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Wow, Venus shares the sky with the Moon

I guess it applies to almost everybody at a different time, but around the West not too long after sunset.

Should be visible still in Europe, now on the East coast of America, in a few hours on the West coast.

Look at the moon crescent, Venus is the brightess 'star' on the lower right. I am unsure, but I think we can also see Mars on the upper left (your thoughts?)

Happy star gazing!

Latest news! 3 is a charm! The adventure continue

Hello friends,

Not to wallow in self-pity, but more to answer to those who have been looking for me for a while... Now a 3 part serie!!!

I had a retinal detachment June 9, bad enough that I had to be operated on my right eye. They did a scleral buckle (like a little belt around my eye) and "reglued" the retina. Two months off work!!

Stupid glue didn't hold

Here we go again, another detachment on September 15 due by some traction caused by scar tissues in the eye, it was fixed with a gas bubble for a week until it unglued elsewhere.

Was operated again on September 23, using a vitrectomy which basically removes all gel and stuff in my eye, leaving only gas that have been replaced by the eye's own fluid over the next weeks!!

Had to keep a 'head down' position. Been tired of looking at the floor this time for 6 weeks. Bubble is gone now. Just started to drive. Back to work after being off work again for 9 weeks.
Still spotty, wavy and fuzzy... but improving.
Should know in 2-6 months how it will turn out.

They just forecasted (mid-jan) a cataract for the same eye. Fortunately, these days it's a small 30 min operation, and it will make me less near-sighted. I thought I could wait 10 years for that. Oh well!!!

Stupid glue didn't hold AGAIN(early Feb). Another detachment in a zone that had not detach previously. I thought they had lazer-weld the rest of the eye in order to prevent such recurrences. It's getting pretty old this thing!!!
Oh well!!! AGAIN

Quick story : another 6-700 lazer flashes, some cryo-freezing, a complete liquid replacement with gas and another 6-8 weeks of funny position. And an eye ball the size of a golf ball!

As expected, I got operated for my cataract mid-June, and for a capsulotomy (partial removal with laser of the back membrane of the cristallin) mid-July. Slight improvement but not paradise... still blurry.
Hope it's the end of the story for a while!

See you around VT a little.
And for what it's worth, I included a homepage album about the problem. If it can avoid the problem to anybody, then it was useful.

Read this if you are very nearsighted, over 40, maybe diabetic, if you see lots of floaters in your eyes, etc...


Who am I?

I am the kind of guy who will research a destination a bit before going, and once there will probably turn right and left almost at random.

'In Rome, Like the Roman' for me means that in an exotic place, I will not likely go first to McDonald's.

<BR><IMG SRC="http://p.vtourist.com/1/87813.jpg" ALIGN=RIGHT>I will more likely :
- go to the hawker's stand in Singapore,
- eat seafood under an open tent in Indonesia,
- eat Camembert on a baguette with a bottle of wine looking at a castle in France,
- eat pub food with a pint of warm bitter in England,
- mussel and fries with mayo in Belgium,
- kalt beer with bratwurtz in Germany,
- hot curry in India,
- a chili in Cincinnati,
- and maybe some catfish with hush puppies in Alabama, etc...
While buying some hot sauce for my collection.

I assume that you all have access to some travel guide that will likely list a bunch of well known attractions. I may list some of these just to tell my favorites. I will try to point to the 'undocumented' places and talk about the people.

Come back often, I am still addicted to VT (after a few months break).
I listed most of the place I have been to, give me some time to tell you about them.

Bon voyage!!!


I have been nominated for a VT award in the Category

More Info on Ramster's Earth page
<img src="http://p.vtourist.com/1/830259.jpg"></b></center>

<img src="http://banners.wunderground.com/banner/gizmotempbig/global/stations/71627.gif" height=40 width=467>%L*

My favorite additions, but still under construction:

NEWS FLASH - My first version of London/Cornwall/Wales is available... more on other UK location soon

Montreal at last - a blitz on regional France - Mexico and Mexico City - Singapore - Indonesia - Perth - Cincinnati

My 3000 miles 'San Francisco>L.A.>San Diego>Phoenix>Grand Canyon>Las Vegas>San Francisco' trip

My favourite pages...

<IMG SRC="http://p.vtourist.com/1/87323.jpg"> for Singapore

Singapore, one of the first page I posted with pride on VT almost 2 years back. Now I am finally adding a bunch of pictures to it (scanned at last).

<IMG SRC="http://p.vtourist.com/1/87309.jpg"> for Pular Besar, Malaysia

Ah, Malaysia. A little field trip to a paradise island off the East coast of Mersing. Now, that's what I call spacing out!

<IMG SRC="http://p.vtourist.com/1/88897.jpg"> for London, UK

Here is Picadelly Circus, life of the party in London.

<IMG SRC="http://p.vtourist.com/1/89012.jpg"> for Cornwall, UK

Cornwall land of King Arthur, dragons and castles.

<IMG SRC="http://p.vtourist.com/1/88732.jpg "> for Wales, UK

Wales land of the moldy, rundown castles.

<IMG SRC="http://p.vtourist.com/1/89102.jpg"> for Montreal

My hometown and one of the most interesting city in the world (I am only slightly biased). Come and see for yourself.

<IMG SRC="http://p.vtourist.com/1/87247.jpg"> for Indonesia

Lovely country, very diverse. I started to comment on my trips to Bali and Kalimantan (Borneo).

<IMG SRC="http://p.vtourist.com/1/87441.jpg"> <IMG SRC="http://p.vtourist.com/1/87444.jpg"> for France

France, home of my ancesters, is my favorite destination in Europe. I love Paris (I like the Parisians), I LOVE the various regions outside of Paris the most. That is why most of my tips are combined to an anchor city that will cover the surrounding region. Visiting these "region" cities will make you cover most of France. See my France page for explanations.

<IMG SRC="http://p.vtourist.com/1/87405.jpg"> for Perth, Australia

I love Austalia and the Australians, sort of a mixture of British with Californian (no offense). This is really down under. For me, it's about as far as I can go (about 33 hours to Perth) been there 4 times.

<IMG SRC="http://p.vtourist.com/1/87468.jpg"> for Germany

From Koln (Cologne), along the Rhin with its castles, the Black Forest, beer and bratwurst... all in all a super destination.

<IMG SRC="http://p.vtourist.com/1/87588.jpg"> for Venice, Italy

An example of my trip through Milan, Veronna, Venise, Bologna, Florence and Tuscany, Pisa, la Spezia and Cinque terre and the Riviera.

<IMG SRC="http://p.vtourist.com/1/88630.jpg"> for Switzerland, here is Arrolla

A little insight for this country where chocolate, time piece, money, ski and fondue take another meaning.

<IMG SRC="http://p.vtourist.com/1/89493.jpg"> for Utah, USA

Bryce Canyon, one of the most beautiful geological formation on the planet. An example of my 3000 miles 'San Francisco>L.A.>San Diego>Phoenix>Grand Canyon>Las Vegas>San Francisco' trip.

<IMG SRC="http://p.vtourist.com/1/87854.jpg"> for Cincinnati

I have been to so many US locations, I will try to add sites, accomodations and restaurants for a lot of these... lots of work!

My new additions still under construction:
United Kingdom - Belgium - Germany - Italy - Switzerland

Still to come : I will start a blitz on the United Kingdom
next, the USA state per state
More on Europe destinations
Why not some stuff about Canada
More Travelogue

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  • eden_teuling's Profile Photo
    Oct 1, 2013 at 3:38 AM

    Dear Pierre,

    Happy Birthday and I hope you are doing as well as can. Keep courage and have a nice day!
    elisabeth from The Netherlands.

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    Oct 1, 2013 at 1:15 AM

    Hello, Pierre! Happy birthday!) Happy trails! >>>>>

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    Aug 20, 2013 at 12:38 AM

    Hmm, why do I get notices today of you writing Plymouth tips, when you haven't logged in since 2007? Hmmm, hmmm.

  • eden_teuling's Profile Photo
    Oct 1, 2012 at 8:55 AM

    Happy Birthday, Pierre! Another year, another Birthday! Hope you are doing fine:
    Lots of love, elisabeth

  • eden_teuling's Profile Photo
    Oct 1, 2011 at 8:42 AM

    Happy Birthday, Pierre! Have a great day with those close to your heart! Have been reading about your surgery!! Keep courage and hope. elisabeth from The Netherlands..

  • ATLC's Profile Photo
    Sep 30, 2010 at 8:49 PM

    Thought about you today, Pierre.

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    Sep 30, 2010 at 8:30 PM

    ~ Hello, Pierre! Long time no see! Many happy returns of the day! Bon chance! ~

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    Oct 2, 2009 at 11:15 PM

    Belated Happy Birthday hope you had a nice day

  • Geoff_Wright's Profile Photo
    Oct 1, 2009 at 9:20 AM

    Hi Pierre, Wishing you a very Happy Birthday from us in Cornwall, England. Hope you have a great day. Come back to VT soon, you are much missed. Geoff

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    Oct 1, 2009 at 12:58 AM

    Happy happy birthday to you + smiles :-)))) Good luck Pierre!

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