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OdinnThor's humble origins.......

I was born and raised in Reykjavik, Iceland, but left at an early age and joined the Entertainment Staff on the Chandris Lines cruise ships for a few years, spanning the world. The Staff was a kind of ensamble cast of various entertainers, - singers, dancers, specialty acts and comics. Yup, - I was the resident comedian and sometime M.C. Then spend decades as a Tour Manager for several five star tour operators, which further expanded my travels. Imagine getting paid for what I would have done for free......or gladly paid for....

Finally, getting married did not stop the madness, - until I had my beautiful daughter, - and wanting to be there for her growing up, I spent some time creating expensive FITs (Foreign Independant Traveler), and only doing occasional tours that I created. Unfortunately there was not much money in it, at the time, (the money was all on the road...), and I was forced to seek other work. Got involved in California Workers Comp law, which I did on a contract basis. Fortunately, I still had a lot of contacts in the industry, which enabled me to do occasional tours inbetween contracts.

Have lived for a time in several places, ( Maui, London, Athens, Jamaica, Belize ) - presently in Southern California. When my daughter is secure on her own, - ( she is about to enter third year of college), - I will move full time back to Belize, place called Hattieville, just south of Belize City. I am an island boy at heart, and Caribbean music in general and Reggae in particular, is and has been the soundtrack to my life.

On the road, I never felt like I was working. Getting off the road, I found out why "work" is a four letter word......! Travel is my drug of choice, always has been, - always will be, - and once addicted.........

I will at leisure add photos and stories as time goes by. I am truly greatful for this VT community I discovered and treasure the moments I spend with all of you. The grass is always greener on the other side of the fence.

Three musts for any traveller: Attitude, attitute, - and attitude. Roll with the punches. Hope for the best, - prepare for the worst. Your greatest asset, - is your smile......

May I suggest that you take a look at the Albums presented at the bottom of the page, alhough perhaps not interested in cruises, - these pages are not what you might expect.......

My Ex wife Natasha and my daugher Paris Nikole

Got caught in California while basically on my way to Australia.......while doing California Tours! We had a daughter Paris Nikole, the reason I still hustle on. She is now in college, while Natasha is in real estate. Before Paris was born Natasha and I traveled quite a bit. Some personal travel and she accompanied me on a number of tours, It opened up a whole new world to her and she is glad she did and would not give up any of it, - the travel that is....hmm. She is after all my baby mama, and we have combined our efforts in order to raise our daughter although we live in seperate homes. Me in T.O (Thousand Oaks) and she up the road in Moorpark. Photo is 1998.

Paris Nikole

I have always encouraged Paris to see the world, and insisted on additional geography, language and cultural studies. She is now happy she did. She has already been to Iceland and the Caribbean. Wants to spend a semester on a floating university. Wants to study in England. Wants to go to Africa in general Sudan and Ethiopia in particular. She actually started an awareness group while still in highschool, promoting awareness of the genocide in Darfur, and was able to get Amnesty Int'l to agree to help with the insurance when she and her classmates attempted to set up a booth in the local mall. Beurocracy intervened, - God forbid that the shoppers might be disturbed by the images! Do I sound like a proud papa...?

The City of Paris is family now.....

We visited family in Iceland, and did a Castle Tour of Britain, staying in a Castle every night. We had been heatedly discussing names for our unborn daughter, with no results. The crowd on the tour chimed in with suggestions, - still nothing. I sent the tour on its way back to the U.S, and we headed for Paris. It was magical this time. Be a Dad? Are you crazy? I am a nomad, - what will I do? Scared to death, - you bet!! Then one night in this City of Lights, - on the roof of the Left Bank hotel, which was our balcony, overlooking the Notre Dame. Natasha could not enjoy the wine as she was pregnant, - so I did for both of us. As we looked over the city lights, we looked at each other, and we both knew, - we shall name her Paris.

....and now to the Travel Section.....

I realize that the majority of the members, are updating their pages , as they come back from their new trips. Although I am not done yet, I was fortunate enough to have spent all my best years on the road. So most of my stories will be of past travel, - the photos, - once I dig them up, will, likely be somewhat grainy, as they do not come from a digital SIM card.

Another thing bears pointing out, - that of the fact that a great deal of my travels was work, - albeit "travelwork", meaning that I did not have in mind recording my travels for posterity. I am sure most of you do not carry a camera with you to whatever work you do, to record it for future generations. My life was on the road. I lived on the road. Of course I had time in between tours. I often tagged along on other tours, taking advantage of the pre-set flights and such and then would go off on my own. But as my map reflects, I would have a homebase that still reflected my work. I lived in Lahaina on Maui for five years, and I would spend my time there in between my tours, - and I lived in Athens and London, while working the Chandris cruise ships, and in Jamaica, - well you get the point.

So, I am confident that travel stories and such does not have to be current, to qualify for these pages. I have already received E-Mails from folks who seemed to appreciate the advise and tips I gave them, - and I just got here! Please bear with me as I slowly build these pages. In the meantime I will still add tips and advise and incorporate it into the appropriate places. Cheers!

My very first Cruise Ship,,,,look at her now!!

The First ship I was on for Chandris Cruises out of Pireus, Greece, was the H.M.S. Australis. Well, - sort of. (See the Australis Album). Sailing out of Southampton, England, we did a season of Mediterranian cruises, resulting in several adventures. She was a great ship, but this is where she ended up, in bad weather she ran aground on the west coast of Fuerteventura in the Canary Islands, while being towed to Thailand. A sad end for a great lady.

The Queen Frederica - Chandris Lines

The queen was my home for several seasons. The best one started with a voyage from Southampton to Sydney, which took about a month with various stops. Then nine months of cruising throughout the South Pacific, and the Far East, with passengers from Sydney/Melbourne and Auckland New Zealand. Then a return voyage back to England. The ship was already fairly old by the time I joined the Entertainment Staff,- as a matter of fact, she was used for troop transport in WW II.

I intend to add an album with some stories of the adventures we got ouselves into, like this one: On the Queen Frederica, we were going to stop on the island of Mauritius, in the Indian ocean. The purser on the ship, (who is the man with the real power onboard), owed me a favor, so I asked for and got the keys to the galley, for 15 minutes. So my friend, a British singer named Ronnie Chance, ( a dead ringer for Norman Wisdom, and he did a wicked NW inpersonation ), - and I, went in the galley and pilfered away two whole beef carcasses, which we intended to sneak off the ship and sell at the town market. Getting such big loot off ship, was not easy, - so, we called ashore for an ambulance, - rigged up a couple of IV drip bottles, and carried the beef carcasses, under blankets off the ship on stretchers in plain sight of everyone. Imagine the horror on the ambulance driver and his partner's face when we requested to be taked to the market instead of a hospital. After a quick explanation and a greased palms, we headed for the market, and the rest is history...heh heh. Ahh, - the good life!!!

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