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MissFofo May 21, 2012 at 9:06 AM

I'm sorry for the trouble
I read on cite about what you learned in Center International D Antib

I am also going to go to learn French, and very interested in is to what accomindation you live and how it is: read in the other Comment that there is very noisy, and impossible to sleep

as well as how the learning process:
I'm going to go in July, someone wrote that there is very hot, and impossible to study in areas as air conditioners do not work terriblystuffy.
as a teacher i qualification at this school?

I am interested in any of your opinions about education in Antibes.Then all you liked or disliked. Everything that you remember most about training and placement, which involves theschool, about the how the organization. And whether such a tripspent money on this programm?

I would be very grateful for your response to me)
Apologize for the fact that you do something it was not clear: I usedGoogle transleter.

Sincerely, Xenia kcu14@mail.ru