen Garden

Tokaido #42 Kuwana 2011

Tokaido #41 Miya 2011

Also see my Nagoya Page.
**Recent Trips
Ojima Jinya and Shimizu Forest Park
Chibasan Chimanji in Shimada
Webpages on Chimanji temple
Mount Chiba, Tripadvisor reviews

Tochiyamagawa Park

Shirafuji Fall

Japanese Iris Garden in Rengejiike Park, Fujieda

Iwata and Hamamatsu

Walking Along Wadahama Coast, Yaizu
May 14, Miho In Sea False Bindweed Season

Hakone Hike From Mishima to Yamanaka Castle

I tried one of the toughest segments of Tokaido Highway. Tokaido Trail from Mishima to Yamanaka Castle is about 9 kilometers in length but not so many hikers ever try this and even so occasionally used as a downhill trail. The unpopularness of the trail may have come from the fact that it is very difficult to trace. Old trails and new turnpike join and seperate much too often and the hikers may miss the start of the older trail. Also elevation difference of more than 550 meters. No brainer for mountain climbers. But not so for casual highway hikers.

Also see my Mishima Page

Minaguchiya in 2011
What happened to Minaguchiya Inn in Okitsu which was covered by Life magazine back in 1960s? Like many inns of the Tokaido Minagushiya closed business as an inn in 1985. It is now a part of Verkehr Museum, a maritime museum in Shimizu. The large part of inn area is now used as a corporate training center. Also see my Okitsu page.

Hamamatsu In Cherry Viewing Season
I went to Hamamatsu on April 10, when it was in the best cherry-viewing season. Hamamatsu Castle Park was really crowded so I managed to take some photos of a castle and some photos of the gardens. Other places I went are Hirano Art Museum, Gosha and Suwa Shrines, and Zaza City.

First trip After 3-11 Disaster

Tokaido Hike From Kanaya To Kakegawa

Kanaya to Kakegawa is a five-hour hike, particularly, I enjoyed Sayo-no Nakayama and Nissaka part.

Okabe: Satoyama Trail
see my Okabe page
Fukuroi Walking Trail #8

There are 13 hiking trails in Fukuroi and I chose #8 because the trail visits castle ruins, a nice pond and two of the three major temples, Yusanji and Kasuisai. The trail is a bit too long so I only had twenty minutes for Kasuisai. I hope I can cover Hattasan for the next Fukuroi hike.

Tasting Green Tea(Macha) Ice Cream

I went on a hike in Kanaya. It was a fine day and Mt. Fuji view from the Makinohara Plateau was great. I tried Green Tea Ice Cream for the first time. It is a growing fad, and when I took my Chinese friends to Ocha No Sato, they also seemed to love it. Now I tried it at Ocha No Sato in Kanaya. Well, the taste is not bad. But it has the kind of strange feeling, a bit bitter, a bit bland but really light. Probably a low-sugar, healthful dessert.

Nihonzaka Pass Trail

On 14th of January I went to hike Nihonzaka Pass Trail joining two great areas Osaka in Shizuoka and Hanazawa in Yaizu both having good old Japanese rural landscape.

Yamanobe Trail

Yamanobe Trail is a 3-hour hiking trail passing the rustic part of Okabe.

It's an easy hike and view is very great and has some historical sites.

2010 Trips

October, 2010
See my Setagaya page in detail.

September, 2010

Futamata and Hamakita(September 18, 2010)

Toyohashi (September 11, 2010)

July 2010

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