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CatherineReichardt Sep 20, 2013 at 11:07 AM

Trying to respond to your forum query, but VT technical staff have still to sort out a glitch, so here goes:

Hi Erica
Sounds like you havea good basic outline, so I hope that I can start you off with some suggestions on how to fill in the detail.
Firstly, doing the safari first and then the coast as 'rest and relaxation' thereafter is a good idea, and it two weeks, you can do quite a lot, without exhausting yourself by rushing from one thing to another.
Other people will probably be along to tell you about their experience in Kenya's major game parks, so let me rather share our experience of the less celebrated locations in the Rift Valley, which I think are well worth considering.
Hell's Gate is utterly wonderful, and combines landscape and wildlife in a way that few other places can. To my mind, it's vastly underrated, and well worth a visit. Added to that, it's easy to combine with the delights of Lake Naivasha and Crescent Island (where sections of 'Out of Africa' were filmed). And Crater Lake is a hidden gem that I would defy anyone to trump on a budget. If you're in the area, you might possibly consider popping across the equator to Lake Bogoria to witness possible the pinkest place on the planet!
Follow these links for more detail:
"Hell's Gate and other-worldly experiences ..." - Lake Naivasha by CatherineReichardt
"Quite literally "Out of Africa"" - Crescent Island by CatherineReichardt
"Is it fair that somewhere can be this beautiful?" - Crater Lake by CatherineReichardt
"Quite possibly the pinkest place on the planet!" - Lake Bogoria by CatherineReichardt
"Make this your gateway to East Africa!" - Nairobi by CatherineReichardt - there are quite a lot of tips here on things to consider when hiring a vehicle.
Hope this helps.