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Islam religion of peace and humanity

Islam is basically a very peaceful relegion.....in few decades the image of islam is tried to create bad ;in front of people especially after the very bad incident of 9/11 the muslims were badly treated but now things are getting better because people came to know that its a small community of people who want to destroy the peace of world...the killing of innocent childrens,womens and mens is completely forbidden and detestable in islam.muslims follow relegion of peace,mercy and forgiveness....if an individual person is trying to destroy the peace then this is fault of the person not the whole community.there are 1.2 million muslims in world.
my purpose of writing ths topic is just to make people aware about islarm and finish any kind of mis understandings related to islam....if you observed the muslim world personally thn u will also agree with me and i am sure about that...

my HOMELAND.....real Paki

PakisTaN my homeland......has been one of the luckiest countries when it comes to natural beauty......an aws0me place to travel and make yourself to feel chooool,relaxed and calm.....itxxx like heaven on earth!!!!there are 4 provinces and many beautiful cities.Pakistan came into being on 14th august 1947.the history of Pakistan and India which was before seperation known as sub continent is very vast and interesting.the mughal emperors ruled for a long time on subcontinent which was started from 1526 and till the mid of 19th century they ruled the subcontinent.the founder of mughal dynasty was Zaheer ud din baber and end on Bahadur shah zafers reighn.a major contribution of mughal emperors was there unique architecture and many monuments was built by muslim emperors.in which the famous are Lahore fort,agra fort,taj mahal are great examples.
and a road made by sher shah suri which is a longest road crosses from many countries including Pakistan,Afghanistan,India etc known as G.T (grand.trunk)road.the costal area of Pakistan is very beautiful i.e Arabian sea.


the country which is rich in cultures........Pakistan is a cultural hub and home of ancient civillization..many and old temples of sikhs and hindu are present in pakistan...the Pakistani culture is mixture of many cultures.the national dress of pakistan is shalwar kameez..which is very traditional.people of pakistan are very hospitable and welcomes everybody warmly

hina or mehndi.

hinna is very famous in pakistan...pakistani womens loves to have mehndi or hina on their hands on eid and on any special occasion like marriages.it is basically a desighn which they draws on their hands.it is also a part of culture...


ndigenous people of the Hindu Kush mountain range, residing in the Chitral District of Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa province of Pakistan. They speak the Kalash language, from the Dardic family of the Indo-Iranian languages, and are considered a unique tribe among the Indo-Aryans


this is a very beautiful lake lies at an altitude of3224 above the sea.this lake is located in kaghan valley in end of northern areas of pakistan.this lake is in naran and the thing which is famous abt this lake is tht it is so beautiful that fairies used to come here and many people have seen them.it is most beautiful place of the world.....the kaghan and naran valleys are on very altitude.

muree hills..

Muree is basically a very beautiful and its quite famous in tourist you can say its a tourist spot.there are 3 chair lifts there. among which one is largest chair lift of Asia i.e in Patriata.muree is a hilly area in north of pakistan...muree is knwn as queen of all valleys...in june,july august,december and january this people come here to enjoy the whether...the months of june,july and august are of summer so people move there to spend there holidays...and in november,december and january snow falls in murree so people goes there to enjoys the snow fall.


its the one of world best university.....this university is situated on a very vast area....its in lahore and it is very old university abt one century old and facilitates you fr masters in 500 subjects.the building of university is very beautiful and situated in middle of lahore.

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