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Welcome to beautiful Macedonia!!


" I understand the world solely as a field for cultural competition among nations".

Goce Delchev 1872-1903

Macedonian Revolutionary

WELCOME to the 7th VT EuroMeet in Republic of Macedonia

VT is a wonderful site which brings together people from every corner of the World and from all walks of life.
Every year we come together as an group of friends, old & new, to share news, have fun and to visit with friends we made on this wonderful site.
In year 2011, the Euro Meet will take place in Republic of Macedonia. Instead of choosing one place, I decided that Macedonia is best seen if you travel a bit around.
This EuroMeet is planned as a "moving" meet, so for the four days there are 2 places to visit and have fun.
Cities of Bitola & Ohrid are chosen for their unique history, architecture, culture and just they are fun places to visit...

So to all of you Dobrodojdovte vo Makedonija!!!!

A day in Macedonia (Part 1)
A day in Macedonia (Part 2)

If you are up for an adventure, lots of fun, good food and drink than please sign here for EURO MEET 2011

NOTE: To insure your place at the EuroMeet PLEASE PAY YOUR €5 REGISTRATION FEE

But the fun do not sart only with Macedonia, for the intrepid travellers, Keti (VT member Fugu) is organizing 2 days pre-meet in Belgrade-Serbia, which will be fun & games.
If you are interested to make week of VT fun than check Keti's pre-meet page here and sign up.

About Republic of Macedonia

Area: 25.333 sq. km
Capital: Skopje
Form of Govermant: Republic
Population: 2.2 milion ( 76 inhabitants/sq.km)
Language: Macedonian (member of south slavic group)-Offitial,
Albanian,Turkish, Serbian
GDP per capita: US$7.400
Currency: Macedonian denar = 100deni
Time wise:
Macedonia is +1 GMT or 0 CET

Out & about Macedonia

Republic of Macedonia has two airports,

Alexandar the Great Airport in the Capital Skopje
ST.Paul the Apostole in Ohrid

Macedonia has very good network of roads and railway.
The country also lays on the main European road corridor E75 which connect London -UK with Athens-Greece.
Driving around Macedonia is easy and the road signs are written in
Cyrillic and Roman alphabet

Language and Cyrillic alphabet

The Macedonian Language is part of the South-Slavic group of languages, together with the neighbouring languages like Serbo-Croatian, Slovenian, Bulgarian...
The alphabet used is Cyrillic & has 31 letters...
If you want to learn few words in Macedonian before you arrive into the country I suggest you buy Lonely Planet Eastern Europe phrase book

English is widely spoken in Macedonia.
The younger generation all speak English, but French, Russian and German are widely spoken too as is Turkish.

If you are interested in Guide books about Macedonia than please check out BRADT guide to Macedonia
This is the only fully comprehensive Guide book in English about Macedonia.
Lonely Planet has guide to Eastern Europe where Macedonia is included, but the portion is too small and very sparse & limited


Travelling with children

Macedonians are very affectionate people and family is the most important part of their life.
We adore children and help is readily available when we see travellers with young ones.
If you are thinking coming to the Euro Meet with your kids, do not worry, they will be well looked after and they will have time of their life. Which in return will make you relax and enjoy your trip to Macedonia.
Children of all ages are welcome at the EuroMeet 2011
Baby food and nappies (diapers) are readily available in the supermarkets, usual brands like Pampers and Huggies..
Also milk powder like Mulipa, Nestle, SMA.... can be purchased in the supermarkets or pharmacies...

Medical stuff

Macedonia has national Health system similar to UK.
Our doctors & dentists are readily available and they are one of the best in Europe.
If by any chance you require medical help, Macedonia have reciprocity agreements with:
United Kingdom
The Netherlands
For UK take your E111 card
for Germany &
The Netherlands
You need stamped form as prof of your health insurance and your card: example TKK or CZ

Medical Emergency phone number in Macedonia is 194 or 112

You DO NOT NEED any vaccines for Macedonia at all.

Gay travel

Macedonia is mainly Christian Orthodox & in some parts Muslim Country.
We do have Gay Rights movement, but the Balkans are steep in tradition & religion and although is not frowned upon like in some other countries world wide, its still something which is not openly talked about in Macedonian society.
Gay people are not harassed and maltreated.
The only thing I suggest is not openly displaying affections in smaller towns, that can be frowned upon.
Otherwise there is no problem at all & is safe for gay people visiting Macedonia.
Big cities like Skopje, Bitola, Tetovo, Kumanovo, Strumica, Ohrid are used to it so there is no problem whatsoever ...

Disability travel

Macedonia in the last 7 years has gone from strength to strength to ensure that disabled travellers are welcome in the country and are looked after with access to Museums, Galleries, Hotels, public buildings and so on.
There are readily help available in the tourist offices countrywide.
They provide the disabled traveller with all necessary help to enjoy visiting Macedonia.

Food and food allergies


As Macedonia is situated in the south of Europe, the climate is in part Mediterranean that's is perfect for'growing crops.
Macedonian vegetables and fruit is regularly exported to Western Europe & Israel..
The nice thing in Macedonia, that we still have old fashioned markets and the crops sold there is seasonal.
The big cities will have market days twice weekly and the smaller places once a week.
It is said that the Russians know how to prepare potatoes on 1001 way, for Macedonians the peppers are prepared on 1001 way.
Food is readily available and very cheap.
Going to the restaurants is Macedonian pastime.
Even the food served in the local restaurants is more of home cooking variety than bog standard restaurant food...
If you are visiting restaurants and you have allergies, simple mention to your serving staff will help you to make the right choice and enjoy food...
Vegetarian options are readily available and most of the village style food is more vegetarian than loaded with meet.
If you have any allergies or food restriction please check this forum tread and make sure you drop me line once you signed in, so I will have all the necessary details.
Vegetarian food we realy like to eat:
National Dish
Gravche tavche
other vegetarian dishes:

These are short facts about your upcoming trip for the Euro Meet 2011 in Republic of Macedonia
Useful website about Macedonia to start you on your exploration about my country is
Macedonia timeless
It's an multi link and it will give you starting point, to virtually explore my country until I post details on the album pages....
I hope you will join me exploring this amazing country, the undiscovered gem in the heart of Europe!!!


Love to all

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