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mru27 Jun 20, 2014 at 9:23 AM

Hey Kiki
Hi. I was browsing for 10 day itinerary for Montenegro and Croatia and I bumped into your post. I and my buddies are planning on going for a 10 day trip to Montenegro and Croatia. I have done a lot of research over it. Kotor, Perast and Cetinje seem to be interesting to us and dubrovnik and split in croatia. We will be flying from Mumbai, India to Podgorica, Montenegro or Dubrovnik, Croatia depending upon the airfare. Since you must have already had your trip could you suggest us what is the best way to get travel across Dubrovnik and Montenegro (the place where we will be visiting) and how much would it cost? We are thinking of 7 days in Montenegro and 3 days in Croatia. We are looking for relaxation, experiencing the cafes & good food, sightseeing and little bit of night life. Can you suggest us which are good places(towns or cities) to visit and what to do there and what is the best way to travel between them? We do not have a big budget :). Also, since its a small country how many places should we have our base at and where? What did you girls do? Can you share your itinerary and your experience. That would be great.
Any recommendation for accommodation?
Thanks & Cheers,

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    Kiki84 Jul 7, 2014 at 4:48 PM

    Hi mru27, apologies but I can only write a quick response for now. We had 7 days in Montenegro and had 3 bases: Lake Skadar national park, Kotor and Zabljak. We flew into Dubrovnik and hired a car to drive everywhere. There are buses but you will find having a car much easier - the roads are very well maintained although they can be very narrow. We stayed in Virpazar when visiting Lake Skadar and did a boat trip on the lake (go with Golden Frog) as well as exploring villages like Rijeka Crnojevica (a must see!). When driving from Lake Skadar to Kotor you can go along the coast and visit Stari Bar, Sveti Stefani and Budva (you may have to go back to Budva if you can't fit it in all in one day).

    Once in Kotor (I would recommend this for a base) you can explore this town including climbing to a fortress for great views and also driving up a round with 25 hairpin turns! From here it is also a short trip to Perast which is very scenic. We only drove through Cetinje so cannot comment but it didn't look like there was too much to see.

    We spent 5 days in total between Lake Skadar and the coast before heading to the Zabljak/Tara Canyon to do some rafting. If you do not think you will visit Croatia in a separate holiday again then it may be best to spend 5 days here. I have been to Croatia and spent 2 weeks travelling from Zagreb to Dubrovnik. I would recommend doing Dubrovnik and at least 1 island. I also really liked Split. I used public transport in Croatia.

    In terms of costs, evening meals start from 8 euros for the basics but can be a lot more if you buy the good seafood etc. There are some good deals on accommodation so it depends what your budget is. We stayed in places that were around 40-50euros a night (split between 3 people)

    I hope this helps for now.

  • mru27 Jul 12, 2014 at 1:38 PM

    Hi Kiki84. Thanks for the response. Its been quite helpful. Well, I too have 6 nights and 7 days in Montenegro. But I am traveling solo and also a limited budget. Would it be advisable to rent a car (rental + petrol prices) or should I be using bus / taxi (how much does a taxi and/or bus cost, if you have an idea)? I am flying into Podgrica on 5th August and flying back on 11th August. I was thinking of spending 5th August night and half a day at zabljak. On 6th, spend half day at zabjlak and then leave for Kotor (hope I get a bus because I don't know how much would it cost by taxi). That half a day at Zabjlak, I would like to do rafting for sure and then later on depending upon the time, try do something else. How much does the rafting cost per person and what else would you suggest doing?
    On 6th later evening reach Kotor and make Kotor as my base for the rest of my stay in Montenegro. On 7th do a half day trip to Perast and take boat to Our Lady of the Rocks and another half spend sometime in old town. On 8th, take a day tour to lake skadar and hopefully try to see rijeka village( will it possible without hiring a car) and then in the night come back to Kotor. On 9th, look around and spend time at the old town and also climb up the fortress. On 10th, take a day tour to Budva and check out the old town and sveti stefan. Are we allowed to go in sveti stefan?. Also, while my stay in Kotor, one of the nights goto budva for its night life. And sadly on 11th, goto Podgrica to take my flight back. :)

    What you think of my above itinerary? Would you suggest me something else? If the above thing is fine then could I be able to do it or can I add something? How about renting a car? (but its just me).